Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Mango Tree

This is our beloved mango tree that is very fertile at the moment.
It's been flowering like crazy!
Some of the mangoes are pretty decent in size already but the tree is still flowering.
I think we now have at least a hundred mangoes of various sizes hanging on the tree.

They are all Mum's little precious babies.
Due to some heavy rain and strong winds lately, lots of small baby mangoes ended up on the road.
Mum's pretty sad about it.
Told her it's okay...there's lots more on the tree =)

The problem is, we planted the tree outside our house.
You know the little patch of grass between 2 houses?
And out neighbours STEALS our mangoes...when they're ripe lar.
We have some horrible neighbours around here.
They are so cheapskate until they have to steal our mangoes.
It's bad enough that they used to throw bones(chicken+fish) into our porch...now they steal.

I HATE HATE HATE them....not as much as I hate some other people who I have to put up with now and then. But I still HATE them.

So much hate is radiating from me tonight.

This is my plan...if I'm leaving for Macau and the mangoes are still not ripe to be eaten by us or given away to Mum's friends(Aunties living in our area who are already eyeing the mangoes asking permission to pluck it if we're not here)

I'll POISON the mangoes!!!!

Evil right?
Mum tsk tsk me for such evil thoughts.
Saying I'm so selfish.
I'm doing that just so our idiot neighbour would learn their lesson.
Hopefully in the hospital *evil smile*
Don't take what's not yours.
Or DIE trying...hahaha *super evil smile*

If they ask nicely, Mum would've given them some.
She gave lots away 'cause we can't eat so many ourselves.
But noooooo...they want to be sneaky and steal the yummy mangoes.
The mangoes are damn sweet I tell you.

Now...I rather feed the mangoes to monkeys living down the road than give them any.
Just our luck to have shitty neighbours.
They have a BMW and Honda Accord in the house but want to steal mangoes.
What kind of people is that you tell me?

Talk about them...I can vomit blood.
Yeah...and they are only renting the house.
Imagine...drive BMW...but stay in a rented house.
I think there are 8 people and 2 dogs in that house.
Can't stand them.
Fucking annoying. And irritating.

Hmm...maybe I'll just pluck all the mangoes down before we leave...even if they're not ripe.
I'm not going to leave any of the mangoes for them to steal.
Then chop down the tree...hahaha...

Yup...I'm nuts.
I rather don't have any mangoes for me to eat then to let my stupid neightbours have any.
My selfishness knows no boundaries =D

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The MJ Effect

I have to say, MJ untimely death is having a weird effect on me.
I watched a concert of his on tv last night and it made me cry.
I know it looks stupid when you see fans crying and fainting at the concert, but I can understand how overwhelming the feelings can be to watch MJ on stage.
I can't explain it.
It's not as if I asked my eyes to cry.
It just comes, in a wave of emotions.
Taking over...and you're in awe.

I doubt anyone can be bigger than MJ in my lifetime.
And that got me pondering again.
About life.

MJ was so successful that it made him lonely.
Not knowing who are his friends, who are his family.
I truly believe it's possible to be lonely even when you're in a crowd.
I've felt it before.
It's paralyzing.
And I think what MJ felt would've been 100 times worst than mine.

I've been yo-yoing between happiness and sadness in the past year.
One minute I'm having all the faith in the world and the next minute, crushing myself in suspicions and self pity.
It drives me nuts.
I know what is good for me, and what is eating my alive.
But I can't stop it.
I wish I could.
That's why I sympathized with MJ.
Demons in his mind consumed him.
He was so handsome...and yet, he saw imperfections.
In the end, he's probably the only one who saw beauty in his altered face.

I'm afraid I might end up being like him.
Not realizing who I really am.
Trying to be someone I'm not happy with.
Putting on a mask everyday to make everyone else happy but me.

I'm trying to find my balance.
Between expectations and reality.
When everyone around me are in the rat race, I'm the bystander.
Looking lost and envious.
But should I be envious?

That's the bloody question I can't seem to answer myself.

The grass always looks greener on the other side.
But is it really?

What's it feel like to be contented?
I know I should be.
My life ain't bad.
I didn't grow up in poverty.
I studied and got my degree.
I don't have to work.
I'm not a supermodel but I don't look bad.
I'm not as tall as I like to be but I'm glad I'm not a midget.

But something is missing.
And I don't know what it is.
I've been asking myself the same questions over and over again.

What do I want?
How can someone give me something to make me happy when I myself do not know what is it that I want?
There are things I want to do.
And yet, I can't.

I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm lost.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Michael

It's a sad day, today.
I couldn't believe it when Mum told me this morning that Michael Jackson has passed away.
Suddenly, images of Michael flashed through my mind.
Especially memories from his concert that I was fortunate enough to experience many years ago.

