Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows Of The World, Shenzhen, China

Besides enjoying ice creams in Shenzhen, we managed to visit the famous Windows Of The World.

We stayed in Louhu so we took the metro which only cost RMB5 from Guomao Station all the way to Shijiezhichuang Station. Once you get of the metro...you'll be greeted by the Eiffel Tower.

It was so sunny that day at Windows Of The World. How is it possible to be cold and sunny at the same time 0_o

At the Japanese garden...filled with fake Sakura tree =(

You can even visit traditional Japanese houses but first you gotta understand what the notice is trying to tell you =P

For RMB5, you'll get a packet of food to feed the carps...word of advise...they'll never get full!

Beautiful Taj Mahal...too bad the apartments at the background spoilt the view.Mum hiding under a big tree to escape the hot sun

I look so small in this picture...

Having our cool 3D glasses on for a show. I think it's called Underwater Exploration or something like that. Beware as your chair will shake and you get sprayed with water(hopefully it's clean)...oh...and also tickled by rats 0_o (yes..I screamed)

Visited some Egyptian ruins.

I found an admire who can't wait to give me a kiss...I obliged =P

Sat on a camel. It wasn't easy...Eric had to sit on the camel's hump. I bet it hurts =P

Mini Niagara Falls with the Eiffel tower peeking from the back

I love this pic I took of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro while the sun was setting. Hopefully I can visit the real one someday.

Eiffel Tower at night with a big chandelier hanging like tits ;P

Mini Paris Triumphal Arch. The real one is many many times bigger according to Eric. After Googling it up...I agree. I want to see the real one now.

If you're planning to visit Windows Of The World, you have to be prepared for loads of walking. Of course you can rent a motorized scooter but that's gonna cost of a bit of money.

There are so many structures to visit and some are quite disappointing(very fake tulips in Holland) and some are totally beautiful(Taj Mahal).

Nope...no Petronas Twin Towers there. That was the first thing Mum asked me to find actually. So patriotic =)

All in all, it's quite a boring place...unless you're really interested in such miniatures. They could really improve on the place if they want to attract more tourist...such as proof read their sign boards, have more guards on duty to stop people from spitting and last but not least...have proper restaurants.

Yes...food is very important to us =D

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