Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back Alley Dinner, Macau

In Macau, it's hard to find places to eat where tables and chairs are placed on roads like in KL. Somehow, Eric found one in a old area of Macau. In a back alley no less.

This is the only table which have a roof over it. Everyone one else would be sitting under the stars in the cold. Like us.
No teapot here. Just a plastic jug.

Don't be fooled by my warm smile. It was freaking cold.
But Eric was just wearing his t-shirt without his jacket. I guess having multiple layers of fat helps =P
Rice is served the way they always served it in Macau. In a small bowl with a freaking huge mountain of rice.

Fried oysters with eggs. Not very good as it's too salty. Barely can see the oysters as well. If you can find this place, don't order this.

Fish head with some vege soup. I had one spoon of soup. Didn't like it as it's tasteless and the colour is just so unappetizing.

Beef fried with ginger. Love the ginger but the beef were cut into pieces of various sizes. Since some pieces were super big and some super small...they need to do some QC.

This on the other super yummilicious. Salt and pepper prawns that comes with a head bigger than it's body. Another plus point for this is fried with chillies =)

Beansprout with Chinese sausages. Sausages are super fatty...but that's how we like them!

See how big is the taugeh (beansprout) next to the prawns? Don't know where they get the super huge taugeh from. Okay...the prawns were pretty small but that doesn't mean the taugeh is not big. It's long too =P

It was packed and people have to wait for tables to be available. As usual, have to share tables with strangers when eating in such places in Macau.

This is the kitchen and the man on the right is the chef.

If you're worried about hygiene, maybe you should skip this place when in Macau, that is, if you can find it. We paid MOP160 for dinner which is about RM70. Quite reasonable I guess considering the ambiance but you have to shiver in the cold while having your dinner. And also you'll be eating cold dishes. Every dish gets cold within 5 minutes of arriving on our table. Also...there's no menu.

After dinner, we walked around a little and came across a few roadside stalls selling snacks and desserts. So obviously we had to give it a try =)

Snacks stall. Everything is deep fried so it's super oily.
We got some wanton (dumplings), fish balls and sausages that is stuffed with fish paste. As I said...super oily.
Next to the snacks stall, is the dessert.

Clockwise from left : Black sesame, red bean and barley/soya.

This is the first time I had Chinese desserts that comes with a whole egg with it. A little weird actually. But the desserts were delicious. While we were there, many people came for takeaways. Seems like it's very popular with the locals.

Don't think I wanna go eat at the back alley place again. I rather have McD's.

The dessert on the other worth a special visit =)


Baby said...

why can't they use a bigger bowl? why is the soup so white like tengah cuci ikan.. dip the oyster egg into the soup & it should be with taste.. don't eat too much prawn head, not good.. chinese sausage? i like but i usually remove the skin.. 5 minits to the table? why so long? the deep frieds are SUPER OILY as seen (oily pic). egg in dessert? i guess this isn't new to me coz i've tried so.. McD still the best..

Tracy said...

As for the bowl...I can't answer that question =) That's just the way things are over here.

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