Saturday, January 10, 2009

Knitting Craze

One day while shopping in Zhuhai, I came across a stall selling knitted scarfs. Since it's winter now, scarfs make a pretty fashion addition to any outfit.

Since I didn't fancy any of the ready knitted ones on sale, I decided to buy the yarn I wanted and knit it myself!

Got myself a ball of yarn and the gal manning the stall taught me how to knit it.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. So I finished knitting my first scarf on the same day.

First scarf I knitted(greyish one in the pic) is for Eric. It's to keep him warm and fuzzy during cold winter days. Once I started knitting...I can't stop. So I knitted him a brown one as well to match his jacket =)

Knitting can be so addictive...just like cross stitching. See how many scarfs I've knitted in just a week?

The soft furry balls come in two sizes. The purple ones only about half the size of the blue ones. Both the scarfs are birthday presents.

This blue one is a for my cousin Melissa who is doing her medical degree in freezing Russia. I hope she likes it.

I've still got two more balls of yarn to knit into scarfs. Mum chose the black one and the pink one is for me.

Can't believe how much I enjoy knitting =) I'm hoping to learn how to knit a sweater someday.

This year, friends and family will be getting knitted scarfs as presents.

I'm not dumb...I know Malaysia is too hot for scarfs. But it might just come in handy for trips to cooler countries or Genting Highlands =P


Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,

Wow, the scarfs looks so nice and fuzzy! Just by looking at the pictures, I can almost feel their softness and warmness.

Kudos! Haha, at the rate you're knitting, I was about to say you can set up your own stall in no time :)

Glad you found another productive and satisfying hobby, way to go girl!


Baby said...

If you do set up a stall, do let me know. I want to be your customer. :D

I once thought of knitting but here in KL? The weather is already so hot.

Tracy said...

What a good idea =)

Maybe I should set up a stall and sell knitted scarfs so people in KL can use them in their freezing cold offices ;P

Regina said...

Tracy dear, if you are really gonna start making and selling knitted scarves, I want one! They are so pretty. And yes, our office IS cold. Brr.. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can explore the option of setting up a virtual store, like on E-Bay maybe...just a suggestion :)


Tracy said...

That's a good idea..maybe I'll set up a BlogShop to sell my scarfs =)

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