Friday, October 30, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Trials Week done

Day 5 of Hell Week...I loved it!

Rain, rope, friends, fun & food.

One more session tomorrow and I graduate from bootcamp.
Gonna be a super short post today as I'm heading off to the airport soon.
Hope it rains again for my last day in bootcamp =P

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 11

It was really hard getting up this morning as my bed was so comfy and warm.
The thought of skipping bootcamp today flitted through my mind a couple hundred times.
But I dragged my butt there, just because I want to finish six bootcamp sessions this week,
I know it sounds a little kiasu but I've come this far...only two more sessions to go.
I can't give up now.
Might end up in the hospital for over doing it but I don't give a damn anymore.
I want this quite badly, just to prove to myself that I can.
And to make some people eat their words =P

Went to bootcamp today in my still soaking wet shoes.
Mum was grumbling about the shoes, 'cause they're hers =P
The field was still wet and soggy from all the rain point havng dry shoes afterall.

Today's session was definitely harder than yesterday's.
We were in team of fives and had to pull a long rope to the other end and then flip a freaking heavy tyre about 5 times.
After that, we had do a series of exercises such as squats, jack knives, push ups and plank holds while waiting for our teammates to complete their turn.
Yes, we had to pull the rope and flip the tyre alone.
I had a really hard time with the tyre.
It was so muddy and I couldn't get a good grip on it.
Vanessa told me to use my legs but they were so wobbly from the squats and stuffs *sigh*
By having two Chongs in our team, guarantee can hear lots of encouragement coming from them...even if you're 50 feet away =) 

After all that sexy mud exercise, we moved on to my worst fear.
Running =(
With sand bags *faints*
We had to run three approx. 200 meters laps and then do thrusts, push ups, sit ups and squats...with sand bags.
Then repeat with the running again.
It reminded me of my first day of bootcamp where I almost puke and gave up =(

This is how my bootcamp t-shirt looks like after today's training.

I'm also really sorry for the 10 grunts you guys had to do because I walked when I was supposed to be running or at least jogging.
I did try my hardest but running is a struggle.
I will try harder, I promise.

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Trials Week cont.

The bunch of us made it through the 3rd day of Hell Week.
Three more days to go.

It was raining the whole day so we were hoping to train under the rain.
Was still drizzling when I left the house...but it cleared up when I reached the field -_-
Rotten luck.

Turn out for bootcamp was pretty good today.
A total of 28 recruits, half were seniors =P
The field was super wet with puddles of water everywhere.
I tried to avoid the mud and water as much I could but it was a lost cause lar.
At the end training, I was soaked from head to toe, panties included.

Did alot of sprinting and jumping around.
Followed by lots of abs exercise with complimentary sound effects coming from Bev.
Her gruntings and moanings probably scared the new recruits. Squirrels too =P sounded nothing like sex okay...more like someone being skinned alive!

Went to mamak after bootcamp as usual.
Was super hungry so I had 2 half boiled eggs, maggi goreng and a can of 100 Plus.
And wanted more food!
I couldn't stay long to chat with the gals today as Mum was waiting for me to pick her up from University Hospital which was just down the road.
I dropped her off before bootcamp so she could visit a family friend who just had stem cell transplant to treat leukemia.
Sadly, according to Mum, he's not doing too well =(
Hopefully, he'll be able to pull through soon as he's been in the hospital for a year already.
Makes me feel sad to see how this is affecting Mum.
He's one of her oldest and dearest friend.

As Mum didn't have dinner while at the hospital, took her for bak kut teh.
I ate a little lar...cannot resist bak kut teh =P

I'm so excited...Eric will be back in a couple of days and I have so many things I need to do.
Have to clean my room, change the bedsheets...make myself pretty =P

Now...the countdown begins to Eric's arrival and then to bootcamp graduation!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 10

And it's unofficially known as Hell's Week instead of Trials Week =P

Slept only four hours last least it's better than 2 hours.
Woke feeling a little sore here and there, must've pushed myself more than I expected yesterday.
Still...I ended up going for bootcamp this morning.
Don't know how I survived it.
Doing 2 sessions in a 12 hours period is crazy.
Bev, Kevin, Kenny, Suanie, Megaa and I...the gungho recruits who're going all out to survive Hell's Week.
Lol...I might just chicken out tomorrow's evening session =P

Today's bootcamp started out with a relay.
Again being in 2 ranks for the workouts.
Rank 1 had to run, do two push ups, run back and repeat.
Rank 2 did planks while waiting for Rank 1 to finish.
Push ups and planks was substituted with thrust and jack knife holds after that.
I gotta work harder on my plank hold...super hard man and my butt was still sticking up.

