Wednesday, January 14, 2009

McDonald's Mala Grilled Pork Burger

As usual, I can't resist McD's. I'm actually craving for the Prosperity burger *drool* that we have back in KL. Since the McD's here came up with a new burger, Mum and I decided to try it for lunch today.

So I put on my jeans, a wool long sleeved shirt, long thick jacket, socks, boots and my newly knitted scarf to brave the cold cold streets of Macau.

Me and my new pink scarf that I finished knitting yesterday. Pretty right? I mean me ;P

This is lunch. Two burgers, a pie, curly fries and Coke.
This is what we came for...PORK burger
It's "Mala" flavour Grilled Pork Burger.
Looks yummy doesn't it?
Mala is actually a combined flavour of Sichuan peppercorn and hot chili. Turns out that this burger is not really spicy. Taste kinda weird actually as the sauce is pepperish and sourish at the same time. The pork is tender though. As can be seen in the pic...all you get is a bun, a piece of meat and some onions.

Next...we tried the Mala Grilled Chicken Burger.
I know it looks kinda gross in the pic. Too much sauce for the poor burger and it ended up looking as if it drowned. Surprisingly, this burger tasted different from the pork burger though both are Mala flavour.
At least the chicken one doesn't taste sourish. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the pork burger we ate 0_o

I think the pie is so has the warning "Caution. Handle with care. I'm HOT". Same warning applies to ME =P

This is how a red bean pie looks like. Mum said it was too sweet.

Hands down the curly fries was the best thing we had for lunch today.

I still think KL's Prosperity burger beats the Mala burger anytime. No competition at all. Some more the Prosperity comes in beef patties.

Don't think I'll have the Mala burger again. Not my kinda burger. Shall wait for the next pork burger to arrive in Macau =D


Baby said...

sour? maybe your pork burger spoilt. the mala burger looks like our prosperity burger.

Tracy said...

My tummy is still feeling don't think it was spoilt. Maybe it was just meant to be sourish

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