Thursday, April 22, 2010

Murphy's Law

Ever heard of Murphy's Law?

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

That sort of sum up my day.
It all started on Tuesday with the the sky pouring cat's & dogs in the afternoon which affected work at the site I'm looking after =(
Wednesday continued being crappy and it kicked into high gear after lunch where we got some unexpected disappointing news which threw things into a chaos.
The sky was threatening to pour again today and I was worried sick.
With dark clouds over our heads, we managed to get some important work done at the site.
I even got down & dirty helping the workers with some planting just so we could finish faster.
Ended the day with a trip to the USJ 8 police station.
Got into a freaking accident right after the USJ 21 Petronas/KFC while heading back to the office.
It's none of my fault as I was the 2nd car in a 4 cars chain reaction.
Nope, I'm not hurt. Thank you for asking.
Just a little shaken as the impact was pretty strong in such a small car.
It's just such a freaking bad day.

Oh...and pimples are popping out all over my face again =(
And I'm fucking putting on weight from stress eating.
Room in a mess...closet in a in a mess.
Bills to pay...income tax to declare...things to fix.
Even my pedicure is in a sad state =(
Talk about pushing one over the edge.

I so need a hug right now but Eric's in Singapore.
He better cross his fingers and hope that he doesn't come home to a crazy wife @_@

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ink Stains

So...yesterday I had a meeting with a client of ours and I wore one of my nicer working shirts which was beige in colour.
We walked around the site and I was taking notes while sweating like a mad woman.
After the meeting, my boss said to me " have ink on your shirt"
I managed to draw graffity on my beautiful shirt with black ink -_-

Everyone told me it's hard to get ink out from fabric and it obviously made me quite upset lar...with my stupidity.
I should've been more careful with such a powerful weapon in my hands trotting around in 3 inch heels with a big document bag on my shoulder and a notebook!
What can a working gal do?
Well....thank goodness for Google!
Once I got back to the office, I quickly Google on how to remove ink stains from clothes.
Found this great tip on eHow on how it's done.
I'm a little sceptical on using hairspray so I tried with nail polish remover instead.
And it freaking worked!!!
At first I freaked out a little as the nail polish remover actually made the ink spread into a bigger mess...but I kept blotting and blotting with cotton buds until the ink was almost all gone =)
There was still a faint shadow of the stain (my shirt is beige) so I put some detergent on it and and rub it a little.
Rince it off and even the shadow was gone *jumps around happily*
So there you go...if you need to get ink stain out from your favourite shirt...give nail polish remover a try...I can't vouch for the hairspray as I didn't try that method.
We do learn something new everyday =D
(No pics as I was too anxious to remove the stain and only thought about it after it was done)

Oh..and I'm also getting fat =( =( =(
It's all Eric's fault...supper is too good to resist! *sigh*
I've also spend quite a bit on office attire over the weekend...I do need more though.
I'm currently wearing clothes from donkey years ago...they still fit okay.
I still need =P

On a side note...I'm hating service providers *growl*
They seriously get on my nerves.
One of them actually hung up on made me so bloody pissed.
I lodged a complaint...serves her fat ass right for messing with me.
I'm not going to let her off so easy.
We're paying them a sizeable amount every month and this is the kind of crappy services they give their customers.
Gotta cool down...not worth stressing myself over such idiots.

On a happier note...Eric found a car he likes and we're in the midst of getting it.
Hopefully it'll be coming home soon with us *cross fingers*
And the office is filling up with new was so lonely sitting here in the department all by myself.
I'm glad to say I'm working with super nice people...they're friendly and fun but of course there are exceptions.
We just ignore those sourpuss.
It's a nice change of environment from working in a MNC company.
Less SOP, less stress, less politics and best of all, less people looking over your shoulders and trying to step all over you.
Of course there's pros and cons in any far, I'm happy here.'s only my 3rd we'll see how things goes in the next few months.
I just can't stand so much inefficiency and delays...sigh...just gotta learn to be more patient *breathe in, breathe out*

Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy Busy

Haven't been blogging much lately as life has suddenly gotten pretty busy.
Don't have much time to do stuffs since I started I miss my bumming days =(
I've also been falling asleep in front of the tv after work coz I'm exhausted...not really from work but lack of sleep since Eric gets back pretty late.
Once a workaholic...always a workaholic -_-

Since it's April's Fool day suddenly occured to me that it has been exactly 1 year since I was admitted into Kiang Wu hospital.
Thank goodness I've been pretty healthy since then *cross fingers*

Oh...our water heater died on us last night when we're halfway through our shower -_-
One minute there's hot water...before we know it...we're having a cold shower.
It totally skipped my mind today to get someone to come and fix I had another cold shower tonight *sigh*

So many things to do and there's just not enough hours in a day!!!
The library is still in a mess...I know...I know...I just didn't have enough time to get it done lar.
It's a chore to iron shirts for work...I can never seem to get it right =(
I don't even bother with one is going to notice okay.

We've yet to get a car for Eric...that's high on the priority list.
Oh...and I need to get a working bag so I can stuff documents in it when I visit sites and clients.
I need shoes too (darling...I do okay...all my working shoes are old)
Not too mention the mountain of bills =( =( =(

It's tiring just looking at the to-do list...I'll just sleep on it for now...can barely focus.
And I've also started to bring work home *slaps forehead*
Should really get started on it now...
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