Friday, February 27, 2009

I Did It!

First of all...I did it!

Yup...I went to the hair salon today and got myself a bob.

My is short.

When I was shampooing my hair in the shower just now, it felt really weird.
Like I don't have an hair at all.
Which is freaky.
But I really think I'm going to save a lot on shampoo money with this hairstyle.

It's so different.
I hope Eric doesn't get a shock when he sees it.
I'm sure many of my friends will be =)

But I like it.
Makes me a kid again =P
Mum says it makes me look smaller.
As if I'm that big to start with -_-

I'm so looking forward to Saturday.
There's going to be a mini primary school reunion.
OMG...I haven't seen some of these people for like 15 years!
That's a super long time.
Thanks to Facebook...I know how some of them looks like now.
It's going to be an interesting gathering...I'm so excited =D

A couple of days back, Mum and I bravely went to the Jusco member's day sale in Mid Valley Megamall.
The scene there is utter madness.
There were people everywhere with no room to breathe!
Shoes were flying of the shelves.
Lingerie bought in a frenzy.
Even baby diapers are leaving in trolley loads.
Talking about a slump in the economy!

Luckily, before we joined the shopping frenzy, we had a little lunch.
Mum chose this little place located at the lower ground where Mid Valley and The Gardens met.
I believe it's called Pulau Ketam Yong Tau Foo.

There's a wide variety of yong tau foo to choose from.

We took a set which consist of 5 pieces of yong tau foo, cheong fun and chrysanthemum tea for RM8.90

There are many other eateries around us, but the one with the most customers would be this yong tau foo stall.

I would say the yong tau foo is pretty good value for money.
The pieces are quite reasonable in size and tasted pretty good.
Can see why they have a long queue all the while we were there.
Anyways, we did managed to buy some stuffs in Jusco eventhough we were having trouble breathing.

And I also got myself a pair of new shorts from MNG.'s black.
So now I own 4 pairs of black shorts 0_o

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Blur

Past few days...was a blur.
I was doing this...doing that...and doing nothing.

The most fun was going to Gabriel's house warming.
In Setia Alam.
Which is in the middle of nowhere.
And you have to pay many tolls to get there.
Thank goodness Boon Koon gave me a lift =)
Lots of food, lots of laughing and lots of fun.
After knowing them for so many years, I still think they're nuts.
Utterly nuts!

With all the doing this and doing that, I haven't stitched for days.
Somehow, I'm not in the mood to stitch.
Maybe 'cause I just got a new book.
It's a tough choice between a good book or stitching.
The book won this time.

Even when I'm unemployed, I feel like there's not enough hours in a day.
I get sidetracked pretty often which is a bad thing.
I need to make a list.
To prioritized.
My room is a mess.
The so called library room is a mess.
I need a haircut.
Nicholas said I should opt for a bob.
I'm giving it some serious consideration.
Not sure how Eric will react to me sporting a short style.
So I'm still considering it.

I know there's some other stuffs that I need to get done.
But I can't remember what now.

Oooohhh...I'm still drooling over the Nokia E71.
I'm hoping that the price will drop soon *cross fingers & toes*

I'm exhausted.
Need more sleep.
'Cause everything is a blur now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Prayer

When 2009 came along recently, it signifies a new beginning for many.
Those who had bad luck in 2008 hopes 2009 will bring a change to their fortune.

But to some, 2009 is a still a living nightmare.
And it has affected me greatly.

We've been receiving news after news of people we know falling ill.
Not with the common flu.
Or persistent cough.
But with cancer.

I've known many who passed away due to cancer.
A distant relative.
A friend's mother.
A former highschool mate.

I also know many who has beaten the disease bravely and we are fortunately to have them around today.

What has kept me awake late at night thinking and pondering, are the people I know who are undergoing treatment for cancer at the moment.

There's no cure for cancer.
There's surgery, chemo, medication and lots of faith.
But there's no cure.
Once you have cancer, there's always a possibility of a relapse.

I usually say a prayer to ask God for things that I want to come true.
Like getting good grades in exams.
Or the guy that I fancy.
Even for a present I'm drooling over.

Actually, I say a prayer when I'm scared.
And there's no one who could help me but God.
I may not be a devout Christian.
I can't remember the last time I set foot in a church for mass.
I haven't been baptized.
I don't know how to say a proper prayer.
I still don't know what's the difference between the many kinds of Christians out there.

