Thursday, November 26, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d11

And it's my last day of bootcamp for November.

Today was a wee bit better than Tuesday but still it was hardcore.
We had to sprint about six steps and drop to the ground to complete an exercise (either push ups, sit ups, squat jumps, grunts) then repeat the same for about 10 stations.
We went round and round until it was time to stop.

Anyways, when Corporal Dharmin(I'm not sure how his name is spelt) was explaining what we had to do at the stations...Corp Jon was showing the moves to the platoon...and that's when he did his famous butterfly/dolphin/leaf/caterpillar(added today) dive to the ground.
Everyone was entranced okay.
Not many people can float to the ground to do a push up =P

Then Corp Jon had to show us a squat jump.
When he looked more like a starry squat jump!
Imagine a star fish jumping with arms and legs at the sides.
It was my turn to do the circuit and I reached where Corp Jon was stationed...
I got ready to do my starry squat jump and suddenly I heard him say "Show me your Sailormoon jump" O_O

For those who doesn't know Sailor Moon...

Sailor Moon is the yellow haired gal on the left with the super long twin ponytails at the sides of her head. For the jump...can refer to the gal in the middle =)

I burst out laughing as it was so unexpected...then I jumped and went "wheeee..."
Us gals definitely look quite cute doing a Sailormoon lar...then suddenly I spotted the Pakcik in front of me =P
Wonder if Corp Jon made him to do a Sailormoon too!
It was a happy starry squat jump for about 2-3 stations...then I wasn't so happy about it anymore.

Damn tiring to jump like that okay -_-

Anyways, we ended up in mamak after that.
Many of them left early but Bev and I stayed back to wait for Suanie as she was coming to join us.
Poor gal wasn't at bootcamp today as she's down with the flu.
So we were updating Suanie with the latest gossips/happenings of bootcamp and about the new trainee trainers who were helping out today.

Topic was about the guy trainee and then Suanie asked..."Is he a PT?"
Bev answered "No lar...he's not pretty at all k"
Me and Suanie stared at her..."PT...personal trainer lar"

Lol...don't know what's on Bev's mind =P

On the drive home, I was thinking how time flies...can't believe I managed to stick with bootcamp for 2 freaking months.
And I'm still alive =)

After 2 months, I feel that I'm healthier and fitter.
I don't feel so sluggish and lethargic anymore which is good.
Definitely stronger as well as my push ups are getting better and grunts doesn't seem so intimidating anymore (though I still hate it).

I love my bootcamp buddies, both trainers and recruits.
Bootcamp wouldn't be the same without them.
We shared lots of tears, laughters, pains, grunts and mud together.
If stinky mud doesn't bring people closer together...I don't know what will =P
No regrets in joining bootcamp (okay lar...maybe a itsy bitsy lil bit when I look in the mirror and spots are glaring back at I'm avoiding mirrors)

Hooyah PJ Bravo!!!
Will miss you all lots =(

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d10

And it ain't getting any easier!

After almost 2 months of bootcamp, one would think that I'll like running a little more than when I started.
Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Running is still a pain in my cute ass.
Today we did LOTS of running...too much till I almost gave up and drop dead in the middle of the 'cowdung' padang.
We each got a partner and Suanie was mine, one of us had to run and the other had to do a series of exercises while waiting for the runner to get back.
Then we switch.
The thing is...we try to help one another by running slower (okay..I admit...damn tired until cannot run fast lar) but then...I always find one of the trainers running next to me =(
And they'll encourage me to run faster by going...

"Come on Tracy...pick up the pace"
"Catch up with her (the person running in front of me)"
"Sprint to the end!"
"You can do this...keep going"
"Just a little more (even when I still have half the distance to go!)"

and the best of all...

"She's not that far in front of you...catch up to her!"
Walaueh...that was said to the person running behind me...made me damn stress man.
So obviously I had to run faster lar...takkan just let another Ranger(cannot be Seals or Deltas la) overtake me like that.
Yalar...I kiasu =P
But then at mamak as I was eating my thosai...I started to wonder if there really was someone running behind me at all?
I can't even recall which trainer said it...maybe he was just messing with my head =( was seriously a mental game this morning.
And the gloomy weather didn't help one bit.

