Saturday, May 2, 2009

Guppy Family

Despite our failure with our many departed guppies a few months back, we went and got 3 more to join the guppy baby that survived from last winter.

So now we have 4 guppies in the fish bowl.

The smallest guppy was born in our apartment.
Read about it's birth here back in January.
The 3 others are much much bigger in size.
Eric said now Lil' Guppy got his turf invaded and obviously being bullied.
I'm sure that's how fish play and get to know each other.

This should be the new female that we got. She's the biggest of them all. Mum says she might be pregnant. Maybe we'll have guppy babies soon again? =P

The 2 with the ref tails are males I think. The Lil Guppy has no colour whatsoever yet. Maybe it's albino.

Yeah...I know the water is a little murky.
We want to let the fish settle in for a few days first before changing it's water.

So far, no guppy drama yet with these 4.
Let's hope they live happily swimming in our fish bowl longer than our previous water pets.
*cross fingers*

1 comment:

Baby said...

good luck! i nearly killed Rae & Mon yesterday by dropping them into the dish sink but luckily they survived. DoRaeMon are together again with Nemo.

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