But I do know when I feel lost.
Or scared. Or when I need a miracle.
I'll say a prayer.

And that's why I've been saying a prayer (in my own non proper way of course!) every night before I sleep.
I'm asking God to help people I know get better.
To not let cancer take them away so soon.

I hope God heard my prayers.
'Cause it's all in His hands now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 3

ABC Baby Afghan Update 2
ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

My arm is now feeling numb from stitching too much.
And I think I'm falling sick =(

Pics colours are not really nice as I took them in my room at night with the lights on.
Hence the shadows.

"L" for sweet love <3

Cute little shy Mouse for "M".

"N" is just green.

A purple Owl perching on an "O"

"P" for Piggy

I think the "Q" turn out pretty nice in purple.

And a simple pink "R"

I'm currently working on the alphabet "S".
If I'm not too sick tomorrow, perhaps I'll be able to finish "S" and move on to the next alphabet.

I need some cuddles.
Maybe it is love sick.


I'm literally melting in this super hot KL weather.

There's a teeny weeny little bit of me that misses the super cold winter in Macau now.

It's no fun hiding out at home sitting under the fan....and still sweating -_-

Am trying to be environmentally friendly and not switch on the air-con but I'm so so tempted to do just that.

Have been trying to distract myself from the heat by stitching.

I really have no mood to blog in this heat.

It's so suffocating.

Feel like stripping off all my clothes and lie on the cold marble floor.

Okay...maybe it's not as hot as it is in Australia right now.

But it's way too hot for Malaysia and me =(

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I've got flowers!

Eric sent my these lovely flowers for Valentine's Day.
He's the sweetest hubby any gal could hope for *blush*
After 2 years of marriage, I still get flowers on February 14 =)

I was so surprised when the delivery man showed up in a taxi this morning.
Thought he had gotten lost on the way to his girlfriend's house and wanted to ask for directions!

No mistake's really for ME!

2 dozens of beautiful beautiful favourite flower *smells flowers again*

Out of 24 stalks of lilies, this is the lone lily that has started to bloom beautifully.

How can I not be in love with you my sweet and thoughtful darling.

Missing you desperately this Valentine's.

Thank you for the lovely lilies. They're as beautiful as you.

My Valentine

Every year when Valentine’s Day draws near, you can feel all the lovey doveyness in the air.

Hearts, roses and diamonds…what’s not to love on Valentines?

Every Valentine’s Day, Eric is up early to make sure everything is in order.
It’s a very very important day of course.
Everything must be perfect for this day.
Every gal loves nibbling on delicious food while gazing into their lovers eyes.
So do I.

How lucky am I to have a husband who could whip up a romantic dinner all by himself?
Nothing is sexier than a man in the kitchen.
Wait..there is actually…
What’s sexier… is a man in the kitchen wearing only an apron ;P

The truth is, I haven’t had a Valentine’s dinner on February 14 for the past 5 years.
It’s not because I was single for all those years mind you.
It’s ‘cause my darling was busy cooking a romantic dinner for those lucky couples celebrating Valentine’s.
That’s what it’s like being with a Chef.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re thousands of miles apart.
He’ll be cooking a wonderful dinner I’m sure, while I’ll be home watching some sappy love story on tv by myself.
Obviously I can’t go on a date even if anyone ask me now can I?
Unless it’s Eric who miraculously flies back to KL and sweep me off my feet for a night of romance.

Yes…wishful thinking.

I just want you to know.
Even if there isn’t any red roses.
An expensive present. A romantic dinner. Or dainty chocolates.
You have my heart.
Now and always.

J’adore...My Valentine.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 2

Previous ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

I've done lots of progress with my stitching.
I'm already half way done...yippie!
Mum is already contemplating what colour to use as the backing cloth =P
She's thinking of brown, which I'm not very keen on.
I prefer something sweet and neutral...'cause we don't know whether our 1st baby is going to be a girl or boy.

What's a nice neutral colour for a baby?

I've finished up to the alphabet "K"

"C" for Kitty Cat. Pei Ann hates cats.
Now, every time I look at the alphabet "C", it reminds me of Pei Ann ;P

"D" looks super simple but it took quite an effort to get it done.

"E" has the same design as "D".
Both used a lot of half stitches.

"F" for Froggie.

A butterfly pattern which was tedious to stitch!
Looks beautiful once it's done though.

