Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yippie Guppies!

Despite the disaster with our poor departed Sea Monkeys whose short life is documented here, Eric wanted some new pets and instead of getting a puppy, we got some guppies.

Eric the ever optimist wanted a spanking new aquarium with some water grass and a pump.

I then suggested we recycle the small Sea Monkey aquarium for our guppies instead.

Come on...with my history with pets, better not invest in any new equipments for any pets until we can be sure they'll survive for more than 3 months.

Some more it's so cold in Macau. I'm quite sure the guppies are freezing their tails off now.

No matter how I tried to discourage getting new pets, Eric was adamant.

So...behold the new additions to our small family in Macau.

Sea Monkey aquarium, 3 guppies and guppies food. Told Eric no need to buy food for the guppies as I still have my Sea Monkey's food =P As usual, he gave me the "look" and here we are with some Tetra Guppy which enhances colour and growth.

Why 3 guppies? Mum just asked the same question. Coz the guppy seller told us it's best to have ONE male and two females. So typical. So now we have a male guppy with a wife and mistress -_-

It's easy to spot the male as he's the one with the colourful tail. The females look like "longkang"(drain) fish.

Ever heard that three's a crowd? does seem a little crowded in the little aquarium. If the male guppy does his job well and we get many baby guppies...then we'll a bigger home for them.

Until then...I'm crossing my fingers that they'll still be swimming tomorrow.


(( K@Y )) said...

I hear guppies breed like crazy..hehe
It's good that your using what you got, at least those guppies don't grow big...hehe

Tracy said...

Breed like crazy? That's good news coz I'm sure they'll die like crazy too!

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