Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Cold Spell

We were just enjoying the warmer days.
Then temperature dipped to below 10 degrees Celsius.
It was so cold I'm all wrapped up like a dumpling again.
Not a pretty sight. But since everyone else looks like dumplings too...I guess I can live with it.

Sad to report that we lost 2 more guppies babies.
I think we're going to lose more if the cold spell continues on like this.
How can guppies survive when humans are freezing their noses off in this temperature?
Yeah...I give them a max of 10 days.

Soon it'll be Chinese New Year. This year, we're going to have the reunion dinner in Macau.
It'll only be Eric, Mum and me.
Last year's celebration was a super big family affair as Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday. And I was super fat as well. Enough said.

Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins are in Sitiawan right now.
There's a part of me that feels sad because I'm not there with them.

My family is one crazy bunch of people but I love being around them.
I bet my aunts are sitting around gossiping, uncles playing mahjong and young cousins playing blackjack. I'm sure Grandma is happy to have everyone back home.
But it can be quite chaotic having about 40 adults and children under one roof.
Imagine the line to use the washroom =P

Family is a wonderful thing to have. I'm here with family, but I do miss my big family back home. I hope they misses us too.


Baby said...

good luck with ur guppies... had my supposed-to-be reunion dinner with my family (we're late). tonight's inlaws side. but i still prefer mine coz i know exactly what i'm eating and wat i can order (food tat i like & mom will make). and i can eat as much as i want.

Anonymous said...

happy chinese new year gal, have a prosperoud and fun-filled year ahead.

i had my reunion lunch and dinner today, after that my mum and sis will fly to China for holidays...

finally some quiet time to reflect on my life perhaps since i was having some personal time during Xmas and New Year.

best wishes!


Tracy said...

Wow...everyone is having so many reunion meals =) We just clean up 2am!

Baby said...

i was still cleaning yesterday coz nobody help... reunion dinner with inlaws.. just came back and now tengah masuk angpow

Tracy said...

We were actually cleaning up the mess me made during dinner at 2am...not the house =P

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