Thursday, April 22, 2010

Murphy's Law

Ever heard of Murphy's Law?

"Anything that can go wrong will go wrong"

That sort of sum up my day.
It all started on Tuesday with the the sky pouring cat's & dogs in the afternoon which affected work at the site I'm looking after =(
Wednesday continued being crappy and it kicked into high gear after lunch where we got some unexpected disappointing news which threw things into a chaos.
The sky was threatening to pour again today and I was worried sick.
With dark clouds over our heads, we managed to get some important work done at the site.
I even got down & dirty helping the workers with some planting just so we could finish faster.
Ended the day with a trip to the USJ 8 police station.
Got into a freaking accident right after the USJ 21 Petronas/KFC while heading back to the office.
It's none of my fault as I was the 2nd car in a 4 cars chain reaction.
Nope, I'm not hurt. Thank you for asking.
Just a little shaken as the impact was pretty strong in such a small car.
It's just such a freaking bad day.

Oh...and pimples are popping out all over my face again =(
And I'm fucking putting on weight from stress eating.
Room in a mess...closet in a in a mess.
Bills to pay...income tax to declare...things to fix.
Even my pedicure is in a sad state =(
Talk about pushing one over the edge.

I so need a hug right now but Eric's in Singapore.
He better cross his fingers and hope that he doesn't come home to a crazy wife @_@

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