Monday, January 12, 2009

Gemini Horoscope

So, I have lots of time on my harm in checking out how billions of us humans falls into 12 different personalities.

My birthday's in I'm checking out Gemini =)

According to Horoscope Zodiac Signs..

"Being an intellectual sign, Gemini are witty and intelligent(Of course!). Gemini enjoy investigation and experiments with new ideas. Gemini have restless nature(YES!). Gemini love change and Gemini like variety in all spheres of Gemini life. Gemini lack real depth of feelings(hey!). Gemini are quick in grasping and learning. Gemini can do things better than others but lack in determination, quick decision and concentration (This is true. I have short attention span).

Gemini are argumentative (Very true) , ambitious and a good advisor, Gemini are also very clever, progressive, and Gemini refuse to be bound by rules(Rules are made to be broken?). Gemini like to be under the influence of opposite sex as Gemini fell variety is the spice of life. Gemini have a fault finding nature, the more romance, more happiness for Gemini with equally intelligent persons(Luckily Eric can hold his own), otherwise bickering or separation. Precisely in love, Gemini are more likely to be light heartedly affectionate than deeply emotional and intensely passionate(I can be intensely passionate...depending on my mood). Gemini like to share Gemini affection with many people as Gemini are adjustable to variety. Gemini will change Gemini profession more then once (I'm now a housewife -_-). Gemini dexterous hands(I do love cross stitching and knitting...pretty good at it as well) and versatile mind are Gemini greatest assets. Make most use of them (I am making scarfs aren't I?). "


Next...I found this site I Love India which I find hilarious...

"Individuals born under the Gemini zodiac sign are usually quite polite, generous and of a jolly nature. They are blessed with a tall build(so not true!), a big nose(this is so true) and beautiful hair(this is super true!). They have a brilliant mind and their intelligence gets easily reflected in the walk they talk and look. You will hardly find Geminis uttering words that are not pleasant to the ears(erm...questionable depending on whose ears). They are very clever, kind-hearted, frivolous and compassionate by nature. Material wealth comes easily to them and they never shy away from any kind of hard work(this is true! Anyone want to hire me?).

Gemini individuals are very good at discussions and have a very subtle way with words. God-fearing people, they are more inclined towards business than service(I was in service for many years actually). Infact, it is the former one that helps them in attaining wealth as well as fame in life(Why am I still not a millionaire?). However, they face a lot of hurdles while going up the ladder of success. They love the finer things in life, like arts, dance and music. You will hardly find Geminis wasting their money( are not a waste of money). They will not be stingy, but they will not squander their money either(that means angpow lar).


Don't travel in far east directions (where exactly?)
Don't use red, blue and other dark colors (Chinese New Year is all about red)
Don't do any important work on Friday (wish I have a boss to tell that too)
Don't travel on Saturday (Does going to the shopping centre counts as travelling?)
Don't use no 8
(Not possible for Chinese lar...)

What I Love India says about Saggitarious is even more hilarious...poor Eric

"The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter planet. As far as the physical structure is concerned, individuals born under Sagittarius sign usually have a high forehead, big ears and thin hair(Pity my darling...but this is so not true). They have an innate leadership quality(totally agree) and have bright chances of being successful in a career of politics(better not!) and attaining high positions. Sagittarians have a good physical and mental health and are extremely hard working.

They are very intelligent and usually command respect in the society. Such individuals are always interested in the fields like politics, astrology, law, etc(I guess "etc" means being a chef). Normally, they do not have to undergo any financial pressure and money comes easily to them( not true). They are quite religious by nature and are always ready to help others. Sagittarians are very honest and are totally incapable of deliberate falsehood(sure or not?). "


Don't play gamble in any way (We are in Macau...)
Always wear footwear while taking bath (Slippers are slippery aren't they? Or Adidas?)
Don't travel in north-east direction (Again...where exactly?)
Don't insult your elders (What if they're totally asking for it?)
Don't wear Neelam or Firoja (No idea what are these things)


It's always fun just surfing the web and reading stuffs like these. Horoscopes tends to be generalized so certain parts of it will definitely fit. If you don't like the one you're reading...just Google again and you'll most likely find one that speaks to you =)

Some of the stuffs said about Gemini are quite true though...such as the duality of the sign. How our personality could flip like a coin. How witty and intelligent we are =P

Yeah...I'm so full of myself...and that's because in the Chinese Zodiac, I'm the Rooster!

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Baby said...

i'm a rooster and a saggitarius

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