Then we moved on to stations workouts.
And I'm going to bitch.
So not in the spirit of bootcampness but what happened drove me nuts!

I was so unfortunate to have this lady next to me.
Damn it pissed me off real bad.
Not that I don't appreciate people cheering me on to push harder, I totally love it when my teammates shouts encouragement.
It spurs me on to finish something I thought I can't achieve.

This person irritated me to no end.
The only reason I was sprinting fast from the last station to the first was to bloody get away from her yapping away.
Please lar...there were only 6 stations jumps, seal jumps, thrust, another jumping thingy, mountain climbers and grunts.
So hard to remember is it?
Fuck man..everytime we changed station, she gotta ask what are we supposed to do.
Hello?? Open your eyes and watch what the team next to us are doing lar.
She asked me so many times and I got so fedup...eventually I just ignored her.

Not too mention she was super annoying...we were supposed to run to the next station but I was super tired already so I brisk walk.
She then went "Raise your arms up and act like you're running" think the trainers are blind that they're looking at your hands instead of your legs to see if you're running?
Wanna cheat also cheat smarter lar.
And she kept saying the same thing to me over and over again. Wtf?
Wanted to tell her to shut the fuck up but I was running out of breath.
And I was walking to the next station, she even grab my arm and said "Come on...faster!"
Excuse've already pissed me off real bad and the last thing I want is any physical contact.
And it's rude to pull someone.
If you see me sporting a pissed off face instead of a grateful one...leave me alone.

You do your stuffs and I do mine.

If anyone saw my pissed off face and I totally didn't smile or make eye contact, I'm very sorry.
At that moment, it took all my strength to refrain from kicking the idiot.
Okay...I've finished being a bitch.

On a more serious note, found out at mamak after bootcamp that my new bootcamp friend has a muscle disorder, Muscular dystrophy.
He's young, he's energetic, obviously an over achiever and he's super nice.
You'll never guess he's harboring such a painful disease.
And yet, he's going about life with so must gusto...even doing gruelling bootcamp when it's obviously hurting him.
It's just going to get harder for him with time.
Unfortunately, at this moment, there's no cure for this desease.
No way to slow it down.
I hope God will help make the journey less painful for him and his family.
Stay strong my friend. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Trials Week

Trials week just started today and there's two more sessions.
I was happily lazing around watching tv when I received Bev's sms that some of them are going for bootcamp this evening.
And asked me if I wanna go O_O
We have bootcamp tomorrow morning and they wanna go for a session this evening?
Crazy to the max lar.

Yup, I'm crazy too because I actually went!
We only had 2 trainers today, Sarge Sim and Lance Corporal Daniel.
And there were less than 20 recruits.
Many of them seniors who came for the fun of it =P
If we go for all 3 trials days and also keep up with our actual bootcamp training, that will be 6 sessions in a week!!! *faints*

Anyway, the less people in a group, the more attention you get.
So hard to slip in a cheat...the moment you slack a little, you'll have Sarge or Daniel by your side.
But I actually enjoyed today's session.
I found that I could run pretty well in the evening.
No idea what happens to me during morning runs which leaves me breathless with the urge to puke.
As we were doing jack knives towards the end of the session, it started to drizzle a little.
We were hoping for it rain...but it didn't.
Just little drops of water and that's it -_-

As usual, after bootcamp, mamak time.
We're now regulars at Ali Berkat =D

Anyone who is intersted to have a taste of bootcamp, come and join us this week.
Trials week is free and there are two more sessions on Wednesday and Friday at 6.45pm @ Padang Astaka.
Check out for more info.