All this running was done in 3 rounds of 10 minutes each.
Since we have a partner and assuming we are at the same level of fitness, that means each of us ran about 5 minutes and did exercises for the other 5 minutes.
After the first round, I wanted to just fall to the ground and never get up again.

But then we had to go for round 2.
I was struggling real bad...breathing was in gasps and I probably sounded like I'm taking my last breath.
We were damn happy when Sarge said to take a 2 minutes(yippee!) water break and everyone thought it was warm down after that.

God forbid...we went for round 3 =(
Needless to say...everyone was looking kinda pale on the padang except for our wonderful trainers and a few hardcore Deltas.

Everyone did kinda looked half dead after today's training and no one was complaining about lack of intensity.
Even the final "hooyah" was without it's usual oomph.
Those who were saying training was easy recently got their wish...and almost KO the rest of us in the process.

Anyways...I wanna bitch about something someone said to me at mamak which got on my nerves.
This question was directed at me when this person found out I've been bumming for many moons now.
I've been asked this question many times before in many forms.
I've heard it all.
What made you think you'll be the first one to come up with such an original question?
And what made you think I would actually answer your question truthfully?

It's at the top of my "Most Hated Question List" and it goes like this...

"Don't you think you're wasting your time?"'s my time and I'll do what I want with it.

Call me defensive. Call me a bitch.
I don't owe anyone any explanations besides people I care to share with.
So can judge me all you like...I'll just bitch about you! 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d8

And we did it in Padang Merbuk in KL.
Don't ask me where it is located exactly...all I know is it's near the Tugu Negara and bird park.
Since I would obviously not be able to get there without losing my way, I carpooled with Suanie.
It's her bright little idea to go and join KL Bravo =)
We have an official and unofficial reason for crashing into KL Bravo's session today.
Took advantage of it just because we can's Bring-a-Friend Day so it's no biggie =P

Our official reason and we stand by it is...due to Suanie being back in her hometown this weekend and would miss tomorrow's session while Bev and I missed(thank God!) yesterday's "stinky cow dung" training in we decided to make up for it in Merbuk instead.

As for the unofficial reason...let's just say we weren't disappointed!!! ;P

Anyways...I got up damn early at 5am today and made my way to Centre Point's McD to meet up with the gals at 6am.
Bootcamp only starts at 7am but according to Suanie, it takes bout 40minutes to get there on normal traffic.
Since we didn't want to be late and get grunts, leaving at 6am sounds good enough.
Lo and behold...we got there in less than 15 minutes -_-

Still damn dark when we got there okay...most of the cars should be KL Alpha's.

Spotted a rope at the bootcamp's no likey rope =(

KL Alpha's in the padang...they're there lar...just too dark to see them!

We got there so early and nothing to do so we camwhore abit =P

And I thought the one with the longest arm would be able to take a nice self pic...your arm is not the focus point lar Bev!

Much better =D

Suanie has this weird tendency to do everything in the middle of the road...

Prove that I was in Padang Merbuk and realized it's spelled Merbuk instead of Merbok =D

Innocent looking padang...but it's damn freaking MUDDY!!!

Ample parking space...only wish we had the same in Astaka.

Bev, Suanie and Me after changing out of our dirty stinky muddy bootcamp attire.

This is Bev's 'after' bootcamp outfit. Same shorts different shoes O_o
So not matching lar =P

We went to a Malay stall nearby for breakfast...nasi lemak with cockles, egg and fried chicken =D

I'm never going to Padang Merbuk again for bootcamp.
There's mud and puddles of dirty water EVERYWHERE!
And the mud is so thick....our whole shoe will sink in it.
Then we have the trouble of pulling our feet out of the mud as it kinda suck on the shoe...once you get your feet back, shoes are covered in mud.
I know shoes are the same colour as the mud but it's still damn disgusting lar.
And the mud stinks really really really bad.

