Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Yaohan Food Court @ Macau

Besides Angela's Cafe, we discovered today that New Yaohan has a food court.
It's located at the upper most floor.
That's why we never stumble upon it before.

The food court was packed when we got there smacked right in the middle of lunch hour.
I quickly grabbed a table and Mum when off hunting for food.
She came back pretty disappointed because the menu was all in Chinese.
The management really lacked certain foresight.
How can they not have English on the menu?
That pissed me off.

Mum then took charge of the table while I go try and get us some food.

Then I noticed these flyers at each food stall. now they're cutting down trees so people can have some English? At least with these flyers I could order some food, but still...I hate the thought that stacks of these are printed just so those who could not read Chinese won't starve to death.
Once I decided what to order, it's time to head to the cashier to pay first before you get your food. Not a good system if you're starving. Once you've paid up, you'll get these little tickets (one for each food/drink) and then you head to the right food stall and collect you meal. Yeah...lots of exercise before you eat. Again, not a great system if you're starving.

Ordered Beef Brisket Noodles for Mum. As usual, the portion was big for one person, but then, we were kinda starving. The noodles was tasty but a tad too salty for my liking. Pretty reasonably priced at MOP 16 a bowl.

I like the iced milk tea. It's thick and comes with crushed ice =)

I didn't know what to have for lunch so I ordered this. Saute Glutinous Rice Flour Cake from the Korean food stall. Okay, this one, the portion was pretty small. All I can see on the plate are rice cake, pieces of octopus, a few small prawns, sauce and chopped spring onions. It was a little on the spicy side. But I got tired of eating it after a little while 'cause the rice cake was pretty chewy.

Took this pic after we finished eating and the lunch crowd is no where to be seen. This is the only pic I managed to take of the food court 'cause a guard came up to me and said "No photo". Well, I hate it when people don't let me take pics at public places. As if there's some top secret info hiding somewhere in their food court and they're afraid of it being sold to enemies.

Did a little shopping after lunch and ended up with a new kettle as the old one got rusty (please check your kettle if you haven't done so for many moons) and a pillow as the old one got mouldy.

Yeah I know....ewwww.

I then went hunting for the famous Portuguese egg tart in Macau.

Just my luck that they're closed today =(

Will try again another day =)

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