Food, Friends & Hooyah

On Saturday, I had my first bootcampers party.
It was at Robson Heights Condo right opposite Thean Hou Temple in Seputeh.
To make sure I won't get lost, I went through Google maps countless times and even wrote down the directions on paper.
And made sure I'm on the road way before sunset.
Yes, kinda anal but beats getting lost in the dark and miss my first party with new friends =P

Obviously I got there in one piece and was the first to arrive.
Played with Megaa's kitty cat Bobby while waiting for the rest.
Bev came next and scared Bobby =(
But she snapped some really cute pics of Bobby...will post it up once I get the pics from Bev.

Suanie brought this cake. Isn't it just awesome? This is the most decent and innocent pic of the cake. After we got our hands on it, any pics taken must be censored =P There are a few equipments lying around (rifle, rope, tyres, cones). Just use your imagination!

It was a potluck party, so I was having trouble deciding what I should bring.
Since these are bootcampers, I thought they'll be health concious and only wanted low fat healthy food.
I even consulted Eric on food choices =)
Running out of options, I tried my luck by asking Suanie, "Pizza or KFC?"
I ended up getting 2 large pizzas from Pizza Hut =P
The rest brought KFC(yay!), satay, cupcakes, fried rice, potato salad, chips, carbonated drinks, beer, roast chicken and not forgetting the cake.

The funny thing is...all of us had bootcamp training in the morning but they're still talking about bootcamp all night at the party =P
At one point Corporal Faizal even got down and show us what is a 'crocodile walk'.

It was really nice getting to know everyone at a more relaxed setting where we're not in our bootcamp t-shirt with messy hair and sweating all over.
Just chilling out by the poolside with a Chinese cemetary nearby which Megaa used to spooked us about the toilet. was a little creepy but not that scary as I can hear everyone outside talking and laughing loudly while in there.
Sharon was pretty scared so I had to accompany her to the toilet.
Mi Lin and I then tried to freak her out by making scary noises =P
Okay...I better be nice in case I don't get invited to anymore parties!

Hugs to Suanie for inviting me to the bootcamp senior's party (though I'm still a newbie)...I had fun =)
Thanks to Megaa for being such a great host eventhough we had to climb the stairs back to ground level when the elevator didn't want to move with all of us squeezed inside =P
Many hugs to the rest for being such great company.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 9

It's Bring-a-Friend Day and the end of Week 3.
None of my friends that I asked wanted to come =(
Just as well though 'cause I was feeling a little sick this morning.
Felt like puking before, during and after bootcamp.
I still feel like puking now.

I went to Bootcamp this morning with less than 2 hours of sleep last night.
Was wide awake until I finally dozed off after 4am.
Must be the caffeine I loaded into my body during dinner.

Woke up with a queasy feeling in my tummy.
Thought it'll get better after I had my toast.
It didn't.
So I thought maybe the toast needed sometime to settle in so I drove to Padang Astaka.
It still didn't get any better.
Thought maybe warming up will get my adrenaline pumping and feel better.
It didn't.
I should've stopped after warm up.
'Cause I felt like puking all the way through training.
And today was all about running.

The platoon today was big as many recruits brought friends.
We were split into 2 groups, the Guns & Rifles =P
And had to do a progressive team thingy.
Teams were given about 9 items each which includes sand bags, backpacks, huge tyres, water container, a heavy rope and even a stretcher with sandbags in it.
We had to pick up one item and run about 100meters and make sure the whole team crossed the check point.
Then we have to run back 100meters to pick up the 2nd item without putting down the 1st item.
Do the math, that's alot of running back and forth!!!

Obviously lighter items gets picked up first and the heavy tyres were left last.
Got 3 tyres okay.
The guys in my team did a great job with the tyres.
After all the items were picked up, we have to put them back one by one again.
Repeating the whole cycle in reverse.
Yup, more running =(

Was feeling so sick during the runs so all I could help out was with the smallest item, the sandbag.
I did one lap with the sandbag...which I'm still not sure how I managed it.
After that...all I could focus on was to not puke and not let my teammates down.
Damn paiseh to puke in front of so many people lar...some more so many 1st timers.

