Monday, April 20, 2009

Now & Never Again

Last night, I hung out with Nicole, who is Eric's friend.
Come on, obviously I don't have any friends of my own in Macau.

So, Nicole and I decided to meet at Senado Square and then decide where to eat.
Since it was past 9pm, some of the restaurants were already closed.
It's hard to find makan places once it gets late in Macau.
How I miss the convenience of mamak and hawker stalls back in Subang for a midnight snack.

Anyways, we somehow ended up in a little restaurant called Now.
It's located in one of the alleys around Senado Square.
Too bad I forgot to snap a pic of the place from the outside.

A dull looking menu.

Carnations on the table.

Interesting decor all around us. The restaurant is actually pretty cozy looking (I told Nicole that's 'cause it's small so everything looks cozy) But I gotta say, the interior design is pretty good.

The empty restaurant should have set off some foodies alarm. I'm always skeptical of empty restaurants -_-

I ordered Cranberry juice just for fun. In fact, Cranberry juice is said to be great for kidney's health. Since my kidney infection, I've been keeping an eye out for Cranberry wherever I go =)

Lots of alcohol at the bar. With no bartender in sight.

So, this is Nicole's pathetic lamb with spaghetti. She ate the bland spaghetti that doesn't have any sauce 'cause she can't stomach the lamb. It looks so unappetizing.

I ordered a light snack instead. This is Bacalhau. Meaning codfish in Portuguese. I've eaten much much better Bacalhau in Macau. This one was a total letdown. It was so dry and tasteless...I had trouble swallowing. Can't believe the waitress told me they've gotten raved feedback from every customer that have tried it.

See how dry it is? It crumbles O_o

And I find their cutleries really weird. The handles are so wide and heavy making it more of a balancing act while I try to eat my dry Bacalhau.

I will never ever go back to this restaurant. No idea how they're going to survive serving such food. It's a tourist area so I guess they are not big on return business. Geez, I pity those tourist who got conned just like us. It cost about MOP180(Approx RM70) for my Cranberry + Bacalhau and Nicole's Coke+lamb. So not worth it.

After much bonding over horrible food, Nicole and I headed to a quaint little drinking place called The Rooftop.
I didn't get any pics of the place.
Promise I will the next time I'm there.

We waited for Eric and Mattia while I sipped on another glass of Cranberry.
Wonder if I'll get Cranberry juice overdose now.
Anyways, the 4 of us hung out till they switched of the lights.
The bar.
The music.
And almost closed the door.
We quickly scurried off.

When I got down from The Rooftop, to my amazement, St. Paul's Ruins was quiet.
I've not seen it looking so serene.
So imposing.
So beautiful.

Look at it. Doesn't it just stop you in your tracks? During the day, come rain or shine, hundreds or maybe thousands of people crowd around St. Paul's Ruins trying to snap a pic among the sea of humans.

At 1am in the morning, I realized it's the best time to take in it's mesmerizing beauty.
I totally recommend visiting St. Paul's Ruins at 1am =D

This is a bit delayed.
A few weeks back, we were in Zhuhai and we ate at one of our fav restaurant.
Eric recommended this noodle dish. Looks Christmassy with all the reds and greens doesn't it?

Apparently, the fettuccine look-a-like is made of potatoes. It's a little chewy with a super smooth texture. I like how it's transparent =P

I love love love this super sinful dish. It's Chinese bacon stir fry with some vege. The fragrant bacon fats coats the vege making it irresistible. You know it's good when I voluntarily eats the vege =P

This lotus roots (lin ngow) is one of my fav as well. Somehow, the lotus roots in China is different from the ones we get in Malaysia. In Malaysia, the texture is powdery and it's yellowish/brownish in colour. These lotus roots we get in China, it's super chrunchy and yummy.

Okay, it's so obvious this dosh is for Mum. It's fish head cooked in 2 flavours. And it's spicy as hell. You can tell from the amount of chillies heaped on the fish.

Since the weather is getting warmer, it's time for a diet.
Gotta look good in my shorts ;P

...and somehow, Grandma found out I was hospitalized and we got a frantic phone call this morning all the way from Malaysia.
The poor old lady was so worried.
I wish she didn't know about me being in the hospital.
She probably thought I was half dead or something from what Mum told me.

Maybe Eric was right.
Maybe I shouldn't have blogged about my stay in Kiang Wu hospital.
Can't believe I gotta censor my own blog.
Crap =(

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