Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 months and counting

Oh how time flies!
At the blink of an little baby is now such a big boy.
He has started cooing a lot when we talk to cute *melts*
My oh my...what can I say about his toothless grin and adorable laugh?
Breaks my heart to leave him this morning and go back to work =(

I'm still expressing breast milk for Marcus. He takes it during day time while night time we feed him formula (we chose Snow as it was highly recommended).
This way we could also soften the weaning process when I stop having breast milk and let him go on formula full time.
He seems alright with such an arrangement...not too fussy about it but he does prefer breast milk =)
Not sure how long I could keep up with milk pumping while working at the same time though.

Have also started cloth diapering Marcus part time.
Since I only bought 4 cloth diapers (2 Grovia s& 2 Bamboolites) to experiment, he uses them all up in 1 day.
So far so good...I do prefer Grovia All-in-Two as we just need to change the soaker (we have 4 soakers and 2 shells) when it's wet compared to Bamboolite's pocket.
Even Mum prefers Grovia as she said Bamboolite is too bulky and thick.
Hopefully I'm able to get a good deal on more cloth diapers during the Baby Fair in May then Marcus could be cloth diapered full time, which is my goal.
The only problem is cloth diapers doesn't come cheap *sigh*
Same goes for formula milk =(

Wish I didn't have to work.
Somehow...I feel as if I'm neglecting him by going to working.
I hope my baby knows that if I could, I would stay home all day just to cuddle him <3
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