Some of the recruits' friends did extremely well.
Even better than me!
Shy only... least I'm getting better at my push ups =)

After bootcamp we headed to the mamak as usual.
But I could barely eat my thosai.
Took a few bites and felt like puking again =(

Not a good bootcamp day for me.
Shall head to bed and sleep till it's time for the pool party tonight.
Hopefully by then I'll be okay *fingers crossed*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 8

Remember how I was half dead on Day 1?'s training left me right on heaven's (maybe hell's, can't tell the difference anymore in bootcamp) door.
When I got to the field this morning after only 3 hours of sleep (yeah...again), saw team Alpha (5.45am session) just getting off and no one was smiling.
Usually they're kinda all pumped up with lots of "Hi" and "Bye", but today, they looked totally out of it.
And then we found out why...
Everyone had a backpack strapped on =(

The backpacks were 6,8 and 12kgs I've been told.
Rangers gets 6kgs while the rest goes to Seals and Deltas.
6 kgs is heavy alright, I can't imagine how Deltas survived today's training.

It's nuts. It's hardcore. It almost made me cry.
Doesn't help that we have to put our water bottles in our backpacks.
That's adding another 1 kg damn it.
Then we had to walk, jog and sprint all around the field.
Yes, with the backpack on all the time.
Even did squat jumps and push ups with it.
I almost gave up.
It totally pushed me further (almost over the edge) than I expected Bootcamp to.
So far, this is the hardest Bootcamp training day ever for me.
Now I can say I survived, literally.

We didn't have any water breaks (our water bottles were in the backpacks lar) and that drove me nuts.
All I could think of was "I need water...I need water...I fucking need water!!!" I asked Corporal Jon if I could have some water while my rank was doing push ups.
Maybe I looked pale or was about to pass out...and he said okay...even helped me to get my bottle from my backpack =P
So sweet of him *hugs*
That totally saved me from dropping dead right next to my teammates.

I don't remember how many rounds did we circle the field.
Maybe 3 or 4 times I reckon.
And the field is freaking huge.
I'm so glad that is over...never ever want to see that backpack again!

After all that, we still had to do a plank (I think that's what it's called).
We had to get down on the ground then support our body on toes and forearms.
For 2 freaking minutes.
The idea is to make our body resemble a plank.
Which is straight lar from head to legs.
But it's so hard to do...I had my butt sticking up most of the
It's kinda a little cheat but soon Corporals came around and push my butt back down =(
Those who fall on their knees and stomach had to do grunts.
And nobody likes grunts.
If you do, something is very very very wrong with you!

I still can't believe I did it.
Seemed so impossible and yet I proved that it is possible.
Even for someone like me.

Maybe...this is not my limit.
Maybe...I could be better.
Maybe...chasing a rainbow is not impossible too =P

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 7

This is Week 3. time flies.

This morning is the first time since bootcamp started that I didn't want to get out of bed.
Just didn't feel up to it.
In the end, I did drag my lazy ass to the field.
Wearing my new knee length black tights.
Yup, finally I got it...super cheap as well at RM19.90 =)

Bootcamp today was all about a giant obstacles course.
We had to go through all the obstacles with a partner.
All of us did frog jumps, mountain climbers, squat jumps, push ups with hand claps, sandbag squat thrust, sit ups with rifle passing, jumping jacks, push and pull rifle, normal sit ups, jack knives with sandbag, flipping tyre, king kong push ups and some jumping leg switch thingy (I don't know what it's called lar)

I think we did about 3 cycle of the whole course.
Super tiring  but it was fun as you're not stuck doing the same obstacle for too long.
Sargeant Sim even commented that my push ups are getting better =D

Saturday would be Bring-a-friend day.
I've asked a couple of people if they wanna come with me for Bootcamp.
I'm not hopeful though.

Again today someone said I look 21 and still studying in college *blush*
I must be aging backwards! Lol...
The funny thing about meeting new people are always their reaction when they find out things about me.

