Sunday, January 18, 2009

Whale & Guppies

We crossed the border to Zhuhai again to do some shopping and eating. As things are way cheaper there, it's worth the trouble going through immigration.

First stop was lunch at Whale Restaurant. It's one of our favourite restaurant to eat it. It's packed as usual for lunch but luckily we managed to get a table.

I love roast suckling pig. This one is not too bad. The skin is crispy and tasty. Wish they have a better sauce to go with it and a bigger portion!

I didn't like the spring rolls. The skin is too thick for me and very oily.

This is China's version of "char siew chee cheong fun" The sauce is served separately. Looks so unappetizing doesn't it? Drench it with sauce and it's ain't too bad.

These are not your normal egg tarts. These are bird's nest egg tarts. See those jelly like stuffs? That's the bird's nest. First time I ever heard of such a dim sum. But this is China...anything also can happen.

The tart tasted ok to me. Nothing special at all besides the blob of bird's nest. Eric said it tasted "cheap". I know people can feel 'cheap', things can look 'cheap'...but first time I'm hearing food tasted 'cheap'. Well...there's a first time for everything =)

I have high expectations for this small butter pau.

But was extremely disappointed =( The filling was thick, dry and too sweet. It was supposed to be runny and oozing a yellow yummy paste. And the pau's skin is so hard when it's supposed to be fluffy. Don't ever order this. Definitely a first and the last.

Obviously we had more dishes but it's just a repeat of what we normally order. As usual we had the pigeons (which is a must-have), scrimp dumplings, chicken feet and pork ribs.

When we're done with lunch...time to buy some stuffs. Specifically....more yarn. So that I can knit more scarfs. I know...even Eric thinks so. I'm so overdoing the knitting thingy. But I can't seem to stop as my list of people to knit for keeps getting longer 0_o.

Laden with many balls of yarn, we then move on to food shopping. How can we not when the things in Zhuhai is half the price of what is being sold in Macau?

After much walking around...time for a drink at a cafe facing a super busy main road where car honks are never ending.

The menu is good for a laugh. Luckily they're serving "Fillet Steat" and not "Fillet Teat" =P

They also serve Bacow Sandwiches, Jam Woffles and also Toast with Ga Yan(I'm wondering if they mispelled kaya)

Eric's iced milk tea and Mum's Lemon Coke. Yup...we're having iced drink while sitting outside during winter. I know...we're a weird family.

This is my Iced Magic Coffee. The only magical thing about this drink is that it only appeared in front of me 30 minutes after ordering. Apparently...they are really busy -_- Well...I was pissed off and asked the waitress as how is it possible that they delivered Eric's and Mum's drink 20 minutes already but mine is still pending? She started to repeat the story about how busy they are and there's not even an apology. Crappy service.

Relaxing after my magical coffee arrived. I really like my scarf =)

Update on our guppies. We got them some greenies and some flooring. As if their home is not small enough, we decided to do a little renovation for them.

New plants and pebbles to play with. It looks kinda funny right with the plant above the water? Or maybe we could just say it's artistically revamped =P

I think the guppies like the new additions to their aquarium.

Baby guppies have grown quite a bit since they came into the big scary world. When we first put the plant into their container, they were all hiding in a corner and avoided it. I was telling Eric maybe it's not such a good idea...

I think the plant is scaring them...maybe should take it out...
*looks worriedly at babies*
They haven't seen a plant before since they were born. Of course scared lar -_-

After a little while...the babies were happily playing hide and seek =) They even camouflage very well with the pebbles.

We only have 7 guppies babies left as one died earlier. We also have one baby who kinda lost his tail and swimming weirdly.

I'm really crossing my fingers they'll be able to grow up and not I'm feeding them lots.

Mum thinks the other female is pregnant...maybe we'll have more babies soon =)


Anonymous said...

1 lost its tail & swimming weirdly... 1 died... what did you do to the guppies? pregnant lagi? roasted pig is very fatty lah... dun eat so much...

Anonymous said...

u guys weird lah... so cold still drink cold drinks

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