Needless to say, "G" took minimal amount of time to stitch.
Nothing special about it.

"H" for woozy Horsie.
My horse looked like it had booze instead of hay =P

A polka dotted "I"

"J" is just like "G"

My fav alphabet so far is "K". The Kangaroo looks like it's ready to hug someone!

I still have a long way to go before the afghan is done.

Gotta spend more time stitching and less time eating.

People have been commenting that I've put on quite a bit of weight.

I'm not denying it....but it still doesn't sound like music to my ears -_-

Maybe it's time to go on a little diet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Tiny Light

I just saw a tiny light of hope.

I'm starting to feel a little better.

It's a wonder how hearing his voice makes me feel all calm & peaceful.

I feel safe again.

That everything will be okay eventually.

That I have someone who loves me. Flaws and all.

That I'm not alone.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drowing Alone

I'm had a really awful time today.
Something happened and made me sad.
Now, the feeling of loneliness is overwhelming.

I was drowning in my own tears.
All alone.
As there is no one.
I scrolled through my phonebook and wondered who I could call.
So many of them I haven't spoken to for a some time.
Many of them, is not someone I want to show my tears to.
I called a couple of people.
They were busy.
So there's no one.

But me.

Everyone is busy.
But me.

Everyone has something to do.
But me.

I need to talk to someone really badly.
But there's nobody.
Not even the one person who should have time for me.

So here I am.
Still drowning.
'Cause I just realized...I am all alone.
So does it matter...if I disappear?
Would it matter?
Who'll notice I wonder?
Someone will eventually...when I don't update this blog anymore.

So really...why bother?
I'm tired.
I tried...but why must I always be the one who is wrong?
When will it stop?
I want my own space. I need my own space.

I'm only human.
Who has lots of problems of her own.
Who has insecurities issues to deal with.
Who has many uncertainties to figure out.
Who is wondering where she is heading.

'Cause I'm lost.
With no idea which direction to follow.
I can't see the light.
I can't even see the tunnel.
So where am I?
I wish I knew.

All I see in the mirror, is me.

Chap Goh Meh 2009

Chap Goh Meh yesterday was a day packed with many activities.

I'm still feeling exhausted.
The day started pretty early at 10am (it's early for me okay!)
It was raining...I was so so so tempted to stay in my warm warm bed.

But I didn't =(

Mum & I met up with Aunt Serene and Melaine for a drive to Setapak in KL.
It was a pretty long drive as we had an errant to run there.
Setapak looks like a pretty busy place but the road works that's going on there is a nightmare.
I'm just glad I'm living in Subang Jaya.

Anyways, after we're done with Setapak...we headed to O & S Restaurant in PJ for lunch.
As usual...I had the yummy fish head noodles =P
I can't resist.

Once our tummies were full, we headed to Sunway Pyramid to run more errants.

That's where I feel in love.
With the Nokia E71.
But it's totally beyond my budget @ Rm1799 =(

Beautiful and sleek Nokia E71

The sales guy at the Nokia shop told me there's a cheaper version....the Nokia E63.

The E63 is only retailing at RM1080. I'm considering this phone only 'cause of it's sexy RED colour.

He said E63 is like for newbies...and once you've familiarized yourself with the E63, you can upgrade to the E71.

That means getting 2 phones in the end?

Doesn't make sense right? -_-

Wonder if the price will drop anytime soon....I so need a new phone as the Motorola Razr 1st generation that I'm using now is about 3 years old!

And it's showing aging syndrome. Not a good sign at all.

Being unemployed sucks.
No money = no new beautiful Nokia E71 =(

After spending some time in Pyramid, we had waffles at Waffles World where it was a super stressful experience. Mum & Aunt Serene almost vomit blood. Figuratively lar.

Since "chap goh meh" dinner is always with family, we decided to have a steamboat session in Uncle Hong's house. It was recently renovated and have an area at the back of the house where we again created a ruckus.

I hope his neighbours were not pissed at us for talking and laughing at the top of our lungs.

Aunt Shireen(Uncle Hong's wife) has decorated their home very very creatively. Everywhere you look, there's something cute that will catch the eye.

A pair of chickens with oversized pants chatting on the stairs

Aunt Shireen even painted the switches panel and fan control herself.

These cows lives in the kitchen...