List of little facts that make my new friends go "Really.....???"
1. I'm not working o_o
2. I'm married O_o
3. I'm almost hitting 30 years old O_O
4. And today, they found out I'm the only child in my small family *o*

So yup...really. Why would I wanna lie about these things anyway? 
Hmm...come to think of it, No.1-3 would most likely conjure up the image of an "auntie" and I so don't look like one!

Well, I'm going to enjoy all the compliments while I could still get them voluntarily =)
Yes, even us women need an ego boost now and gives us a glow that guys find oh-so irresistable =P

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Birthday and A Full Moon

Happy 50th Birthday to Aunt Serene!!!

Melaine did a great job in organizing the party at Unique Seafood Restaurant in PJ last night.
It was nice to have a private room so we could make all the noise we want and it comes with karaoke =P
With many of the older generation are in their 50's and a few hitting 50 soon, requests were made for super old songs.
Theresa Teng's songs were sang twice =)

The birthday cake with 5 fat candles. Told Melaine she should have brought 50 small ones instead ;P

First course was Australian lobster with prawns cooked in a tasty broth on the table. This is my fav dish of the night. Wish there was more of the lobster to go around as I had just 2 small pieces...I want more!!! Preferably, one whole lobster to myself =P

Then came the giant bamboo clam. It's huge O_O Eventhough it's so big, it's not hard nor chewy. Surprisingly tender and I love it as it came drenched in garlic =)

Next was braised sea cucumbers with prawns, scallops and broccoli. I think it's kinda ridiculous that the sea cucumbers were served whole. After we all had a good long look at the cucumber, it was then snipped with scissors into bite size. I bet it was a pretty uncomfortable sight for the guys ;P

We had more courses but by then I was too busy with the karaoke and didn't snap anymore pics of food.
If I remember correctly, there were fish, chicken, crabs, noodles with lobster and some yummy dessert.
By the end of the night, the adults were obviously tired of listening to us kids (yes, I'm still one!) singing our hearts out, admittedly sometimes out of tune.
But that's the fun of karaoke isn't it?
To sing out of tune and not get laugh at because everyone else ain't much better!
I hope Aunt Serene had a blast at her birthday because I did =)

On Saturday, I dressed up, put on some makeup and sprayed on my fav perfume to go meet a cute little guy.

Baby Braxton is a full one month old and as cute as ever.

He has grown quite abit since I last saw him 3 weeks ago.
Braxton slept through most of his party and only got up to drink milk for a while.
I didn't even get to play with him as he had so many admires that night =(

Customary red eggs. I know they don't look red in the pic but they are red. Trust me. You know what they say about eating baby's fullmoon red I ate two =D

Lots of balloons for the party...

Braxton is so going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up...can't wait for him to grow bigger and start calling me "che che" while flashing those cute little dimples of his =)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 6

Happy Deepavali =)

It's a public holiday and our platoon obviously had more AWOLs today.
That cost us 40 grunts as punishment *faints*

The hardest part today was probably the tire run.
We were split into 3 groups.
Each had a huge ass tire which we must carry (not touching the ground) in a group around the field.
Everyone in the group had to stay within 3 meters of the tire.
My group kinda had a member falling behind so we had to stop and do 10 grunts as penalty =(
At the last few meters, a recruit of ours couldn't run anymore, and she got carried back to the finish line by 2 strong guys.
That's teamwork alright.
Makes me feel so good to have them as teammates <3
You know they'll have your back when you need it.
In the end, we came in 2nd, which saw us getting down and doing 15 grunts more!

Then we went into a relay of grunts, push ups, sit ups and T-lifts.
Learnt 2 new variations of exercises today.
The King Kong push up and the Monk sit up =P
Well, the King Kong push up is just like a normal military push up but when you're up, you gotta hit a fist to your chest.
The hard part is supporting your body during the chest beating.
Do it fast and you'll look like King Kong!