Today we did a circuit where we had to wave a rope, then jumping jacks, push and pull rifle and finally squats with rope.
Bad enough the rifles were coated with smelly mud and then we had to bring it so close to our's also damn tiring man.
I swear the rifles feel heavier...did the trainers add weight to it or is the mud a culprit?

Honestly, rope and mud is a bloody bad combination.
For the rope squats, we had to drape this freaking huge rope on our shoulders and do squats.
And the rope stinks super bad (worst than the rifles!) made me gag like crazy.
I almost puke because of it too =(
Muddy rope is not something I want to experience ever again.

So erm...Astaka it is and we're never going to complaint about the mud there ever again.
A salute to the KL platoon for putting up with such smelly muddy conditions all the time.
Who knows...maybe they think it smells good? =P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Si Lai" to the max

In case anyone is wondering..."si lai" refers to 'housewive aunty' in Cantonese.

I'm almost a fullfledge "si lai" minus the aunty part =P

Finally went to Sunway Pyramid today to get a whole load of stuffs on my list.
Jusco is having member's sale so it's a good bargain hunting time, especially since it's pharmacy is giving 15% off to members.
And the bucket load of what I needed are to be found in pharmacies anyway.

I love shopping for beauty and health stuffs in Pyramid for one reason, all the major pharmacies are located close to each other and on the same floor somemore!
Damn convenient for price comparison!
So first, we went to Caring 'cause they normally have some really good bargains for supplements and contact lens solutions. Can get Bonuslink points also =)
Next up was Jusco just to have a look. I've no doubt they would be the best grab with 15% off everything.
Watson's and Guardian have little gems here and there so bought whatever was cheapest among all the pharmacies.
Then we headed back to Jusco to get everything else.
I've already said I'm damn si lai =P

And being si lai saves lots of money in the long run okay.
An example of how my si lainess help save almost RM20 for a bottle of vitamin C...
There's this brand of vit C that we've been taking for years now...I like it because it's the slow release kind.
Anyways, the price had always been approx. RM90+-/bottle depending where you go.
Among Caring(whom we always bought it from), Guardian(is having a RM10 discount for a bottle), Watson's(no discount) and Jusco pharmacy, Jusco was still the cheapest at RM82.90.
And that is BEFORE the 15% discount!!! can do the math yourself.

Obviously it was a good buy lar...and I'm super happy with my effort today *pat on the back*
Little things like this brings a smile to my face 'cause it sux when you feel like you've been con by retailers.
I hate it when I buy something which I thought was a good deal to find it selling cheaper just a few doors away.
Even a few dollars cheaper also makes me feel cheated lar =P
But these things happen irregardless which country you're in.
Have encountered the same thing everywhere.
Just gotta be smart when buying something...especially when you need to bargain for it.
And I HATE bargaining. It's so fucking tiring.
Not that I'm not good at it, shopping in China will make you a bargain expert, but it's super annoying that you have to bargain non-stop.
Can die okay.

Aiyoh...I'm going off topic again.
Back to today's outing in Pyramid.
Again...we went to try out this little cafe looking place because of Mum.
Apparently her friend told her the laksa is to-die-for.
And I almost did...literally.

Toast Box is located at the Marrakesh if I'm not wrong next to a bakery which name I can't recall. Just look for Kenny Rogers and you'll find it...but don't waste your energy lar.

They have this set promo thingy that for RM7.50, you can have a laksa, mee siam or nasi lemak special with a glass of ice lemon tea.

It was 1pm...obviously it's lunch hour...and they ran out of chicken for the nasi lemak -_-
Cannot cook more is it?
Vomits blood.
So we decided on laksa ('cause it's the reason we're there in the 1st place!) and mee siam (as if got any other choice).

The supposedly awesome laksa.

And it came with lou shi fun (mouse noodles) instead of normal laksa noodles. It was a letdown bigtime. The serving was so small and lack ingredients...doubt a child would be full after eating one bowl. Not to mention the soup was kinda tasteless to me. Not worth it at all.

