Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Riverwalk @ Macau Tower

Recently, we took Mum to Riverwalk at the Macau Tower for her birthday dinner.
It's supposed to be an Italian themed restaurant but every Saturday, the have a BBQ buffet dinner promo going on. The selling point would be the free flow of beer that they are serving with the buffet.
Started off with some appetizers. I'm not a big fan of salads so I just took a few pieces of stuffs that I think I might like. I got myself some dried cranberries, sun dried tomatoes, turkey, corn, scrimps, mushrooms, croutons and a piece of bread. Didn't enjoy my appetizers much...kinda wish it was sashimi or a hot dish.

This is Eric's appetizers. Obviously it looks more festive than mine. Lots of vege(yucks), I spot some olives and there's actually many cheeses to choose from.

We chose to sit outside eventhough it was super windy and a little on the cold side. But what's a BBQ without enjoying the fresh air right?

The BBQ meat is being cooked on order. It didn't take long for the meat to arrive at our table 'cause there weren't many orders =P The place was pretty much empty.

They labelled the pot "Seafood Soup" but there aren't any seafood to be found in it. It's actually a minestrone that turns out to be quite tasty even if it looks yucky in my pic.

Next to the BBQ pit, we found some naan and papadam. Sadly, the papadam has gone soft and the naan was disappointing to the max. They were serving some fancy dips for the naan when a yummy curry or tandoori would have just made our night.

Side dishes to go with the BBQ with a piece of naan. The potato wedges are to die for...yummiest thing I ate that night.

Our BBQ arrived meat arrived and it looks like a big mess. So, we got some lamb, beef, chicken and a few tiny pieces of baby squid. What can I say? The BBQ was a big let down. The meat was either overcooked or undercooked. It was dry and tough with certain meat tasteless.

They even BBQ a huge sausage and a big piece of sirloin. Okay...the sirloin is the best among the whole bunch of BBQ meat we had.

Sausage on the other hand...taste a bit weird to me. I didn't enjoy it. Much preferred if they serve honey sausages or something.

I do love my potatoes. I can't get enough of the potato wedges...and I went overboard with the bacon bits for my baked potato =P
Riverwalk is not exactly in the tower itself. It's actually in the building at the foot of the tower. So just a few steps from out table, we get to enjoy a beautiful view of the Macau Tower.
During dinner, it was wonderful to be able to just sit back and soak in the beautiful view. The bridge that connects the Macau Peninsular and Taipa island is lit up beautifully at night.
The only distraction was this ferry going back and forth right in front of us. Spoilt the view really. I caught the ferry at it's best, before all the colours start blinking and going crazy -_-

The dessert counter was pretty small. Well, there's not many people to eat it anyway. But I gotta say, it looks pretty =D

But I wasn't expecting marshmallows sticking out like this. Without a chocolate fountain anywhere in sight. A little odd, no?
Looks so chocolatey doesn't it? I can taste the chocolate just by looking at them. Overdose to the max.

Mix fruits that was pretty wet and the strawberries were cooked in wine =P

Some dessert that Eric took, a vanilla cake, a few toffees, a ball of truffle and a piece of something with cream.

Overall, Riverwalk is a one timer.
Doubt we'll ever go back there.
The view is fantastic but the food, could be much much better.
But I have to say, the service was very good.
Our waitress was very attentive and she spoke English as she's Filipino.

At one point, the music they were playing was painful to our ears.
It sounded more like a prayer that was wailing on and on and on.
Totally spoilt the my mood.
I then complaint to our waitress and she quickly got it changed to lovely romantic music instead.
I'm sure the other diners are grateful.
The management needs a bloody kick in the butt for insisting such awful music to be played.
No wonder their business is bad.
The restaurant was barely a quarter filled that night.
People who makes the decision in Riverwalk should really sit down and have a meal there themselves to see how bad the food and music is.

If they improve by a few miles, maybe....just maybe...we'll be back one day.

Until then, the Chef in the family ain't going back =D

Well...if you still wanna try Riverwalk, head over to their website here for details.

You've been warned though.

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