Monk sit up is even easier.
Lie down on the ground and then join your feet by bending the knees.
Legs will be in the shape of a diamond.
Stretch both arms up and clasp hands above head.
Arms should be pressed against ears.
Then do a sit up without moving the arms.
How I wish there's someone who could take a pic of the whole platoon on the ground in their Monk position =P
I'm sure we look kinda rediculous =P

At one point, we were doing jumping jacks.
We were in 3 ranks, Rangers, Seals and Deltas.
It's kinda hard just jumping around in one spot so it's no suprised that the ranks are not in a straight line.
I was jumping jumping jumping and then I heard Sargeant Sim shouting "Seals, get back in rank. Don't wander around!!!"
That got me cracking
Okay...I have a weird sense of humour...but that was funny right?
I was picturing real cute baby seals wandering around and Sarge shouting at them...they'll probably just wiggle their whiskers and give him a wtf look =P

Anyways, two weeks of bootcamp went by really fast.
I can't believe I stuck with it.
I'm sure many people were surprised that I even considered joining Bootcamp.
Well...I surprised myself too!
I'm glad I didn't give up after the super duper hard 1st day where I almost puke.
I feel so much better health wise as now I could run quite a bit and not run out of breath.
I can even do a couple of push ups on toes!!!
It just feels so good to be out in the field so early...makes you feel healthy just standing there breathing in the cool morning air.
My only peev are the ugly red spots that I get all over my legs and hands =(
And they're starting to itch so at the moment...calamine lotion to the rescue.
Other than the little side annoyance of red bumps and sore muscles, Bootcamp is great!

The best part are the new friends I met.
Definitely the highlight of Bootcamp =D
If I would to consider joining for another month, it would be because of the people. Sargeant and Corporals included of course.
Without them, doubt it would be half as fun.

So, after 6 days of Bootcamp...besides getting my fitness level up and feeling happier, I've also managed to bring the inches down by a teeny weeny bit.

Measured in centimeters
Waist = 3cm
Hips   = 2 cm
Thigh = 1 cm
Arm   = 2 cm
Bust   = 3 cm *sighhhhh*

In total, I lost 11cms....which is a good start I supposed.
Unfortunately, my boobs seem to be shrinking as well =(

Next measurement will be taken after I graduate from Bootcamp at the end of the month.
By then, hopefully more inches had melted away and I could welcome Eric home in a smoking hot bod ;P

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 5

Didn't feel like waking up for Bootcamp today as I my menstrual cycle decided to kick into gear right before bed time =(
Feeling tired and lethargic.
But I did make myself go...decided to not push myself too hard in case I really do drop dead in the middle of the field.
Turns out that many other woman recruits are having their menstrual as well this week so it was a lively topic right before warm up =)
I think we grossed out some of the guys with all the bloody talk so early in the morning!

Today we did alot of strength and agility exercises.
Not much cardio and some of the seniors found the lack of intensity unsatisfying so they went running after bootcamp O_o
Lots of push ups today which I still suck at.
Never knew there were so many kinds of push ups actually.
Diamond, wide, shoulder and military which is the most common one.

We also had to run like monkeys and bears.
I'm sure we all looked kinda rediculous running around like our wild furry friends.
At one point, we even had to crawl on our knees and elbows.
And that will bring us to the picture of the day....

My poor knees protested with some angry red and painful bumps. Got myself lots of small little scratches and cuts too =(

As the intensity wasn't high at today's training, I find it just right for me.
A little hard so I need to push myself but not too hard till I feel as if I'm literally dying.
In my opinion, it's good to have some really hardcore days and some slow days.
I'm just glad today I didn't have to run much =)
Best part was when we got to lie on our backs...looking at clouds while doing sit ups and legs lifts.

After all that hard work, I better end up with a flat tummy, tight butt and some really sexy legs!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just a Wednesday

My day didn't start out good.
I was asleep by 12am again but I woke up a few hours later.
Had trouble going back to sleep so I ended up watching tv.
Finally went off to la-la land again about 4ish.
Only to be woken up by a nightmare not long after.