My mee siam which was a bigger disappointment. It was sourish and frankly, tasted weird. First time I'm having such mee siam and only managed to eat half of it with Mum's help.

I'm never going back to Toast Box...even for plain harmless toast.
And never again trusting Mum's friend for food recommendation.

Anyways, I'm still happy with our loot today even with the unfortunate lunch adventure.
My face is still swollen and I'm not feeling too good.
Hope I'm not falling sick...there's bootcamp tomorrow and I wanna go mamak after that to gossip =P

Oh..and I almost sweet pretty face is in a magazine!
A super small one lar but it's still ME!!!
It's in a article for Bootcamp in Health and Beauty magazine November issue.

That's me in the bottom pic =)

Thank goodness I was in a nice pose and not doing some not-so-flattering moves on the padang.
I was so excited and showed it to Mum...and guessed what she said...

Mum : Why you look so fierce? Must be more "ke ai" mar...*putting her hands to her face to show me the pose*
Me : Ma...where got people pose cute cute for bootcamp picture one lar? -_-
Mum : ai only nice don't know how to pose.

I just hope Eric's reaction would be better!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Drops from the sky

It's been raining almost everyday lately with the temperature dropping significantly.
It made me lazier than usual so most of the time I'm curled up at home reading.
I've finally finished reading Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr.
The three books of the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.
Book 4 is not out yet so for now...I'm done.
Glad I could finish it before leaving for Macau.
And now it left me with a desire for a Dragon of my own =)

I've got so many things to do before leaving and yet I'm procrastinating.
It's the weather I tell hard to leave my warm and comfy bed.
Only God knows how much effort it took to get my butt to Bootcamp this week...I was so tempted to sleep in today.
Even on non-bootcamp days, I've been getting up at 7am...automatically okay...without the alarm -_-
Sucks big time.
But thankfully I've always manage to go back to sleep =P

For the past week, besides hibernating like a cute little bear at home, I've also been eating like one.
I get hungry so fast and no amount of food seems to be enough.
It was kinda scary as the urge to eat was there all the time.
Corp Faizal mentioned it could be hormones that's causing me to think I'm hungry even when I'm not.
I'm happy to report that my appetite has gone back to normal.
No more insatiable cravings for food.
Maybe now I can shed a little weight before heading to Macau where I'm sure to be piling it all back on again.
It's getting very cold in Macau and will be even colder when I get there.
So not looking forward to the cold...but it should make exercising less tedious(if I actually do it) sweat mar.
I can't wait to see Eric...I've been missing him heaps.
It's so hard being apart like this and I feel that it's harder on me than him.
Can't help being such an emo creature...not to mention I crave physical contact.
My wait will be over soon....if only time will fly faster!

I only hope my face will not bruise too badly from my stupidity today.
Got back from bootcamp and I went to get my stuffs out of the car.
Opened the car door and hit my face =(
Thankfully it missed my eye...I hit the area just below my left eye near my nose.
Okay...luckily I didn't break my nose either.
It's super painful and I've been rubbing it tenderly in hopes that I won't get a horrible blue-black bruise tomorrow.
It's bad enough that my face had broken out with angry red acne since I started Bootcamp =(
Mum has been nagging about how I've destroyed my skin for Bootcamp *sigh*
It's the price I had to pay to get healthier, fitter and hangout with my friends.
I'm trying to get my skin back to how it was before...but it's not easy since I'm still doing Bootcamp 3 times a week.
The padang is very dirty lar.
Even facials are in vain...the beautician asked me to consider quitting Bootcamp to save my face from further damage.
So obviously I've chosen Bootcamp over my vanity...just barely =P

