Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Once again the year flew by and we're ushering in a New Year.
And this year, we're saying "Hello" to 2011 with a 'bun-in-the-oven' =)

Yup, we're having a baby soon...and yes, I look like a whale now at 8 months.
Junior is getting pretty big...and so am I =(
A truly unfortunate consequences of having such good appetite while preggers.

I know I haven't been blogging for a long long time.
Working & being preggers at the same time doesn't leave much time for much else (it's tiring lar waddling around like a penguin everywhere)
And now we've been busy shopping for Junior's essentials when he meets us next year.
So many things to buy for a baby...and they're not cheap either *sobs sobs*

So...did I have morning sickness?
Of course lar...but it's probably on the mild side compared to some other preggers mummy I've seen.
I was nauseous (it's like having a permanent hangover after a night of partying) and was prone to puking.
My face also broke out like crazy (damn those pimple causing hormones!) and nothing could help =(
Thank goodness the nausea, puking and pimples all went away when I got into my 4th month.

Did I crave for any special food? doubt about it.
I consumed food like a hungry horse (which contributed to me looking like a whale now).

Mostly it was fast food. McD's are my fav (I can smell the fries...*drools*).
Pizzas too but I try not to have them often.
I was also craving durian and I had lots of them thanks to my father-in-law until suddenly durian season was over =( Those thorny fruits were no where to be found.
I also craved for longan which was in season..then wasn't and now in again? ultimate cravings was for Lychees!!! *drools dreamily*
I want those fresh lychees with red red skin and juicy juicy flesh.
Those in cans from supermarket won't do. No thanks.
I'm still craving for lychees but damn they're not in season *sigh*
Guess I'll just have to make do with McD's then =P

There's so much I wanna blog about...just have to find the time.
For now...Wishing Everyone a Happy Fabulous New Year!
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