Friday, February 25, 2011


So...we said 'Bye' to Tiger and 'Hi' to Rabbit.
We waited anxiously everyday for the pass month or so...
"D"(due) date came and gone...
and Jr. is still happily incubating inside me.

Geez...all that anticipation...and now we are faced with the possibility of having a big baby (coz babies puts on weight really fast after they're due) which will lead to a C-sect instead of having him the natural way.

I was really hoping to have Jr. by natural birth and without any epidural (too many side effects that bothers me) but I never ruled out C-sect just in case the situation calls for such intervention.

Doc gave Jr. another week to make his grand entrance into this world by himself...if he still refuses to budge...then we're left with no other choice.

What a dilemma =(
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