Friday, May 29, 2009

My 1st Cow!

Before I get started on Blossoms, I was finishing up a small project.
Bought it in Zhuhai some time back and it's the first time I'm stitching a Cow.
As it's supposed to be an accessory, the so-called cloth is made of soft plastic.
I wasn't used to stitching on such a material before and I found it to be a pain.
So I procrastinated =P
In the end, I broke two needles =(

So, why did I choose a Cow?
Because I planned to give it to a Cow in our family...moo mooOOoo

To make this cute little Cow, I have to stitch two cows which is a mirror image of each other.

Once the cows are done, cut it out carefully following the edges. So now there's two separate pieces.

Then stitch both pieces together at the edges. And stuffed it with synthetic cotton to bloat it up.

End result is a cute smiling 3D Cow!

I hope you like your Cow Melaine =P


Angel said...

so cute ....

Tracy said...

Yes...very cute...just like my cousin =P

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