Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Minute Again

I'll be sleeping in our bed back in Putra Heights tomorrow.
I'm sad to be leaving Eric here to fend for himself.
Eventhough I've done this more times than I would like, I can't help feeling utterly depressed.
I've already started missing him from a few days back.
Today, the tears have started making their way down my cheeks.
Tomorrow...I just wish it won't come.

I know I've said it many many times because I've left Eric here many times as well.
It's bittersweet.
On one hand I'm happy to be back in KL and meet up with my friends and family.
I miss them.
I miss my bed and pillows.
And the yummy yummy food back home.
But all that combined, doesn't even come close to how much I miss my darling.

So...instead of wallowing in self pity, I've spent the day cleaning and packing.
I discovered more mold in our bedroom.
My dresser to be exact.
Why did God create mold anyway?
What purpose does it serve besides making my life miserable.
Just like mosquitoes...why create them?
Anyways, I didn't realize we were sleeping with molds till this morning.
And it was all out war between us.

1st, I took everything out and then wipe them clean.
Including the drawers.
If they know molds like humidity (and Macau is one bloody humid country, more so than M'sia), why make furniture from wood?
Won't metal be much much less of a hassle?
So many question and yet no answers.
After wiping everything, including my moisturizer and perfume bottles, I wipe them all again with diluted Dettol.
I feel much better knowing Dettol is helping me kill the bloody mold.
Then I took the drawers out to the balcony and let them have a sunbath.
For many many hours.
Until the sun starts to set.
And then...I use undiluted Dettol and attacked areas which I think mold loves (in my opinion).
Meaning everywhere I've seen the mold earlier lar.

After I'm satisfied that no mold is in sight, everything when back to where they belong.
But the war ain't over yet.

I decided to go out and buy more dehumidifier.
This time, I bought some moth balls as well 'cause I've spotted some little insects jumping around in the drawers.
I seriously wish there's no such things as mold and these stupid jumping insects.
So much time wasted on cleaning and more money spent on the Mold War =(

Maybe I've this sign on my head saying "Weirdo Friendly".
'Cause when I was out buying war supplies, I attracted another weirdo.
It's always guys.
And they're always weird.
So I was on my merry way walking towards the shop, suddenly this middle age guy started to walk next to me.
Okay, that's nothing to be alarmed of 'cause the walkway in Macau is quite narrow so it's quite common for people to trespass into personal space.

I continued walking...and he kept up with me.
Then he started to talk to me -_-
I hate that.
It freaks me out.
I tried to ignore him and act as if I didn't hear him.
Then he got closer and spoke louder =S
Then I heard him say "You don't recognize me is it?"
Over and over...
I turned and stared cock at him, turned back and continued walking.
Thank goodness he didn't go all crazy on me and left.

When I'm out alone on the streets, I have this "I'm a bitch, don't mess with me" look to discourage weirdos.
But it seemed to have backfired on me.
I think I'm a weirdo magnet here =(
And there's apparently no shortage on supply.

Okay, maybe I'm being too sensitive, but a gal can't be too careful out alone.
I'm sorry if you're someone who reads my blog and decided to say "hi".
If that's the case, I'll be happy to have a chat.
Just identofy yourself and I'll be okay.
But please....PLEASE....I beg you...don't freak me out by doing crazy stuffs.
Not that I'm famous enough for people to recognize me on the streets lar.
I'm not even sure how many people from Macau reads my blog and then coincidentally bump into me in the streets.
Granted, Macau is not that big...but still...I don't leave the apartment that often.

I'm rambling on and on...while I still have some cleaning left to do.
The reason I'm even blogging, is to note what I had for dinner.
Which I won't be having again for a long long time (never again if I have any choice in the matter).

That's my dinner. An apple, 2 tomatoes (leftover from sandwich supper) and a few peaches.
I have not gone nuts,(or maybe I did) to have only these for dinner.
Apple is fine with me.
Not a big fan of the peaches but they're tolerable.
The tomatoes on the other hand...is a first.
So I came up with a plan...I'll have to eat the tomatoes first, then the peaches and finally the apple.
That's 'cause the tomatoes are a little sourish, the peaches ain't that sweet and to end on a happy note, the apple.
Why all the reds?
Well...that's the leftover food(which will rot) that's in the fridge.
If I don't eat them or do something with them, they might still be greeting me the next time I'm back here.
And they won't be red anymore.
Sad...but true.
Previously....the victim was an egg.
I picked up this air freshener as well as they were just next to the dehumidifier and moth balls.
It's quite cheap as well at MOP10 for 4.
I bought it for fun...'cause I've never seen such air fresheners before.
They come in cans =)
And you pop it open like a can of Coke =P

On the left corner, you can see where the tab bruised it.
The texture is like jelly and it smells pretty good.
I've been sniffing so many moth balls and air freshener while in the shop choosing, and it made me kinda woozy.
I'm still feeling woozy now =S

Well...that's it.
Next post will be from KL.

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