In 1996, when I was in Form 3, Michael held his concert in Malaysia.
Eventhough the concert was held on the eve of my PMR exam, it didn't stop me!
Thankfully I aced the exam and Mum was understanding enough to let me go to the concert with such a major exam just around the corner.

I grew up listening to his music and watch Uncle Mike danced to Beat It with failed attempts at the moonwalk.
I was very very lucky...as I got to see Michael in action on his HIStory tour =)
Tears even flowed unashamed down my cheeks just like so many other fans in the stadium as his songs were so moving.
You think you were touched just listening to his beautiful songs on the radio/pc/tv...trust me...when you hear it live in person...it's overwhelming.
It's one of the best memories of my life.

And now, the genius of Michael Jackson will live on in his music.
Rest in peace Michael.
Thank you for the beautiful songs, your legacy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Closed on Monday

It's just my luck...I had been pestering the gals to have bak kut teh in the leng chai(Yu Kee bak kut teh) shop in SS14 and finally we decided to go today.
The whole day I was salivating...thinking of the yummy bak kut teh soup.
But guess what....the shop was freaking CLOSE!!! =(
What a bummer.

We then had to make do and decided to try out another bak kut teh shop a few shops away.
That stretch of shophouses in SS14 has many many bak kut teh shops...it's been doubt the bak kut teh place of Subang Jaya.
No choice la...have to make do since my fav bak kut teh shop is close =(

Maybe I'm biased...but I still prefer my leng chai shop's bak kut teh. This one ain't too bad as the soup is thick and portion is reasonable.

Chicken in wine that was really packed with a strong taste of alcohol.

Pig stomach soup which is tasty but too much pepper.

We also had a plate of vege and yau char kuai.
The bill came up to RM49 including drinks.
Well...let's just say I would only come back to this shop if my leng chai shop is closed.
I shall learn my lesson and not go for bak kut teh on a Monday again =P
I'm trying really hard to remember what's the name of this bak kut teh shop and I just can't.
I've tried asking Regina and her memory ain't much better than mine!

After dinner, we sat there chit chatting non stop and then Yann Mei suggested we go for some Taiwanese dessert across the highway in SS15.

Snowflake is located on the 1st floor in the row of shophouses opposite Asia Cafe.

The deco in the shop is very minimalistic and bright. Crowd here are mostly college students...we kinda stood out with the gals all in their office wear =)

This restaurant even have an UFO. A beeping UFO...no kidding!

The UFO will beep, flash and vibrate when your order is ready...how cute is that?

This is the Snowflake special. It's a very big bowl...good for sharing =)

The special has a layer of cincau with ice shavings on the bottom. It's then topped with pieces of yam and sweet potatoes.

Shey Imm's Fruit Tea. Well...it comes with pieces of fruits floating around.

My bubble milk tea. I missed having bubble milk tea...I used to have about 4 cups of these while in Macau. So when I saw it on the menu...I can't resist =) Unfortunately, it was a big letdown. It was too sweet and not milky enough. They should go learn how to make a really good bubble milk tea from Hong Kong or Macau. The ones in Zhuhai ain't too bad either.

It's always nice to be able to spend time with the gals.
The topics we get into are always interesting...today was about hair removal =P
I'm glad we managed to meet up almost every week since I got back.
Shall plan where we can go for dinner next week =)

No.61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Day Downtown

I gotta admit, eventhough I tell people I meet overseas that I'm from KL(Kuala Lumpur), the truth is, I barely go into the city center.

KL is actually pretty far, about 30km from Subang and the jam is horrendous during workdays.
It's wise to avoid going into the city center unless absolutely necessary.
'Cause even rain will make traffic come to a standstill.
For hours.

However,over the weekend Melaine wanted to make a trip to Pavillion and I happily tagged along =)
And the first thing that we did in Pavillion was to head for the Foodcourt.
Yup...that's the purpose of getting our butts down there.

Mum and Aunt Serene's fav Mee Jawa from the Pavillion Foodcourt. Honestly, it's yummy and the portion is big, for me anyways. We ordered 2 plates of the Mee Jawa to satisfy the Aunties cravings =P

After walking around shopping for a while, we stopped to have a little break. Yup..food again =)

It's a little eatery called the Hong Kong Dessert Place.

It's located at the highest floor of the Pavillion in front of the Kampachi restaurant.

I love mango lo lo...which is a simple dessert made from ice shavings topped with mango puree, sago and big chunks of sweet mango. Whenever I'm in Hong Kong...this is one of my must-haves!
We also tried the mango lo lo with ice cream and pamelo. I like how the cherry is nesting in the ice cream...so cute!

