Friday, April 10, 2009

180° Lounge & Grill @ Macau Tower, Macau

Thank you everyone for your concern and well wishes.
I'm doing okay now =D
Just gotta be careful not to have a recurrence.

I've been in and out of Macau for some time now.
But somehow, I've never visited the Macau Tower.

So...after I got out of the hospital, Eric and I decided to watch a movie.
It's my first time watching a movie in Macau actually.
And the cinema is located at the famed Macau Tower.
The funny thing about this cinema is.... has only ONE screen.
Meaning at any ONE time, there's only ONE movie showing.
And it was pretty empty.
I've got a feeling Macanese are not really into the cinema scene like us in KL.
They'll prob think Malaysians are nuts as we have like 10 movies screening at the same time, at the same place!

I was excited to make my virgin visit to Macau Tower.
For a tourist attraction, it was pretty boring.
Maybe 'cause we were there at was quite deserted.
It had a Toys R Us store but it closes at 8pm O_o
As usual, the one thing you have everywhere in Macau is SASA the store and slot machines.
Unsurprisingly, you can find those at the Macau Tower as well.
I think there's more people at the slot machines than in the cinema!

Since The Fast & The Furious 4 only starts at 9.30pm, we ended up having dinner with Samuele at the 180° Lounge & Grill.

Located at the 59th Floor of the Macau Tower if I'm not mistaken.
When we got took my breath away.

The view from the restaurant was fantastic.

And we have the whole restaurant to ourselves!

Some decor on the walls that feels out of place.

Wines were selling at 50% off. Obviously I can't have any since I just got out of the hospital.

Bread to start our dinner with...too hard for my liking though

My lobster soup was creamy and too salty

Eric's Ceasar salad...he said it's hard to make a bad I guess it was pretty okay

Eric's sirloin steak...nothing special lar in my opinion

Mashed potatoes came in a bowl...with no sauce. We agreed it looks like yucky baby food

My linguine with seafood was a big disappointment. Few pieces of seafood tossed with bland linguine. Just a little hint of tomato paste and just plain tasteless. I had the waiter add lots of pepper into it to make it edible.

180° Lounge & Grill sells itself as a fine dining experience.
I think they're delusional.
The service left a lot to be desired as well.
Granted, the waiters spoke English but what came out of their mouth is kinda unbelievable.

They have a very small menu so we asked what's so famous about their "Famous 180° Burger"
The answer was "Maybe it's the beef" maybe it's the beef -_-

And there was the mistake of serving vinegar to Samuele for his sushi and sashimi platter instead of soy sauce.
Bad service and bad expensive food.

The only saving grace was it's location.
Nothing could beat it's view in Macau.

Oh...and the movie was superb!


Anonymous said...

Not true. The reason why they don't go to Macau Tower is because it's too far and there's usually only 1 or 2 movies showing at the same time. Also, there's only one movie screen, so the schedule isn't too good.

The people in Macau go to the cinema in another place where there are three screens and showing around 3 to 4 movies at the same time. And alot of people go there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and there are also alot of cheaper better buffets in Macau. I don't eat out alot, but the ones in Macau Tower isn't too good. But if you want better food, it's better to go to restaurants opened by small businesses instead of going to hotels. Though if you want buffet, there are cheaper better ones. The one in Hotel Sintra (lunch buffet) costs around $88 and it's not bad. Just don't try the sushi. They've got beef and lamb at the carving board which tastes pretty good, and they have all you can drink fruit juice. Pretty good for a cheap buffet.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Maybe I'll give Sintra a try one of these days. Btw, what's wrong with the sushi there?

Agree that the Macau tower is a little far in the middle of nothing. So where do the locals go for movies? I'll like to check out the other cinemas.

acifashion said...


im planning to visit macau soon for my bf's birthday and i wanted to take him somewhere special to eat and preferably not too expensive. i thought the 180 lounge would be nice but after reading your review i doubt ill go there. either way can you kinda tell me how much your food was? and do you know any places with great food and nice ambiance there thats affordable?



Tracy said...

Hi Alexandra,

Since it's been years since I dined at this restaurant, things could've improved? I've always been partial to Rossio as Eric worked there so I know the food is good =) Otherwise, Fernando's at Hac Sa beach is a great place to dine and have a lovely romantic walk after. Enjoy your Macau experience!

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