I've also been neglecting my cross stitching since starting bootcamp.
Wish I could work on it but it seems so daunting 'cause I don't have the concentration needed.
Working on a cross stitch while feeling  tired is asking for trouble.
Chances are...I'll count wrongly or use the wrong colour which would mean more time spent on rectifying the mistake.
Better to avoid stressing myself now it's sitting in my closet while I consider whether to bring it to Macau.(it's actually quite bulky and heavy)
I plan to knit when I'm there so no time for cross stitching.
In between that I want to workout to maintain my fitness level...then catch up on all my fav tv series that I miss so much.
Come to think of it...I'll just knit and watch the shows at the same time =P

I have slightly more than a week to get everything done in KL.
Gotta do some shopping and meet up with some friends if I can.
Oh...time is flying...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Is It

Yup, it definitely was.
Took Mum to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It movie today and I don't care what others say, it was wonderful and sad at the same time.

All through the movie, I can't help marvelling at MJ.
He danced and sang like it was effortless.
Granted, he has a few sizzling hot young male dancers all around him but MJ was still the greatest.
I can't help being amazed at how detailed MJ was to made sure everything was perfect for his fans.
And what was planned for Smooth Criminal was just too cool....especially the part where the camera flew over the city and MJ with crew made a smooth entrance.
I was awed.

I've heard many people commenting that This Is It was boring.
But to me, it gave us a rare opportunity to see MJ working hard behind the scenes...and how he has a sense of humour.
I believe, to appreciate This Is It, one needs a good dose of imagination.
Imagine how it would look like on it's stage in London.
Imagine MJ and crew in full costume.
Imagine the crowd, the fans, the energy, the screams, the tears.
Imagine the emotions to be where the magic is happening.
One can't begin to know how it feels like to be in an MJ concert if you've never been to one.
When I was in the cinema today, I felt the same rush of emotions that washed over me while I was screaming like crazy(yup, even while the stage was blackout for costume change) for MJ during his 1996 HIStory World tour in Kuala Lumpur.
At one point during the movie, the director goes "Hold for applause...." and it brings a smile to my face.
Well...the applause and screaming during MJ's concert never stops =P

Needless to say, there were lots of scenes where MJ was showing off his famous crotch grabbing move.
And two Aunties sitting behind us giggles everytime he does it.
The more crotch grabbing action on the big screen....the more excited they got!
The funniest part was when MJ was on stage performing solo a slow-motion crotch grabbing and his dancers were watching him below the stage while imitating the crotch move.
And the Aunties got super excited and loudly exclaimed "That guy touch so hard hor hehehehe...Michael do so smooth*giggles*
Aunties in Malaysia seemed to be crotch grabbing expert all of a sudden ;P

Actually, when MJ does the crotch thingy, it's like a work of art.
Just like moonwalk.
But if a 50 years old uncle go grab his crotch in front of me on the street...I'll whack him on the head(doesn't matter with one) with my handbag!!!
Yup...only MJ at 50 can make it look so cool ;P

No one can deny MJ was a genious.
It's such a tragedy that he couldn't show us the true glory of his last concert.
It would've blown everyone away, MJ style.
There is only one Michael Jackson and this is it.

Broga Hill @ Semenyih, Selangor

Broga Hill is no secret anymore.
Many has made the climb to it's peak and took beautiful pictures.
We wanted to catch the sunrise but unfortunately, a few minutes after we started our journey up the hill, the sky started to light up and we don't even need our torchlights anymore.
I was pretty paranoid about being attacked by mosquitoes during the hike as I sometimes develop horrible allergies to their bites.
We put on lots of mosquito repellant right before heading into the jungle of lalang.

Thankfully, not many mosquitoes were in sight and no one complaint of being attacked by bloodsuckers.
Maybe we were just lucky that the mosquitoes left us alone =)
Which reminds me...I got a free Iced Milo from McD's when tapauing burger for Suanie as we foresee being hungry after reaching the peak.
Should've guessed that things could only get better after that for the trip =)

It's my first time hiking and I'm not sure what I expected of it actually.
I only know it's not going to be easy.
The trail was uneven and narrow. Some parts were pretty steep too.
I got scared many times as it's so easy to slip and just fall into the ravine just next to the trail.
Being a super clumsy person doesn't help much either.
(I constantly trip when walking on flat ground wearing flat shoes -_-)
So it took me quite a long time to actually reach the lower peak.
The Deltas were probably sprinting and I bet they got bored of watching the lalang while waiting for the rest of us to get up there =P

First picture of Broga...

