Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"F" Day - Friends, Food and Fun

Eric and his friends got a day off from work so we decided to have a day exploring Zhuhai.
Unfortunately, we had turn back once we got to the China immigration as one of us was denied a China visa.
We've got no idea why the application for a one time visa was rejected eventhough it has been done countless times before.
Be begged and batted our pretty eyes to no avail.

So...we then came up with a Plan B.
That's to hang out in Macau.(As if we had any other choice because Hong Kong is not possible as well)
Doing things we don't normally do.
So many ideas and yet so little time but first...we gotta eat 'cause by the time we got back to Macau's soil, it was already about 2pm.
I was starving.

We decided to have lunch at the famous Fernando's restaurant.
Located at Hac-Sa beach, it's gonna be expensive to take a cab from the border all the way to Coloane island.
Since we're such smart people, we decided to hitch a ride in the free Venetian shuttle bus so we at least got ourselves to Taipa island.
From Venetian, we can take a cab to Fernando's =D

However, to put the plan into action is a different story.
There was a super long line of people waiting under the hot sun for the Venetian shuttle bus at the Border Gate.
It would probably take us 30-40 minutes before we get to board the bus.
So I suggested we take the Border Gate-Sands shuttle bus and then switch to the Sands-Venetian bus.
I'm super smart or what? =P

Needless to say, we finally made it to Fernando's.

Looking at these bottles makes me wanna laugh.
Eric asked Nicole to grab a bottle of chili, olive oil and vinegar.
She then got up and asked me to watched her handbag and started walking out of the restaurant while we stared after her.

Eric : Where are you going?
Nicole : To get chili

Me, Eric & Elie went O_o and then burst out laughing.

The restaurant has all the bottles lined up nicely at the corner but Nicole wanted to go outside to either pluck some chili or buy a bottle.
I'm not sure which =P

Sorry Nicole for telling the story but it was too funny not to share =P

Big loaf of yummy bread to start our late lunch.

Tomatoes salad that they said was delicious. I'm so not a salad person so I didn't have any. The tomato slices were huge though.

Pork ribs served with lemon and fries. The ribs are a little on the dry side but I love the fries. The fries in Fernando's are like those our mum used to make at home. It's a little floppy and soggy but oh-so yummy.

We wanted to order clams but it was sold out so we had to settle for prawns instead. It was a little on the pricey side at MOP180.

Everytime we eat at Fernando's, we'll order these sausages. They're nice and tasty but also salty. And they came with olives which I don't fancy.

The roasted chicken is yummy. Very juicy and nicely marinated. Best of all, it came with yummy fries =) And there's some olive too. What's with all the olives -_-

I think the fish looks sad. Like they died a horrible death or something. It actually taste pretty okay but I much prefer those "ikan bakar" we get back in home in Malaysia.

Sauce for the fish.

Pour some of the sauce on the fish and it look way more appetizing right?.

In Fernando's, there are walls covered with name cards and currency from all over the world. Just goes to show how popular Fernando's is.

Elie with his Super Bock beer.
Nicole ordered a Super Bock, then she had a glass of water and finally she ordered a Coke =P

The atmosphere is very laid back in Fernando's. A walk through the corridor at the back will take you to a small outdoor garden where you can have a beer while waiting for a table. Fernando's is awfully popular and the waiting list can be pretty long at peak hours and weekends.

As it was late in the afternoon, Fernando's feels like a nice quiet place to laze about and hang out with friends.

Hac-Sa beach is just a stone's throw away from Fernando's.

There are many people at the beach that day but all the cars and buses were parked nicely. No crazy parking like in Malaysia and blocking the way.
After Fernando's we wanted to go paddle boating but ended up on the wrong bus and found ourselves at the famous Lord Stow's Garden Cafe.

This is where the egg tart magic happens. I started chatting with the guy in red and found out he's from KL as well =) Can't believe I had a conversation in Bahasa Malaysia while in Macau buying egg tarts =P

They go into the oven yellow and comes out brown.

Yay...after spending so much time in Macau, it's my first visit to Lord Stow's for their yummy Portuguese egg tarts.

Portuguese egg tarts are very different from those Chinese ones you get while eating dim sum. It comes with puff pastry and the top of the egg tart looks a little burnt.

