Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008

2008 has been a year of travelling. Specifically...between KL and Macau.

In 2008...

I became unemployed.
I started blogging again.
I ate the famed McDonald's McRib Pork Burger.
I experienced my 1st typhoon in Macau.
I completed my Carp cross-stitch project.
I visited Zhuhai...many times.
I had sea monkeys as pets and they are now in sea monkey heaven(not my fault).
I met cute baby Avi in Hong Kong =D
I cooked eggs in a hot spring.
I made my own Xmas cards.
I watched Lee Chong Wei play in the 2008 Macau Open Badminton Championship.
We celebrated Grandma's 80th birthday in Sitiawan.

Most important of all...Eric and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary =)

Well...It's time to say goodbye to 2008.
It's been a roller coaster year full of ups and downs.
Lots of decisions made and lots of happy moments(with occasional tears).
All in all...2008 wasn't too bad =)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fire Hot Restaurant,Zhuhai China

Again...this restaurant only have a Chinese name so I'm calling it Fire Hot Restaurant because majority of their dishes are fiery lips puckering hot.

Read about my previous visit to this restaurant here (with Eric) and here (with Aunts and cousins).

When the weather is so cold...a hot fiery meal is just the right thing to have. So off we went to Zhuhai again...

I got the name card so I can show the cab driver where to go...it's super embarrassing when they don't understand my Cantonese or Mandarin.

Doesn't it look like a pudding?
It's actually "mui choy kau yoke" (vege & pork). I love the "mui choy" but this dish is so spicy hot. You can't eat this without rice.

Guess what is in this huge pot?

Yummy pork stomach soup...my favourite!

I just love pork stomachs...and had 6 bowls of it. That's because the pot of soup comes in only ONE freaking size.

This is another super spicy hot dish that sits on a fire. So it's not only spicy hot but also hot hot 0_o

It's the yummylicious lamb. I love lamb and this one is cooked in beer =P

Obviously this dish ain't for me. This fish head dish cost less than RM10...give me free also I won't eat -_-

We order this vege dish everytime we're here =)

This too =P

All these and the big pot of soup for 3 person.Nuts.

Another satisfying meal in Zhuhai =)

But I've got this nagging feeling that Zhuhai is the reason why I'm spotting a little more flab around my tummy...

Eating and hibernating...NOT.GOOD -_-

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whale Restaurant @ Zhuhai, China

Okay...I'm calling it Whale Restaurant coz I can't read Chinese and there's a picture of a whale (or is it a shark?) smacked right in front of the signboard.

This restaurant is kinda hidden in a back alley but it's just outside the Gongbei Border once you cross over to Zhuhai.

See the whale? The restaurant is huge inside.
I like the cleanliness and decor of this restaurant. Service is good too =)
Behold the virgin chicken. Yup...the poor bird died a virgin.

The virgin is served cold. I'm not a big fan of virgin chickens as their meat tends to be tougher.

Stir fry vege that is very tasty though it looks kinda bland

Pigeons =) In KL, you normally get quails (burung puyuh)...but in Zhuhai...it's the real thing baby.

Yummylicious! See how juicy the pigeon is? Eric said that this restaurant is famous for it's pigeon...I can see why =)

Disappointing clams. Learnt our lesson...never order clams in China.

I didn't fancy the fish. The meat is kinda mushy and lots of bones too

In China...there's 2 kinds of crabs. The "meat" crab and the "kou"(eggs) crab. One's male and the other's female lar...In this pic, it's the male stir fry with ginger. In Zhuhai, you can't get crabs cooked in "kam heong", butter sauce or even the sweet sour sauce like in Malaysia.

The "kou" crab is best eaten when it's baked. Why baked? Well...so the "kou" can be preserved intact. See the yucky yellow stuffs oozing all over the plate? Yup...that's the prized "kou" -_-

You gotta pry open the crab yourself here. I don't know how Eric and Mum thinks this is yummy 0_o

Wonder how many people are drooling when they see this pic...

I steered clear of any yucky "kou" and got the huge claws instead =P

Yummy crab claw...and I don't even have crack open the shell myself ;P

We'll definitely eat in this Whale Restaurant again...the food is pretty good and best of all, not pricey at all.