I think every switch panel in their home are painted. Must've taken Aunt Shireen a long time to get everything done.

Anyways, I ate to much again. Nothing new actually =P

Thank goodness we got a little exercise after eating.

How can "chap goh meh" not end with a mahjong session? =P

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Lou Sang @ Shang Palace, Shangri-la Kuala lumpur

On the 2nd last day of Chinese New Year, we had a family lunch at the Shang Palace Restaurant.

Again...6 of of squeezed into 1 car for the ride to Shangri-la. Traffic was pretty good till we hit the Bukit Bintang area. As usual, traffic is a little chaotic when you're in the Golden Triangle.

We arrived about 1pm, just in time for lunch. Uncle Hong, Aunt Shireen and Abigail had already arrived when we got there.

Greetings from the Ox at the hotel lobby.
On our way up to the restaurant...yup...they make you sweat before you get the food =P

Pussywillows welcomes you at Shang Palace

More pussywillows...this time on our table. And there's a fruit in the middle of the bowl. It kinda looks like a lemon, but it's not a lemon. No idea what fruit it is but I'm sure it's symbolises something for Chinese New Year.

Armed with my jumbo chopsticks... be used when we "lou sang"

Yay!!! I "lou" the highest =)

Everyone is excitedly "louying"....

Even my little cousin Abigail who is hoping for 5 A's in her UPSR this year! This "yue sang" is the best I've ever tasted. I'm looking forward to next year's "lou sang" session already!

1st course...came in 4 individual plates. There's scallops with asparagus, fish cake with some corn in it, sea cucumber with fish paste and stuffed bacon. My favourite of the 4 would be the stuffed bacon. How can anyone resist bacon =P

Next...each of us got one of these little bowls made of paper with a little candle light to keep it warm

Inside, it's shark's fin soup with bean sprouts. This is the first time I've ever eaten bean sprouts cooked with shark's fin. The portion is really big for one person. I had a hard time finishing the tasty soup after the 1st course!

Then came one of my favourite roast meat of all time. Suckling piglet! Oh my....yummilicious to the max. But seriously, this is one of the biggest & yummiest suckling piglet I've ever eaten...I don't think it's a baby...more like a toddler piggy =P

The suckling piglet's skin is so crispy and cooked to perfection. It's even served with little pieces of flat bread to wrap the skin in. I'm sure Eric will enjoy this dish if he was there.

I didn't really fancy the next dish which was Chinese cabbage with dried scallops. I don't like it went to Abigail who loves this vege. Thank goodness for good little gals like Abby who loves her cabbage =)

This is another yummilicious dish that I won't be bored eating everyday if I could! The noodles is very tasty and comes with generous portions of jumbo prawns, scallops and mushrooms. I wish I could eat more but I was stuffed =(

And we still have dessert. Red bean soup with glutinous rice balls.

Inside those balls were black sesame paste. I ate the balls and couldn't finish the red bean soup which is a waste 'cause it was cooked just right. Not too thick and not too sweet.

Family photo after we're done eating. Look at all the satisfied faces =)

Lunch was super fun. Good food and great company.
Melaine managed to get us a private room for lunch and it was a wise decision.
Nothing beats such privacy for maximum enjoyment.
We could talk as loud as we want...and laugh even louder...which we did =P

We enjoyed ourselves so much that when it's time to leave...we found ourselves as the only customers left in the restaurant.
Since we were in our own room, we didn't notice all the other diners had left and the service staff was closing up the restaurant.

Again, we're the last to leave.
This is happening to me way too often.
Shang Palace's lunch time was until 2.30pm and I think we only left at about 3.30pm 0_o

I skipped dinner tonight as I'm not even the least big hungry after such a heavy lunch.
I'm still not hungry yet.
Wonder if I'll be hungry in the morning...maybe not as I really did eat a lot at lunch.

Will be celebrating "chap goh meh" which is the last day of Chinese New Year.
"Chap goh meh" is also known as the Chinese Valentines Day.
Traditionally single girls would throw oranges into rivers(or lakes) with their phone number written on the fruit to be picked up by guys.
I heard that it's banned now to do that in KL.
Someone even told me there are some places that charges a little fee for you to throw your oranges 0_o

In my opinion, I think someone came up with this orange throwing tradition to get rid of leftover mandarin oranges in their houses!
If you throw the oranges into the rubbish bin, people might say it's bad luck 'cause those oranges are "kam"(gold).
Or that you're wasteful to throw food away when there's so many people in the world facing starvation.

