Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day again today.
After so many years of buying this present and that present, I've finally ran out of ideas of what to get Mum.
And Eric is having a super busy day today in the hotel so we can't celebrate.
I wanted to have have dinner at his restaurant tonight but unfortunately, it's fully booked.
Even the super expensive brunch is fully booked.
Credit crunch? Bad economy?
Yeah right -_-

Mum then decided she wanted to go to Hac-Sa beach today.
So, I got up earlier than usual and we head out to Hac-Sa.
We had to take 2 different buses to get there.

1st, we took a bus from our apartment to the bus stop at Lisboa Hotel.

Then we had to switch to a different bus that heads towards Hac-Sa.
We waited less than a minute and the 21A bus to Hac-Sa arrived.
We happily hopped on.
To get to Hac-Sa, we had to pass by Taipa island.
So we got to see the airport, the stadium and then Venetian.
As we were approaching the Jockey Club, our bus started to slow down.
Everyone was looking around, wondering what's up.
The bus finally came to a stop...

We had a flat tire -_-
The driver asked us to get down from the bus to wait for help. was freaking sunny and hot.
No one in their right mind would wait under the sun.
So we all ended up waiting in the disabled bus to be rescued.
Not like we're stranded in the middle of the jungle or something.
We were actually just by the main road.
Luckily, another bus came by a few minutes later and again we were on our way to Hac-Sa.
So much drama even before we set foot on the beach.

As I've mentioned before, Hac-Sa means Black Sand.
And to those who has been asking whether the sand is really black...well...see for yourself.
Seriously, why would anyone call it Black Sand Beach if the sand is not freaking black?
Geez -_-

Black Sand is everywhere near the water. Mum was pretty astonished to see so much black sand on the beach.

Only in Asian countries you'll find people dressed in long sleeved shirt with long pants and sports shoes on the beach.
At the same time, they are also hiding under an umbrella.
If they're so scared of the sun, it makes you wonder what are they doing on the beach in the 1st place.
I was in my shorts and sleeveless tank top and it was still too hot.

I was only under the sun for a little while to snap pics and my slippers left marks on my feet already.

Behold...the black sand of Hac-Sa Beach =D

Can you believe they have a lifeguard on duty on a public beach? It's no Baywatch but still...I'm impressed. In Malaysia, I haven't seen a lifeguard in any of our beaches before.

After hanging out at the beach while waiting for Fernando's to open at 12noon, we headed to lunch.
Fernando's was packed as usual.
Luckily we got a table and ordered the salad and grilled chicken.
And it was too much for both of us.
Maybe it's the heat...but I can't seem to eat much these days.
Which is a good thing I supposed since I need to lose those pounds I put on during winter.

We were stuffed from lunch, so we took a walk on the beach.
Just so I won't throw up in the bus 'cause the road on Coloane is pretty winding.

And Mum asked, "So, does this mean that the sand in the Red Sea is red?"'s called Red Sea...not Red Sand isn't it?

Happy Mother's Day =D

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