I've been told that many people from Macau cross the border to Zhuhai just for dinner as the food is tastier and cheaper...not to mention don't have to share table with strangers!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

He...he...heE! (I'm trying to holler like Santarina and not Santa!)

It's Xmas and it's freaking cold in Macau...only thing that's missing..SNOW!
(If it does snow here...I'll go into deliberate hibernation =P)

Anyways...I decided to make a few Christmas cards this year for loved ones.
(I hope you all have received it by now...if you didn't...either I didn't sent you one or it got lost in the Mail (most likely this is what happened!!)

The patterns I chose to stitch were from the Cross Stitcher Magazine that I bought after much deliberation as it's quite pricey...why must reading materials be so expensive huh?
But no regrets whatsoever =)

It took me a few days to complete the cards and they turned out pretty fantastic =D

Cute Christmassy cards
I like this one the most =D Wanted to keep it for myself but I finally decided to send it to people I love.

Cross stitching is such a labour intensive hobby. If only I can stitch like an Energizer rabbit, then I'll have enough cards for all my friends and family who deserves a prezzie from me ^o^

Maybe I should start now and prepare cross stitch presents for next Xmas =P

Hmm....where's my Xmas prezzies?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Anniversary Dinner @ Morton's

What's a celebration without food right?
Lucky me...Eric made reservations at Morton's in Venetian for a romantic dinner together =)

This is the complete food menu at Morton's.

How sweet...our menu is personalized for our anniversary...

Dinner started off with a big chunk of bread

The bread is really soft and fluffy

This is a seafood platter...it has yummy oysters, crab cakes, prawns and scallops wrapped with bacon

The steaks at Morton's are huge.I mean really really huge 0_o Even the asparagus are called "jumbo asparagus"
Cute little shiny things to play with while waiting for our dessert
This is a souffle. Why is it not in a cup? Well...it happens to be a souffle for two. It was too big so it got cut up and served =(
Complimentary hot chocolate cake from Morton's

Two years and still smoking hot together ;P

A sweet little keepsake from the friendly people of Morton's =D

As it was our anniversary, we got a really special table with a nice view of the restaurant. The only problem was...they had to move our table for us to get in and out!
You can imagine how funny it looks to the other patrons.
Luckily the lighting in Morton's is really super dim...don't think they got a good look at us =)
Then our server actually introduce the entire menu to us with a live lobsters and some other sidekicks lineup for the show...the lobster was the star of course =P

It's really a night of many first...

Last night was perfect...the atmosphere at Morton's was just right for romance.

Dark, quiet, mysterious ;P

I love it...

Thank you my darling *hugs*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Last year, we couldn't celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary together as Eric had settled down in Macau while I was still working in KL.

Obviously I was sad. So this year, by hook or by crook...I gotta be with my sweetheart =P

Two years on and I love him more with each passing day.

He makes red seem redder.
He makes a life funnier (with his crooked sense of humour!).
He makes my tears into smiles.
He makes me a better person (though I'm still a clown in the kitchen =P)

Most of all...he makes me wonder what made God thinks I deserve someone as wonderful as him?

Darling...here's to 2 years and 80 more!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold day

Today the weather was super cold.
Temperature was hovering at 12 degrees Celsius the whole day.
It's the coldest since I got here this winter.
So freaking hard to breathe in the cold -_-

But...Tomorrow is a special day....even if it's still cold.
Can't believe how time flew.
I'm still loving it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chan Kong Kei @ Macau

One cold but sunny afternoon, Eric took us to restaurant he discovered some time back.

Chan Kong Kei serves roasted goodies that is so popular with Chinese.

Definitely popular with our family =P

It's a little restaurant located near "san ma lo". Super pack during peak eating hours.
This is where the "chop chop chop" magic happens...yum yum
Can't believe vege can look this appetizing...I'm so not a vege person

Surprisingly...this plain looking soup taste pretty good

Yup...it has barley and some other beans in it.

I love this sauce/dip thingy. Wish I can get this in KL

This roasted goose is yummilicious...it's different from those goose you normally get. This one is juicy and it has a herbal taste.

Finally...finalllllyyyy...SIEW YOKE!

I want more!

Gotta admit the goose is one of the yummiest I've ever had in Macau.

My only peev is the bill.

I'll only be back here if I'm really...I mean REALLY desperate for some yummy goose.

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