Ruk, Me and Suanie. Yes, I know lar...the view is all lalang

More lalang...

View from the peak we stopped at to rest while Deltas headed for the next peak.

Sean and Tricia demonstrating what you can do up in Broga besides enjoying view of lalangs

Lonely path I took on the way down...

The climb down was even scarier than going up.
I slipped a few times and was scared half to death as I was all alone.
Those in front of me went out of sight as they were so fast on their feet.
Those behind me got held up for one reason or another.
I kept thinking if I fall into the ravine, no one will know where and when I disappeared =(
At one point..I looked back and shouted "SUANIE!!!!" 'cause I was feeling lonely walking alone surrounded by lalang and trees.
I didn't hear any reply from her so I kept going as I assumed she was to far back to hear me.
Apparently she did hear me shout and answered =P

I realized that I don't fancy hiking.
It's only fun because of the people I'm with.
Without any doubt, we are a bunch of very noisy people...even while hiking =P

Hiking it's not easy at all, it takes alot of strength and my legs are still aching from Broga.
Even bootcamp is easier than hiking!
And I've been told Broga is easy O_o
I think I went with a group of Supermen and Superwomen =)

If you're planning to visit Broga Hill, advisable to go early as it gets pretty hot up there when the sun is up.
I did enjoy myself eventhough the day started with lots of drama.
I'm just glad it ended on a happy note.
But I'm still going to think twice three times if anyone ever suggest I go hiking again.
Can we go to the beach instead?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Original Bootcamp Malaysia : m2d3

Am so tired today as I didn't get a good night's sleep.
Went to bootcamp anyway...and it's another day in the mud.

We had to run around in circles marked by cones and flip 4 tyres placed at intervals.
Each time we reach an empty tyre, gotta flip it 3 times.
It must also not be abandoned for more than 5 seconds.
Cheating will result in time being added.
How to cheat?'s any delay in flipping, any walking, any stopping or any running inside the cones.
We got lots of time added thanks to a particular recruit who keeps running inside the cones right in front of the trainer -_-
They should've learnt the art of cheating smartly by now *sigh*

Tyre flipping has become somewhat easier.
Not sure if I've gotten stronger or it's just a case of mind over matter.
It was muddy man...have to be smart to avoid places where the tyres make mud splashes.
Ain't a pretty sight to be covered in mud during bootcamp.

Mamak session was drama to the max lar.
Not going to elaborate as I'm too tired to bitch about the lack of customer service again.'s Ganesh.
Don't know why people insist of going there at all.

Suanie, Bev, Faizal and I then lepak in Ali Berkat(yup, we moved mamak) until it was about 1.30pm. And the pic above shows how many drinks the 4 of us had =P
It's a record for after bootcamp mamak session man.

I'm so tired after today's session....well, the truth is, every session is tiring lar.
Tomorrow is the hike up Broga Hill and I gotta get my butt up at 3.45am so I could meet up with the convoi.
This better be worth it!
Yes Bev, it's all your "brilliant idea" as usual =P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Load of crap

Warning : Long bitchy post ahead...

Mum has been pestering to try out this new Thai restaurant in Taipan called Restoran Phad Thai located on the same row as Sing Kong restaurant facing the multi storey carpark.
I decided to take her there tonight for dinner.
Regret it kau-kau man.
Never again will I step my dainty foot in this restaurant.

The crappy Phad Thai restaurant located a few shops away from Sing Kong.

We sat down and the waiter already start to piss me off.
He gave us the menu and stood next to our table....waiting (for the cows to come home maybe)
It irritates me when they just stand there and watch you go through the menu.
Nothing better to do is it?
Good etiquette would be to give the customer a few minutes to decide what they want to order.
Not standing there like an idiot.

