Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angela's Cafe @ New Yaohan, Macau

Yesterday, I ventured out of the house and join the Easter holiday crowd in Macau.
Mum and I went for lunch at our fav sandwich place, Angela's Cafe.

To find the cafe, just head towards the only departmental store in the whole of Macau.

Yup, you heard right.

The New Yaohan is the only shopping complex in Macau and strategically located in the city centre.

As usual, we chose to make our own sandwich.

Huge isn't it? My Nokia E71 looks like a mini next to the croissant. Mum and I always share a sandwich. There's no way I can eat the whole thing by myself.

Layers of yummyness with chips on the side

Oppss...and it gets a little messy trying to eat it =P

Since it's the Easter holiday weekend, we then took a walk to St. Paul's Ruin to check out the crowd. I haven't seen so many people at the ruins for some time now.

The weather these few days were great.
The temperature is hovering around 19 - 24 degrees Celsius.
No rain, just gentle breeze and a burst of sunshine now and then.

Now is really the best time to visit Macau (before all the typhoon arrive in summer)
To enjoy Macau, it requires quite a lot of walking (I'm not kidding)
And in this weather, it's like walking with air-con following your every step.
It's so relaxing, and best of sweat!

Oh...and finally I could store away my winter jackets and bring out my fav shorts.
And sunglasses =P

If anyone is planning to visit Macau, come now when the weather is fantastic.
Check out the Macau Tourism website


yokeliang said...

OOOOh! My darling's cafe...

Yeah, go to Macau now and don't be like me who incidentally went during the hottest time of the year!!

Tracy said...

That was really bad came smacked right in the center of a hot hot Summer =)

The next time you come for a visit...I'll take you to your darling's cafe ;P

Anonymous said...

ate at angela's cafe and the food was to die for - super loved my baked reuben sandwich ....

Tracy said...

Anon - I totally agree. I miss the sandwiches there =(

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