I don't dream often (tho I might not realized it happened) so the nightmare seemed very real.
It was very disturbing and I had tears in my eyes when I woke up.
I dreamt that Eric fell in love with another girl (while still married to me lar).
And she sells "chap fan"(economy mixed rice) in a coffeeshop somewhere.
What shocked me the most was that she's a typical ah lian.
OMG...he fell in love with an ah lian!!!
How can I lose to that? O_O
And they were conversing in mandarin (that should've been a clue that this was a dream as Eric's mandarin

Maybe he likes a woman who can cook? (I assumed she cooked the dishes for the chap fan okay)
I don't remember what dishes were available (no time to notice unnecessary details) but she wasn't close to being as pretty or hot as me (yes, I can be very vain) =P
Caught him red handed at the chap fan stall...being lovey dovey and all.
And happily eating her chap fan smiling like an idiot.
I woke up right after that scene.
It was too much...the heartache and betrayal felt so real till I cried.
Maybe it's a sign from above that I should really really start learning how to cook -_-

I smsed Eric and told him bout my nightmare 'cause it kinda freaked me out.

Me : Darling, I had a nightmare. Dreamt u fell in luv wit a gal that sells chap fan.
Eric : funny,a gal that sells chap fan.Next time dream lar models or something.

Such nice comforting words from my wonderful hubby -_-

Anyways, headed off to Subang Parade in the afternoon to continue my search of the elusive pants for Bootcamp.
Couldn't find any that I like.
Ended up getting a pair of fake eyelashes and the Tarot card kit =)
Hopefully I'll be able to learn how to read the Tarot cards.
It looks easy and hard at the same time.
I'm a little confused now.
So maybe all I need is more practise.

Had half boiled eegs for dinner. High in protein which is just what blood type O people needs =)

Yesterday, caught up with a friend I knew since primary school.
It has always been so easy chatting with him eventhough we don't see each other often.
We just kinda pick up where we left off.
He just got out from a long distance relationship as the time apart was causing lots of stress for both of them.
I know what that feels like.
Two people far apart trying to build a future together.
It's hard and it's tiring.
It takes a lot of sacrifices.

Talking to him, I feel a lot better about myself.
The decisions I had to make, he understands.
Ever since I decided to quit  my job, I had to deal with alot of hurtful comments and unsolicitated opinions.
I've learnt to ignore them but it still gets to me once in a while.
This friend of mine, he really understands.
We see things the same way.
He agrees that it's the right thing to do.
It feels so good to have reassurance (besides Eric's because he's always on my side no matter what)
He even said that he wants to look for a gal like me to be his girlfriend =)
That's a very sweet compliment isn't it? *blush*

Hmm...maybe he doesn't know what an emo creature I am when he said that....*shhhhh* ignorance is bliss =P

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : Day 4

This is Week 2 of bootcamp.
Let's start off with food =)

Pork noodles for brunch...wish I had a juicy beef burger instead but this will do after today's training.

Before Bootcamp, a few of us were chatting and the topic of food came up.
I told them I can't live without meat.
Hate vegetables.
Sashi then asked me what's my blood group 'cause apparently it affects preference for types of food.
She said type O people needs meat and will grow fat if we ate
And all four of us there this morning are O's =P

So I went and google it.
Seems that a guy named Dr. Peter D'Adamo came up with his book called Eat Right 4 Your Type.
Well, I'm not sure how true his theories are as it's kinda hard to prove this sort of thing isn't it?
I'm sure there are monks out there with type O blood.

Anyways, it says that type O are meat eaters as we need a diet high in protein *yippee!!!*
I pity type A though as they're supposed to be vegetarians.
But I guess if you're type A you wouldn't be craving for meat like us type O's =P
Have a look at as it has a simple list what food each blood type should eat or avoid if they're trying to lose weight.
I guess no harm trying...I can have all the meat I want anyway!

Okay...I got sidetracked again...back to bootcamp...
Believe it or not, I went to sleep BEFORE 12am last night!!!
What an achievement =)
Well...the secret is, wake up at 10am eventhough I slept at 5am in the morning.
Definitely exhausted throughout the day but resist taking naps.
Then when it's about 10pm...will drop dead =D
Bootcamp feels different after so many hours of sleep.
I was hyper when I got to the padang but that feeling soon fade away...

