Friday, May 15, 2009

A Walk Back Home

Today I got up early...which was about 10am.
We ran out of gas a couple of days back and we only got one delivered this morning.

No gas = No cooking(okay, we actually have a halogen stove that uses electric but it takes forever to cook on it. Not that I cook anyway...but still)

No gas = No hot water. For us to shower.

This apartment is so old, the water heater needs gas and battery to produce any hot water.
I shall dedicate a blog post to our water heater one day.
Some people would certainly get shocked at the sight of it.
I know I was when I first came to live here.
Everyone else that have seen it...lets just say their jaws dropped and eye popped.'s that crazy.

See...I got sidetracked again...back to what I was saying.
I woke up at 10am, but Eric was the one who had to go downstairs to let the delivery guy up.
I wasn't decently dressed to be running up and down 4 flights of stairs =P
Another long story about the door on the ground floor.
Maybe it deserves a blog post by itself as well.

Anyways...after the gas got delivered, it was time for Eric to get ready for work.
He left before 11am but I stayed in bed playing games on my E71.
Got addicted and lost tracked of time there.
So I officially got up from bed at 12.30noon.

Quickly put in a load of laundry as the laundry basket was full.
Doing laundry is an adventure by itself.
Another long story lar.

Then I heated up leftover spaghetti for lunch which Eric and I cooked for supper at 1am early this morning.
Ate the some shows online.
Called the health insurance company.
Then I got ready to go out.
It was freaking sunny outside.
But I had to get my ass to the hospital.

Nope...I'm not sick.
I had to get some of the insurance claim stuffs sorted out.
Got to the hospital about 5pm.
I took the cab as it was too hot to walk. And I was bloody lazy.
My lady doc is really nice.
We chatted a little as I'm her last patient for the day.
She asked whether I'm still
How cute...she thought I'm only 22 years old =D
And Eric is my boyfriend =P

I then found out that doc visited Malaysia before.
I was kinda happy that people actually wants to visit Malaysia Truly Asia =P
Until she told me the tour took her to the butterfly park.
And then to the bird park O_O
She was bored to death.
I honestly told her that I myself would never voluntarily visit those places in KL. much for promoting my country.
There's so much to do in KL and it boggles the mind that tourist gets the wrong impression of Malaysia.
Anyways...I got the insurance sorted out and left the hospital about 6pm.

And I decided to walk home.
Enjoy the fresh air.
Get some much needed exercise.

My first stop was at Watson's.
Then to the opposite shop to get a new shower curtain and dehumidifier.
Hate those molds.

Umfortunately, I bumped into a weirdo.
I was just making my way home carrying all my stuffs when this guy stopped me to ask for directions.
He was asking where a certain street is and seriously, I've got no idea.
Street names here are in Portuguese.
Which is bad enough.
And the people here actually convert those street names to Cantonese =S
Very very bad.

So I just told him what I know.
And pointed towards Horta e Costa (Ko Si Tak in Cantonese)
Which is the main road in the area where I live.
He figured out I wasn't local and wanna chat some more but I just wanna get rid of the weirdo.
I continued on my way but he caught up with me again -_-
This time, he wanted to give me his number on a piece of paper O_O
I can't really understand what he was saying (my Cantonese is such a joke)
Told him I'm sorry but I can't help him and quickly walked into a shop as I don't feel safe walking on the street with weirdo around.
What if he follows me home right?
Kinda scary when I think about it now.

Man, this is becoming such a long post.
Anyways, after I'm sure weirdo was not waiting for me, I continued on my journey home.
Stopped at the bakery to get my dinner and a loaf of bread.
'Cause Eric wants sandwiches for supper tonight.
Next, I went to the mini market to get tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and a can of tuna.
Our homemade sandwich should be interesting as I got the Hot Tuna Mayo =P

Let's just say it took me longer to get up to our apartment today.
The stairs was a killer carrying all the stuffs I bought.

I've taken in our laundry for the day.
Changed the shower curtain.
Placed all the dehumidifier where it's needed.
And here I am blogging about my day.

Shall jump into the shower now and wait for Eric to get home from work =)


Anonymous said...

Nice routine ^_^
Envy envy, haha


Tracy said...

Thank goodness this doesn't happen everyday.
If I routinely meet a weirdo...I'm only venturing out when Eric is with me =P

Anonymous said...

:) Was at the Isetan pre-sale yesterday and while queuing up to try some clothes, there was this lady who asked me something. Out of boredom, I actually wanted to share with her some of comments but held back because I remember what you said about over friendly people at the bus stops :) Hahaha!


Tracy said...

Hmm...since she initiated the conversation, I guess she was dying for a bitching session as well? =P

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