Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guppy said farewell

Sadly, I wish to inform a guppy has swam it's last lap around the small bowl.
Thankfully it wasn't the baby guppy that was born in our house.
It was the so-called 'pregnant' one that we recently bought.

When I told Eric that it died, his reaction was more of excitement than sadness...

Me : One guppy died
Eric : Which one? The baby ar?
Me : The big pregnant one lar...
Eric : *excitedly* Did you squeeze it to see got babies or not?
Me : -_- No...
Eric : Where's the guppy??
Me : Mum flushed it down the toilet =P

Please was already floating upside down when we realized it dead.
Takkan want to keep the dead guppy for so many hours until he comes back to check for babies.
The way I see it, if there were any babies, it would've been dead as well.
Oh we'll never know, would we?

The guppies left in the bowl.
The white tail guppy on the right is our baby guppy who has grown up.
It doesn't have any colour on it's tail.
Just a little red mark on it's body.
See how small it is compared to the big guppy we bought.

Another look at baby guppy. We've no idea if it's a male or female.

The guppies have this freaky habit of staring at the camera when I try to take their pics.
All the pictures I took (which was about 20) have at least 1 guppy staring at me.

Well...they sure ain't camera shy.


Baby said...

another... how many in total?

bought another fighting fish & a don't what fish is that. now ended up both my fighting fishes tear here and there after a big fight! and 1 of my tikus fish became a 1 eyed fish to a blind fish

Tracy said...

Only one died so now there's 3 guppies left =D

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