Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring Cleaning the Mini Library

Yup...I started cleaning.
Household chores are so not my thing *sigh*
But it had to be done...and I'm proud of myself.
I survived, for now.
We have so much stuffs in there...some of it I never knew we had which is a nice surprise.
Found lots of stuffs that brought me back to the past...bringing back lots of long lost memories.

Also hidden in boxes are soft toys and my collection of McD's Winnie the Pooh and also the McD's Bears.
It was all the crazed back in those days okay.
Now I don't know what to do with them -_-
I have this crazy idea to build small standing shelf to put the small bears.
The bears are couple dressed in costumes...really nice leh.
But where to go buy the stuffs for such a small DIY project lar.
This reminds me of my "kerja kayu" back in highschool.
Wonder where it has disappeared to.
We made a jewellery box if I'm not mistaken and even sew a pink cover for it.
I don't remember throwing my handmade box away...maybe mum did.

Okay...went off topic again.
I then found my lucky trolls =)
Mum bought them for me when I got 7A's in my PMR exams.
No idea why I asked for trolls as they badly need a bath...geez.
That is also when I got an allergy attack for the 1st time in my life.
To celebrate my PMR results, Mum took me for dinner at Victoria Station where I got to order a live lobster as my reward.
The waiter brought the lobster out to say "Hi" before it went into the cooking pot.
It was the yummiest lobster I've ever eaten in my 15 years on Earth!
Cost a bomb back then and it gave me hives -_-
See what I mean about bringing back memories?

Going back even further...I found my 'autograph" books =)
Even as far back as primary school.
I'm sure you 80's babies will remember having one and also scribbling in your friends!
OMG...the things we have in our naive innocent minds back then are hilarious.
You know...there are categories like "Friends", "Best Friends", "Best Best Friends" and the cutest one "Dream girl/boy" =P
For the Dream girl/boy names are revealed BUT there are clues so you can try to guess.
For example : Dream gal/boy = _ _ _ _ _
But normally everyone already know who it is lar ;P

Also in boxes are my old sticker books.
All furry, shiny, glow-in-the-dark (which still glows btw), transparent and scratch-to-smell (no smell already lar) stickers of all sizes are still there.
So are my small collection of stamps =D

I'm still not done with the library...and I've been at it for a few days.
I keep finding stuffs that makes me stop and reminiscent of the good ol' days.
Hope to get it done by next week so I can move on to spring cleaning my room.
It's a bigger mess than the library but at least there'll be less trip down memory lane.

It's gonna be a busy weekend and I can't wait to meet up with friends I haven't seen for a while =D

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Raining

As I type's raining cats and dogs outside.
It was so hot and stuffy earlier so the rain is a much welcomed sight.
Haven't been feeling well since I got home and blamed it on the changed of weather from cold Macau to crazy hot KL.
And finally, I fell super sick yesterday and almost passed out while driving home after a yumcha session.
Before anyone start telling me I should've stayed home instead of having a yumcha session...well...I was feeling not too bad when I left the house.
And Terence was in town mar.
It only got like 100 times worst half way through supper =(
On the way back, I wasn't sure whether to drive slow and suffer longer or drive fast and get home to my bed!!!

Wanted to meet up with OBC gang at the mamak this morning but really cannot make it lar =(
Didn't wanna end up in a ditch somewhere between Putra Heights and Padang Astaka.
And also I didn't wanna sabotage the Astaka Warriors by accidentally passing them the virus that's been bugging me.
Their legs should be running...not their noses!!!
But I'm sure the Astaka Warriors are gonna kick ass tomorrow at the OBC inter platoon event =P

Mum has been busy with CNY stuffs.
And I should really start spring cleaning my room.
Gonna get rid of some clothes and send it for donation.
Reusable stuffs for recycling as gifts =P (Sorry to those who has bdays coming up!)
Rearrange my closet, night table, vanity table and the library (which unfortunately looks more like a storeroom now)
Sell or donate some of my books...need space in the library la.
Decide what to do with all the cds, vcds and dvds that are all over the house (prob get a box and stuff it into the cabinet in the tv room =P)
Suddenly I remembered my shoes.
I love shoes...and have quite a few of them ;P
Have to sort those out as well...

Btw, I love my new haircut.
It's short and kinda sexy (when it was styled by the hairstylist la) =P
Got up this morning and found a mushroom on my head instead O_o
So not the get-out-of-bed sexiness I was hoping for...but I'm the only one who's looking at it anyway -_-
Nothing I can't fix with a comb and I'm still loving it =)

Erm...the rain has stopped.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


One day it's black and then all of a sudden, the colours started appearing again.
One by one, they give me hope.
That everything will be okay.
All that was needed was a little faith and trust that things will work out.
That if it's meant to be, then it is.

Life is full of bumps and potholes.
No matter how you try to avoid them, eventually one will get you.
As they say, it doesn't matter if you fall, what's important is that you get up again.
Bruises will fade eventually, but the lesson better be learnt.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yeah...I know I haven't been blogging much lately.
Totally lost my mojo.
The truth is, I'm going through some major changes in my life.
Said goodbye to 2009 and stepped into 2010 with uncertainties.
So much uncertainties that I can't see beyond a few months from now.

I realized that in life, change is inevitable.
Situation change. People change.
How do I embrace a change which I didn't see coming?
Maybe I've been going through life with my eyes half closed.
Naive and stumbling along.
Now it's time to wake up and face the future head on.

There is no where to hide. Even when I'm scared.
You can't always get what you want and that's life.
I've excepted the fact that there's alot of stuffs that's beyond my control so I've been saying the Serenity Prayer every night.

Serenity Prayer
God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things that I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.

I know it's kinda gloomy for my first post of the year.
I wish things were different but I still believe everything happens for a reason.
Fate can be cruel but life's a bitch too.

I might not be updating very often from now on as I don't want my blog to be filled with my emo ramblings.
It'll be too depressing.
And I can't seem to describe the feelings that's cursing through me.

When the time comes,
when I'm ready,
when I see colours again,
when this feeling stops,
when I'm stronger...
maybe then I can find it again.
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