Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot & Wet

Can't believe how hot and humid it is in KL.
And it's raining.

From 9 degrees to 29 degrees Celsius in 4 hours.
I'm burning hot. And sticky -_-

I'm missing Eric badly.
Miss seeing his smile.
Miss tasting his kisses.
Miss feeling his hugs.
I miss...just being with him.

Have to keep myself busy.
'Cause I'll tear up whenever I miss him too much.
My eyes are quite swollen and I kinda resemble a goldfish now.

So the plan is...
I'm going to meet up with as many friends as I can to keep myself busy.
Luckily there's many dinners and drinks lined up already.
And also meeting up with my aunts and cousins.
Mahjong sessions are in the horizon =P

There's so many things to be taken care as well.
Bills, banking, shopping, cleaning...and the list goes on.

Not forgetting I have a cross stitch project to work on =)

But I'll still be missing Eric every second of the day.
That's how my heart chose to be.
I'll let it be.

1 comment:

Baby said...

u've all ur programmes ready... what a loving couple u 2.. with all ur programes, you should be fine..

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