Again, today we did lots of squats, running, jumping, and sit ups.
Surprisingly, not that many push ups.
We also flapped like seals, jump like jacks and frogs, hug like a bear and even did a penguin O_o
Maybe when it rains then we'll swim like dolphins in the mud =D

First half of bootcamp today involved partnering up and going through various exercises with intervals of short sprints and water breaks.
Second half we were given sandbags (quite heavy man) and run with it.
Tempted to fling the sandbag at some annoying was too heavy though.
Didn't have the strength anymore to even walk much less fling it a few feet.
No doubt will get punished as well if I did that.
What kind of stupid excuses can I give for attemping to get someone else to help carry my sandbag on their head? =P

Now that Sargeant Sim knows my name, I keep hearing it on the field.
Kinda stress lar because I know he's watching and I can't cheat =(
Of course cheating it bad but when you're exhausted, the mind tends to get sneaky.

Well...among all the exercises today, I prefer squats and sit ups.
Less tiring and I'm sure those muscles from squats will come in handy when Eric's home ;P

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mission Failed

Made a trip to Pyramid today to get a pair of knee length workout pants for Bootcamp.
Came back with lots of stuffs, but not the pants.
Who knew such pants was so freaking expensive?
The cheaper ones are for indoors as the fabric is kinda delicate.
Sorta for yoga and not bootcamp.
Those hardy ones where the fabric won't tear easily when I go jumping and rolling around in grass are rediculously priced.
Okay...I admit, I was in Nike =P

Found some super cheap ones in Jusco but the only size they have is XS =(
Come way I can squeeze into that teeny little pants even after months of bootcamp lar. 
So...mission failed.

Lets see, what I came home with instead.
I finally had McDonald's and got my Grey Coke glass.
Got sunblock for Bootcamp (it doesn't get pretty sunny midway through our training)
Contact lens to make my eyes alluring =P
And some clothings for Eric (see darling, it's not always for me!)

Was in MPH and so tempted to get some books and a Tarot card kit!
Also saw some lovely lingerie (is it me or are lingerie getting more and more expensive these days?)

Wish I had more time to shop but we wanted to beat the after work rush hour.
Driving around in the Klang Valley seriously gets on my nerves.
So many idiotic drivers being let loose on the roads to drive me nuts!!!
It's damn stress just to drive from Putra Heights to Sunway and back.
Must've added a few wrinkles to my forehead today.
I curse the most when I'm driving...can't help it...I wish my car is equipped with a bazooka that I could fire at those idiot drivers.

Okay...enough bitching.
Gotta go get dinner and then try to sleep early for Bootcamp tomorrow!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Raya Open House

Aunt Helena had her Hari Raya open house last night and as usual, I stuffed myself silly.

Only once a year lar...and now I'm in Bootcamp (need my carbs okay)
Lol...I so don't feel guilty being a glutton =P

Me & Melaine ended up wearing the same t-shirt in different colours =D

Yummilicious nasi briyani with beef rendang, ayam masak merah and chicken rendang. I can eat just the rice by itself, yes, it's that good!

Next up...warm, soft and fragrant lemang all the way from Melawati. It was freshly taken out of the bamboo it was cooked in which makes it more yummy.

Lookie what we have of my fav...smells so good there's no way I could resist it *drool*

Ribs...oh yummy ribs. Since I was already full from all the rice, lemang and rendang, gnawing and licking at the ribs is good enough for me =P

I was so sleepy after eating so much, I almost fell asleep among the gossips.
And we only got home close to midnight O_o
Ahhhh...but no regrets, food is my reward for completing week 1 of Bootcamp!


...on my poor legs

OMFG...So many red spots!!!

Woke up this morning to find these red spots all over my knees and thighs area.
It can't be mosquito bites as they don't itch.
I don't know what happened =(
But I'm suspecting it's the grass from Bootcamp!
I've always had somewhat sensitive skin but it has never crossed my mind that I'm sensitive to freaking grass.
Smeared Dettol cream on the spots but they're still here.
At least they're not multiplying *touch wood*
Hope they go away soon.
Don't want strangers to look at me as if I have some skin disease -_-

And my butt hurts.
Not in a good way.
My body is also starting to ache all over again.
All this pain better be worth it man.

For now...I want the spots to go away.
And if only the bodyache will go with them *sigh*

p.s. Shall go get myself a pair of workout pants that covers my knees
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