Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Forest Gump said that life is like a box of chocolates.
I like chocolates.
But what do you do when life throws you a lemon?
Lemon with sour juices and bitter skin.
What can you do but take it all while hoping that you can get rid of it soon and someone would throw you a peice of chocolate instead.
The lemon will make you miserable...questioning yourself. Questioning God. Questioning everything. Doubting.
How much can you take before you breakdown?
When would you decide that you had enough lemons and start collecting chocolates again?
Who would give you chocolates in the future?
Do you deserve chocolates?
I know everyone has had their fair share of lemons in their life.
I just want my box of  chocolate back...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Out of the dark

Back in the land of casinos and it's been kinda drama from KL till we got here.
Was in LCCT damn super early and spent like 5 hours roaming the little airport.
Loaded up on unnecesary calories as there's nothing else to do but to eat, drink and surf the web.

Boarded the plane and it was packed with irritating people.
I seriously wanted to smack the guy sitting behind me as he kept kicking my seat.
Then we sat in the stationary plane for almost ONE freaking hour due to heavy rain and thunder.
Yeah...imagine...stucked in a small plane that is not moving and then this stupid idiot behind me likes to kick.
Lovely start to our journey -_-
Erm...ate again in the plane...nothing to do mar.
Then slept a little thanks to Ronaldo wannabe behind me.

So...drama in KL and plane over...welcome to drama in Macau.
Eric gotta work as there's VIP dining in his restaurant.
So we made our way home ourselves.
We had one huge luggage weighing about 20kgs, 2 small hand carry weighing 13kgs and then 2 handbags.
And we had to drag it all up to our apartment at the 4th floor!
No elevator okay....only fucking stairs.
I tribute my survival of the stairs+bags to bootcamp.
What little muscles I managed to build in the last 2 months did wonders =)

Drama didn't end there.
Our room light was dead.
Couldn't unpack my stuffs and had to make do with groping around.
Before we could get it fix, the whole apartment went dead.
Yup...something went wrong somewhere and we ended up with no electricity.
And then we tried to get an electrician to fix it.
He didn't show up when he said he would.
I showered with candle light.
Eric reminded me that I should be grateful that our water heater uses gas instead of electricity (a fact that I was bitching about constantly) and I now shall not complain anymore.

Thank goodness we got everything fixed today so I'm finally connected to the virtual world.
Was very deprieved.
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