The egg custard is soft and light. Super yummy. Just that the pastry is a little chewy. maybe it's meant to be that way. But I don't mind. It's just too bad I only managed to have one egg tart as I was still stuffed from our heavy lunch at Fernando's.
We then managed to grab a cab and made our way to Parque da Barragem de Hac Sa for a little boating.By the road side, this arch which says "Parque da Barragem de Hac Sa" is the only thing you can see. You have to walk up the hill to get to the rest of the park.
The first area you'll see would be the basketball court and BBQ area.
Climb up the hill some more and you'll see this.
To get to the boats, first, we have to cross the hanging bridge which sways a lot. It did freaked me out a little. Just a little.

We got the twin boats =) And took pics of each other.

Nicole & Elie enjoying themselves. Took this pic before our boats collided.

My pretty feet paddling away...okay..I lied. I stopped paddling so I can snap this pic.
Eric : Hey...why you stop?
Me : I'm taking a pic of my pretty feet. You continue paddling lar...*snap snap*
Eric : -_-
Me : Why you giving me that look?
Eric : -_-
Stupid me forgot that both our pedals are connected.
If one stops, the other can't move =P

The sun was so round and beautiful while we were boating and I tried to get a nice picture of it. This picture does it no justice.
As I was taking pics of the sun, Nicole & Elie came paddling up to us and Nicole exclaimed "Look at the moon!"

Thank goodness we were the only boats around =P
We finished boating and had to find our way back to the city. We waited and waited but there's no cab to be found. Even when we called the cab company, there's no cab.
The road looks lonely doesn't it?

After waiting for some time, we finally got ourselves a cab and ended up in the bowling alley. The bowling alley is so old that you can't even input your name into the scoring machine O_o
So we're just number 1,2,3 and 4.

After only one game, we decided to move on to the next activity.
Off we went into the amusement centre.
We tried our hands at shooting basketball and my machine was the only one that gave out tickets.
We tried drumming and those dance machines where you wave your arms up, down, left and right.
It's not easy -_-
In the end, we had a total of 600 tickets to redeem gifts.
Each of these little piggy key chain cost 100 tickets.
We took 6 of these...1 black, 1 blue and 4 with black & white stripes.
Cute eh?

Next activity....
Dinner at McDonald's =)
And Eric had 2 burgers.
And he called it "snacks" -_-

It was quite early after we ate so we decided to play pool.
The pool place was old but it was pretty packed.
While we were in the middle of our game, a golden retriever came strolling by.
He was making his rounds and was very friendly.
We later found out it's name.
Why would anyone name a dog Donkey?

After 3 hours or so playing pool where Team Elie & Nicole lost to Team Eric & Tracy, we said goodbye to Donkey the dog and headed out into the night.
We were lost at what to do next 'cause there's no mamak in Macau to hangout and most places are closed already.

We didn't wanna go drinking, clubbing or to the casino.
We stood by the roadside for a long long time trying to think of somewhere to go besides going home to sleep.

Then I suggested we get some ice-cream.
And everyone agreed!
Off we went to Kruatheque Thai restaurant a few blocks away from the pool place.
These drinks taste horrible. Just like cough medicine O_o

Green mango salad which the waiter warned us is super spicy. Well...what can I say? It is freaking spicy!! Elie managed to finish both the cough medicine drinks thanks to this mango salad =P

Seafood tomyum soup which is really yummilicious.
Pity Nicole as she only had the mushrooms 'cause she's allergic to seafood =(

Fried beef kuey teow. Or I think it's beef. Looking at this pic, it might be chicken. My memory super fail man.

Fried oysters with egg.

Grilled cuttle fish that has a crispy texture. It's delicious when dipped into it's spicy sauce.

After all that food, we finally had our ice-cream...which is what we wanted in the 1st place but got sidetracked into having a full meal.

We wanted 4 banana splits but the waiter told us that they only have ONE banana left.
What's a banana split without any banana right?
So Elie got them to cut up that one banana into small pieces and each of us got a quarter banana each!

Try to spot the banana =)

It was 3.30am when we left Kruatheque.
I was pretty tired after a day full of fun and food with funny friends.
Not to mention stuffed and sleepy from our yummy supper.

Wish there are more days like this one.

9 Hac Sa Beach,
Coloane Island, Macau
Tel :+853 2888 2264
Opening Hours
Daily 12:00 - 21:30

Lord Stow's Garden Cafe
Rua de Cordoaria, 105,
Coloane Village, Macau
Tel :+853 2888 1851
Opening Hours
Daily: 10:30 - 19:00

Restaurant Kruatheque
Henrique Macedo 11-13
(Near landmark: Vasco da Gama Garden)
Tel no: :+853 28353555
Opens to really late into the night.

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