The crispy bun is a big disappointment. We doubt it's freshly baked.

Pieces of butter on ice for the bun. Just don't order it.

After snacking, we walked around some more and I got myself a top from MNG which was on sale. It's crazy packed in there and I'm glad I was able to get into the fitting room after only waiting for about 10 minutes.
It's always a good bargain when MNG goes on sale...just too bad I couldn't find the top that I really really wanted but was too expensive(during non sale period)

Oh...Melaine and I even got ourselves some pretty nice hairbands from Tangs.
It was cheap and we look really cute wearing it too!
Mum and Aunt Serene was pretty tired after spending so many hours in Pavillion so we headed to dinner.

Since we were already in the Bukit Bintang area, Melaine suggested we eat at
Overseas Restaurant in Imbi.
It's one of the oldest restaurant in KL which serves yummy Chinese cuisine.

The only reason we are not there more often is the distance from our home.
When we got to the restaurant, it was packed.
It's wise to make reservations if you plan to eat there, the Imbi branch that is.
It's been said that the Imbi branch serves the best food.

All in all, we spend about 2 1/2 hours in the restaurant...it was so slow because the placed is packed for Father's Day.
At least they did warn us it'll be long...
The wait was worth it though =)
Our first dish was tofu with some sort of vege. The tofu was soft and tasty...the sauce yummy as well. Can't comment on the vege but I was told that it's good =P

See how soft and smooth the tofu is?

Four season which has scallops stir fry with lotus roots and celery, mince meat ball, fried prawns wrapped in bacon topped with mayo sause(this is super yummilicious) and finally, a deep fried birdnest thing which is filled with char siew meat(I think)

Yan Yu(Silver fish) fried rice with crunchy anchovies. I gotta say...one of the best fried rice I ever had. Very fragrant and tasty. The rice is not too wet or too dry. I had to mentally stop myself from having another helping of this yummy fried rice after my 2nd bowl. How nice if I can eat as much as I want and not get fat =(

Steamed cod fish with soy sauce that is perfect. The fish is cooked just right and the flesh comes of in nice flakes. Cod is my all time fav fish =)

I was full from stuffing myself with all the yummy food and this Sea Coconut with Longan dessert was just the right thing to end the wonderful meal with.

In our family, it's always about food.
A day out in the city center for shopping ended up as a day spent on eating =P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pizza Uno @ Taipan USJ

On my birthday, I decided to have dinner in Pizza Uno in Taipan.
Mum and I were there first and then Aunt Serene and Melaine joined us to celebrate me turning one year older.

This is my 1st time in their new outlet which is now located near KFC.
(previously it was near near McD)

I've got to say, I really like the new place.
Nice ambiance and best of all, there is space!
No more having your neighbour eavesdropping on your conversations.

We were there early so it's still very quiet.

A rack with wine bottles.

See what I mean about space? There are more seating upstairs. I love how the place opens up and you can see all the way up to the 2nd floor.

Garden salad with Thousand Island dressing. Obviously not for me.

Fried mushrooms =D

Though deep fried, the mushrooms are still juicy and so yummy.

Half oven baked chicken with sauce. The chicken is nicely baked and the meat pretty tasty. I like that the chicken came drenched in lots of sauce =) But I felt that the green beans and carrots made the dish looks kinda cheap. Presentation wise, it'll look much better if served with broccoli instead.

Spaghetti carbonara. Yummilicious to the max. I love love love the bacon bits and the creamy sauce. It's such a sinful dish ;P

Aglio olio spaghetti that is very tasty as well. I've got to say though, the best aglio olio I've ever eaten came from our own kitchen at home...cooked by my personal Chef =P Eric makes a wicked aglio olio with all my fav seafood!

Romeo special pizza. The pizza is thin crust but it's not crispy...I wonder why? Well...I chose Romeo 'cause it has meat, mushrooms and cheese =P It even has Mum's fav little cherry tomatoes scattered all around. I didn't like the olives though.

Tiramisu cake without a candle =(
Pizza Uno has always been a place to have nice Italian food in Taipan.
The only reason I avoided it previously is because of the lack of space.
The old venue was too small and stuffy.

The new restaurant is a big improvement in terms of cleanliness and comfort.
The price is a little on the high side so it'll be a place for people to come for a treat rather than a nightly affair.
Our bill for the meal came up to about RM150 including drinks and taxes.

I'll definitely be coming back again soon...if not to eat then probably to have a drink and surf the web with their free Wifi connection =P

Pizza Uno
No 55, Jalan USJ 10/1A
Taipan Triangle,
Subang Jaya.
Tel : 03-56350205

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Had a little celebration in Republic at Pyramid last night.
While waiting for Ian, Lihao and Sam to arrive, I was already half way done with my Sangria and a waiter even gave me his number O_O

Memorable quotes of the night

"Everyone likes it hard"

"You're hotter now than when we were in college"

"I parked under a streetlight"

"_____ looks like an uncle" (The said uncle shall not be named =P)

There were more funny stuffs being said the whole night, but my memory is not helping me to remember much.

