Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What the hell's going on... door O_O

Right now, I can still hear people screaming at each other.
Doors banging...some shoving.

I can't see what's going on 'cause we keep our door close all the time and this ruckus is going on right outside our door.

I can't bloody hear what they are screaming about as well...what a letdown.
Yes, I know I'm a busybody.
Nothing else better to do here anyway.

From what I've gathered over the time I'm here, the apartment opposite housed a Portuguese family.
I barely see them and definitely do not know how they look like.
Yeah...I'm not friendly with my neighbours.
Let's put it this way, people here are not very friendly.
Sometimes, they even scare me.

People here do not speak in a moderate tone of voice.
It's always loud on the brink of shouting.
I even think they sound extremely rude.
I've learnt to ignore them most of them time.
Maybe it's the norm for them...but it just feels like they need to be less rude.

What irritates me the most is how people feels like I want to hear about their opinions/problems/complaints/erectile dysfunction and etc.
These are strangers mine you.
And they just start to complaint about every fucking thing when you stand next to them waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green.
Or how the cab driver would swear at some other motorist and won't stop telling you how he's an angel on the fucking road.
I've seen strangers suddenly became the best of friends while complaining about the weather.

Coming to Macau, one could very easily suffer a culture shock.
And this is coming from me.
Whose grandparents came from China. feels so weird to be a Chinese and yet I can't identify with the culture of spitting, shouting and rudeness that is a way of life here.
At least there's less spitting in Macau than in China.
It's still gross.

Oh...and the rudeness does not end on the streets.
People working in casinos are seriously lacked of customer service.
I'm serious.
I've never met a smiling dealer.
You'll be lucky not to get a scowling one.
Sometimes, I lose the mood to gamble the moment I see their sour faces.
It's not uncommon to find a dealer yawning.
And the drinks aunties in Grand Lisboa are just freaking rude sometimes.
There was once I wanted a bottle of water, she told me to go get it myself.
And there was once in MGM, I told the drinks gal that I wanted a bottle of juice and after 90 minutes, I left the table without a drop of juice.

Macau, where it's economy rely so much on tourism and gambling, they sorely lack courtesy and customer service.

Hmm...I wonder why it's gone silent next door...

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