Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night I was waiting for Eric to come home with some supper but he surprised me instead by announcing we're going to MGM's Pool Party.

I wasn't expecting to go as he'll be super tired after work and he's going to work today as well.
So I dressed up and put on some makeup.
I haven't been t o a pool party before so I've got no idea what's the dress code.

The place was packed.
With people in long flowing evening dresses and suits.
My oh was a sight alright.
Not in a good way.

Anyways, we didn't stay long though.
At least Samuele, Elie and Mattia seemed to be having a good time dancing and drinking ;P
Eric and I left about 2am and went looking for food.
And ended up in Red 8 in Wynn.

I was feeling kinda sleepy after a bowl of noodles and thought we'll be heading home.
Instead we headed to the Blackjacks table!
There were 3 people on that table when we joined them.
The guy sitting next to Eric had heaps of $500 chips and was playing $1000 each round.
We played $100 each =P

After a few rounds of games, Eric got an Ace for his 1st card.
As everyone knows, Ace is needed for a Blackjack to happen.
So obviously we're excited.
Then the dealer gave Eric his 2nd card.
I was praying for a 10, J, Q or K....
and we got another Ace! Eric split the Aces.
Meaning Eric is now playing 2 hands with an Ace each.
Obviously he has to put up another $100 for the 2nd Ace.
Now we have two chances of getting was getting super exciting.

Now I was really really praying hard for a Blackjack for both the Aces.
The dealer reach over and gave Eric his 3rd card.
Another Ace appeared!!!
Again he has 2 Aces for 1 hand...just like before.
He decides to split the Aces again.
Now...he is playing 3 hands...each with an Ace.
It was getting ridiculous in my opinion.
The dealer then draw a card for the 2nd Ace that was split earlier.
And can you believe it....another Ace O_O

The guy next to Eric was shaking his head.
It was freaking unbelievable.
It's hard to draw 1 Ace as it is...and Eric got 4 Aces.
And he split it again -_-'s single handedly playing 4 hands of cards.
Each with and Ace and a wager of $100.

If each of the Aces ends up as a Blackjack...he would have won $600
(Blackjack pays 1.5 times)

So the game was heating up and I was super excited...
The dealer draws the card...and boom...all 4 aces let us down =(
Not even ONE freaking Blackjacks!!!
How can that be??

But in the end...we did make a little profit and headed back home.
Crazy Ace night I tell you =P

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