And I got emo when discussing sharing my toys.The conclusion was...I'm a selfish bitch and I don't share.Woman should just keep their hands off my toys and my man aka Eric.

Must be the alcohol that made me so emo. Or is it 'cause I'm now 28?

Well...at least I'm still hot ;P

I definitely had a great time last night.
Thank you Sam, Ian and Lihao for being there with me =D

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So what?

I thought my birthday will pass just like a normal day.
How wrong was I.
It's the eve of my birthday and it's not a good start.

Why must the same thing happen over and over again?
How many times must it happen before the lesson is learnt?
How many times can I tolerate before I give up? For good.

Am I so forgettable?
Out of sight, out of mind?
Is it so hard to just let me know?
Am I asking for too much?
Maybe I should just go get a freaking life and not care so much.
It hurts so badly.
Nobody knows how much it affects me.
Everytime something like this happens, it's like a little piece of my heart is being bitten off.
Never to be replaced.
Eventually when too many pieces had been chewed off...I'm left with a broken heart.
I can only blame myself then.
The choice was mine.
But why make me sad.
The only witness to my tears would be my pillow.
I forgave so many times for so many things.
I've been told I'm stupid for doing it.
Because I'm not appreciated.
Just taken for granted.
Does sorry means anything anymore?
Or just a convenient word to use when the need arises?
Sorry doesn't cure the hurt.
I hate the word sorry.
Because it holds no meaning,
A promise is broken like it was never made.
Eventually...nothing will be able to mend my heart that has been chewed and stomped on.

A promise, is just a promise.
Forgotten like the wind.
Sorry, is just a sorry.
Empty like the wind.

Nobody's perfect.
Neither am I.
But I try to be the best I can be.
To make him happy.
A part of myself is lost.
And I don't know how am I going to get it back.
Maybe what people say is true...
We have no one but ourselves.

So what if it's my birthday right?
Who gives a damn.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Another weekend gone.
Start to a brand new week.
Another day closer to our reunion.
I miss Eric so much.
It makes me sad that he won't be celebrating my birthday with me on Wednesday =(
It's so ironic isn't it?
I have someone I want to celebrate it with but I can't.
Thinking about it is making me spiral into self pity.
At least Eric did promise he'll make it up to me when he comes home.
Wonder what's my present going to be? ;P

Anyways, over the weekend, Mum, Aunt Serene, Melaine and I were in Pyramid to try out Pasta Zanmai.
It's my 1st time at this restaurant and I'll definitely come back for more =)

The menu has many pretty pictures of the dishes so picking out what to eat is easy. Tends to make you order more than you can eat as well =P

Blown up pics of food on the walls calling out to hungry tummies...and mirrors makes the restaurant looks bigger than it actually is.

From our table, we got to see the chefs in action. Show kitchens are still the rage.

Yummy potato salad. This is really nice...I would've eaten more if Mum and Aunt Serene didn't get to it first!

Our orange and peach juice which came in a tall jug =D

Pasta with squid and prawns in lemon juice(Mentaiko to Ebi Ika Butter no Lemon-fumi). Obviously it's a little sourish because of the lemon, the pasta is cooked al dente but Mum & Aunt Serene was complaining that it's too hard. Thank goodness we weren't eating with Eric around. He'll probably choke or something =P

Edamame beans sprinkled with salts which are pretty good. It's the first time I'm trying these beans. No idea why I shun them in all my previous visits to Japanese restaurants =S

Melaine's seaweed. I tried only one little piece. Taste kinda fishy.

Salmon tortilla roll. Taste pretty good. But don't let it sit too long as the pita bread tends to soak up juices and gets soggy.

Prawn tortilla roll. Same bread, same advice.

Scallop and mushrooms pizza. This is yummilicious! I'm a big fan of scallops and definitely a fan of mushrooms =)

Seafood pizza with lots of cheese. Super yummy as well. They are not stingy with the cheese which is a good thing. And spot the little mushrooms!

The pizzas are thin crust and that's the way I like them.

Chocolate banana parfait with cornflakes. Highly recommended by Melaine =)

Pasta Zanmai was better than what I was expecting.
The ambiance was nice and the food presentation is simple with a touch of fusion.
I think Eric would like eating here.
And that's saying a lot.
My darling is pretty picky with his food when we eat out.

I wish time would pass faster.
I can't wait to hug my darling...
And do many naughty things with him ;P
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