Anyways, that was just a small part that pisses me off.
Ordered pandan chicken, tom yum kung, phad thai noodles & coconut.
And we waited...and waited...while they serve a table (lets call this table B) that came after us.
The lady at table B then started digging into the tom yum and complaining to her husband "Why no mee one?"
She then complaint to the waitress about the lack of noodles.

As for me, I got pissed and demanded where are our drinks?
How can they serve table B and not us?
A waitress then came and demanded rudely "What you order?"
I stare cock at her and said "You go and check lar"
Fuck man..want me to do her job is it?
You know what, the stupid waiter wrote the wrong table number on our order.
So they served my coconut and tom yum to table B.

Fine. Under normal circumstances, if they would have just apologize nicely with a smile and go get my order, I'll be okay.
But noooooo...this guy was testing my patience to the limit.
Guess what he did?
He went to table B, took the bowl of molested tom yum with his thumb dipping into the soup and placed it in front of me.
The same tom yum that the lady at table B dug around in.
Bloody hell...he somemore has the cheek to say "She didn't eat it what. It was on the table only"
Expect me to happily eat a dish that some stranger has already dug through looking for noodles?
I ask him is he crazy or what?
He kept repeating that the tom yum was on the table and the lady didn't eat it.
And the stupid busybody lady chimed in "I didn't it eat yet"
As if it makes a difference to me lar whether she ate it or not.
Why don't she let me dig through her food and then she eats it?
I bet it'll taste better with my saliva.
This is not just a matter of principle, it's also about hygiene lar.
Some people should just mind their own business and fuck off.

The waiter refuses to change the tom yum until I make a huge scene.
He reluctantly took it away while showing me a super black face.
Excuse's your own fucking fault that you wrote the wrong table number on the order.
It's your fucking fault the food got delivered to the wrong table.
It's that lady's fucking fault that she dug through food that she didn't order.
I was mighty pissed at this point.
Boiling mad actually.

I demanded to see the manager or boss.
The waitress when to the back of the restaurant for a little while looking for the manager I supposed and then came back and totally ignored me.
Walaueh...what kind of stupid service is it?
I raised my voice to the waitress and demanded whether the manager is coming?
She then started mumbling something about the order is at the front...blah blah blah.
Manager dare not face an angry customer?

I told her to not bother with our order and walked out.
I was bloody pissed off.
I've encountered some bad service before but it's the first time that a restaurant wanted me to eat food that was already served and intimately inspected by another customer.
If they can do such stupid thing at the front of house, just imagine what goes on in the kitchen.

I'm not such a hard customer to please actually.
Eric is the critical one...nothing escapes him and it can quite stressful when he doesn't like something about a restaurant.
But this is seriously too much.
And not even a word of "Sorry" from the obviously IQ & EQ challenged staffs.
I don't understand how can an F&B outlet not put customer service as priority?
Just because we're not paying 5 star prices doesn't mean we don't deserve some sort of acceptable level of courtesy while dining.
A very simple example is how we switched from Ganesh to Ali Berkat for our after bootcamp mamak session.
We're such regulars now that I even get discount eating there.
It's all about customer service =)
If you don't value your customer enough, they'll be gone and you won't get them back.

In my opinion, if a place serves sucky food but give great service, I'll be tempted to give them a 2nd chance. After all, chefs do make mistakes from time to time. I'm sure if you tell them what's wrong with the dish, they'll be happy to change it for you. I know as I married a chef.
However, if the service sucks, I'll never be back again no matter how yummilicious the food taste. Bad service makes yummy food taste like rubbish.

As for this relatively new restaurant, lets see how long they'll be around.
Due to their lack of customer service awareness, I'm sure they haven't heard of the phrase "Word of mouth".
No worries...I'll be sure to pass the word around on their behalf =P
And I'll never set foot in there again even if they had Christiano Ronaldo eating there wearing only tiny Speedos.

If you think that I'm being overly dramatic and you find the food there spectacular irregardless of the service level, go fuck yourself.  
Yup, finished bitching.
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