Friday, January 16, 2009

Sai Se Restaurant, Macau

This Sai Se restaurant is located just off San Ma Lo. Quite hidden in an alley actually. Business is mostly locals and it gets pretty packed during peak hours.

This is how big the restaurant in. Kidding =P There's more tables upstairs.

Very steep stairs and a view of the kitchen at the back.

Some ugly looking fish waiting to be eaten.

There's crabs as well.

How freaky does these fishes look? Cannot believe that such fishes exist.

Not sure if it's a Chinese thing, but in Macau and China...restaurants will privide a pot of hot tea and a plastic container for you to clean your chopticks, spoons, bowls, cups, table cloth & etc before eating. Sometimes if you're too slow...they'll just take away the container and you're stucked without tea drenched cutleries to eat with. They might be clean, they might not. Who knows. So just to be safe...drown them in the hot tea.

Some funky black chicken shark's fin soup.

Really small shark's fin. In China, you'll never know if you're getting the real fin or just some jelly.

These ribs are yummy...juicy and comes with garlics =)

Again...another stir fry vege.

This chicken ain't too bad. Maybe we should hold back on chicken since the bird flu is back.

Small bowl with a mountain of rice.

Some stuffed tofu...I like it but it could do with a stronger sauce.

Yeah...a little tricky trying to eat with such a small bowl with so much rice 0_o

This restaurant is not too bad for Macau's standard. Price is reasonable but definitely not as cheap as Zhuhai.

It's so cold now and blogging about food is making my hungry =(


Baby said...

why put the tofu on ur rice? don't u have a plate to put vegetables? otherwise... mash the tofu together with the rice..

(( K@Y )) said...

Those tofu looks tasty..mmm

Tracy said...

Jolene : Well...the tofu is really soft so I don't wanna move it around too much. It's not possible to mash it with the rice'll just spill everywhere.

Kay : It is tasty...But could be much better =P

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