Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold Stone Ice Cream in Winter

It was cold in Shenzhen when we came across Cold Stone. I seriously can't resist ice cream even though it's winter time.

I was freezing my ass off walking around the streets but crazily enough...I still wanted ice cream. Yup...I'm nuts alright.

Eric and Mum was as crazy as me coz they followed me into the cosy little ice cream parlour too =P

It looks so warm and cosy doesn't it?

Love ice creams =D
The menu have a sense of humour too! There's Strawberry Banana Rendezvous, Chocolate Devotion, Banana Split Decision and a Hunka Chunka Burnin' Fudge =P

Every one of the flavours look so hard to decide which to have...

I think this place is called Cold Stone coz they mix the ice cream on a piece of cold stone ;P

Walla...after some mixing...behold Chocolate Devotion which is made out of chocolate ice cream, brownie, chocolate chips and fudge.

Super creamy and yummy...Maybe it should be called Chocolate Overload instead =D

I was happily licking my ice cream when one of the employees said she wanted to play a game with us. It's Stone, Paper & Scissors using cute props. Eric went first and won =D

Then it's my turn. Have to concentrate...hard...

And I won too!

I regret not buying a set of these Stone, Paper & Scissors toys...sigh...can even use it to tickle Eric when he's sleeping or punch him when I'm mad

For winning the game...we get some vouchers as our prize. Unfortunately, we didn't get to use them =(

Not sure if there's a Cold Stone in Zhuhai as the China Cold Stone website is in Chinese =(

Gotta get someone to check it out for me as I'm craving for it already.

I think Cold Stone should come to KL. If people love their ice cream in winter...I'm sure they will love it even more in hot hot KL.

I want some Stone Cold now =(


Baby said...

haha... how to eat ice cream in such cold weather? isn't tat double cold?

Tracy said...

I'm crazy..that's how =)

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