Friday, January 9, 2009

Babies Guppies!

Well...seems like the alpha male guppy is doing his lightning fast speed!

It all started yesterday when I was making sure the guppies ain't suffering in the small aquarium when two little black eyes stared back at me...and zoomed all over the place.

Suddenly...we are proud parents of a guppy baby. Before we had time to celebrate...we spotted another one hiding in the corner...and another...and another.

We then decided to separate the babies from it's mother (yes..I know it's cruel but the adults were trying to eat the babies okay) and put them in a glass for the night.

Before we got into bed last night...the mother guppy squeezed out a few more babies.

This morning...when we got up..a couple more babies appeared.

So in total...we have 8 guppy babies to look after now.

The time had come sooner rather than later...we bought a new home for the adults and moved the babies into the sea monkey's aquarium.

Alpha male, wife and mistress in their new RM5 fish bowl.

Can you see the guppy babies?
Don't the babies look like "ikan bilis"(anchovies)?

See if you can spot all eight babies?

Well...I'm glad we got some guppy babies now.

If any of the adults meet with an untimely death(cross fingers)...we have ready replacements =P


Regina said...

YAY! A great start to the new year! Babies!

Tracy said...


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