Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan

Last year I was searching around for a cross stitch project to occupy my time and I came across this cute and pretty afghan. If you're wondering what's an afghan, it's a blanket but made by hand. It's a very personal gift in my opinion.

When I saw this Baby Hugs ABC Afghan by Dimensions. I couldn't resist. I just had to get it eventhough we don't have a baby yet(not from lack of trying!) So I thought why not stitch it first then when our baby comes...there's a beautiful afghan all ready to keep the baby warm =)

So off I went searching for the cheapest kit to buy. I stalked eBay day and night hoping to bid on the one with the perfect price. I've tried searching in shops but they don't seem to stock these kind of cross stitch kits.

Finally...I found one and made my first eBay purchase. And thus began my anxious 2 months wait for it to arrive. It's seriously crappy that it takes that long to arrive from the USA because of customs. Much prefer to buy it at the store if I can to save myself all the trouble of making sure my package arrives..

When the package arrived...I tore into it in record time.

The kit comes with cotton thread, 18 count acrylic afghan fabric, needle and instructions. All I had to do is sort out the thread and arrange them on a card and then stitch away!

When I'm done, it should look like this.

I feel that the afghan size is just nice at 29" x 45"(74x114cm).
The fabric is really soft and not too heavy for a baby.
Just perfect.

And I do believe my baby will love it =)


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, so kan cheong, are you pregant??
congrats :D


Tracy said...

Wait...I'm NOT pregnant unfortunately =(
Just preparing...for the future

Baby said...

are you saying tat i can get cross-stitch stuff from ebay?

Tracy said...

Of course can get almost anything on eBay =D

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