So, just throw it into the river.
If a handsome eligible bachelor happened to fish your orange out of the water and give you a call...can say that "kam" brought more "kam" =P

But then again...if he's an eligible bachelor...why does he need to fish the oranges for phone numbers?
Okay...I don't want to spoil the fun for those who will be heading out tomorrow with their oranges ;P
But...just wanna say this applies to both the orange fisher and orange thrower!
Maybe those seeking a same sex partner would be throwing a banana instead.

Getting back to my train of thoughts....

Can't believe 15 days went by in a blink.

Will be having "chap goh meh" dinner with family.

Yup...more food!

It's Nuts

Was away for a couple of days visiting Grandma in Sitiawan.
Got myself a couple of 'angpows' too =P

It was a leisurely drive and the traffic was smooth.

Except there were lots of road blocks.

I think it's 'cause of the political ruckus that's still going on in the state of Perak.
I wonder how our country got itself into such a calamity.
It's nuts so many adults managed to get themselves involved in such a big joke.

Luckily, life in Sitiawan went on as normal.

As expected, time goes by really slow when you're away from city life.

I got so much of my baby afghan done =) Will post pics soon.

My whole body is aching from driving so many hours...I need a good massage.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cross stitch : ABC Baby Afghan Update 1

Between catching up with friends and stuffing myself with food wherever I go, I managed to work on the Baby Afghan that I got a while back.

So far, the letters A & B are done.

It looks so cute.
I can't wait to work on the rest of the alphabets!

How cute is that?

This "A" has a funny story that I'm sure Melaine, Aunt Serene, Aunt Helena, Mum and I will never forget...

You see, we were having another mahjong session in my house.
Since they have enough players this time, I could sit back and do some stitching.

Then I proudly showed my handiwork to my aunts...

Obviously they were admiring it 'cause it's so freaking cute =P

Then Aunt Serene said...

The crocodile is so cute lar. "A" for Crocodile =)
Melaine & Me : 0_0
Nolar..."A" is for Alligator!!

Everyone then burst out laughing...Crocodile is more commonly used in Malaysia than Alligator so I think my baby will have a hard time learning that as well.

And we usually teach kids that "A" is for Apple =P

At least the letter "B" comes without an animal to crack us up =) Though Mum said they should put a Bee for "B". Yeah...maybe she wanna consider being a cross stitch pattern designer =P

I'm enjoying myself tremendously working on this project.

I just wish I have more time to stitch.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lou Sang @ New Paris SS2

So...I finally got to meet up with Ian, Sam and Lihao.
Last time I saw them was during our crazy night out in Brussels =P

Tonight is definitely not as crazy. But fun none the less.

New Paris was packed so we had to shout just to have a throat is feeling kinda hoarse now =(

Group pic before "lou sang" can begin.
Sam & friend (sorry...can't remember your name)
Yue Sang all ready for the attack....

The wishes each call out at the top of our lungs wasn't too bad...

More money!!!
More gals for Lihao!
More chicks for Ian!
More hot guys for Sam!!
A baby!
Keep our jobs! (obviously this doesn't apply to me)

After all that shouting and tossing for the longest time....I had to stop everyone from tossing 'cause it was getting out of control with "yue sang" scattering everywhere.
And also 'cause people around us were staring at this weird bunch of clowns.

It was messy alright...
Sam ordered this Fried Talapia Fish. Said it was to-die-for.
Just to prove how serious she is...she wants to be like a fish too!

The fish is fried till it's crisp. You can even eat it's crispy bones.

Kangkung belacan =) Miss this in Macau.

Famous house tofu. Usually, the tofu is sitting in some sauce but today it's dry. Still yummy but I prefer it a little more wet.

Champagne chicken that comes with huge balls of watermelon. The chicken is a little sourish...maybe it's the champagne...don't really fancy this dish except for the sweet watermelon balls =)

The place was too noisy to really hang out and catchup with all the gossips.
No worries...another hang out session has already been planned...this time with Terence hopefully. And also Darren who is always so hard to get hold of.

OMG...I'm putting on so much weight from all the eating 0_o
Feeling like a little whale now...not good.
Luckily my clothes still fits...albeit a little more snugly than usual.

Will deal with it after chap goh meh =P

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