Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Life has slowed into a routine lately.
Nothing much is happening but work, eat and sleep.
I'm now craving for some excitement in my life.

There's going to be changes next week...
I'm excited but also worried.
Not sure what to expect so I'll elaborate more once I've survived my 1st day.

I've also been putting on weight like crazy =(
Must do something about it...not eating is NOT an option.
Love my yummy foods too much to give it up!
Just gotta get my fat ass moving...maybe it's time to give that treadmill a try.

The weather has been crazy nice the past few days.
It's so bloody hard to get up from our warm bed when it's raining outside in the morning.
Then it's cloudy the whole day which makes me sleepy in the office.
Not being very productive this week =P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Early Birthday Present

So...I got an early birthday present =)
Can't believe I got so many offers in such a short period of time.
The hard part is in choosing the right one for me.
After asking advice from many many people, the all gave me the same answer.
It's tempting to go the other way...but my decision is based on long term prospects.
Short term gratification might just come back and bite me on the ass.
I'm hoping it's the right decision *cross fingers*
But I won't know till the time comes.
Here's to my early birthday present...hopefully...more presents to come!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I feel like I'm the edge all the time.
I can't seem to settle down...and be truly happy.
Something is missing...I know it.
I wonder if it's me that's causing all this negative energy around me.
I'm restless most of the times...lost in my own crazy thoughts.
Maybe I should cheack myself into a staying at a temple and just meditate to find inner peace.
Maybe I should just not care anymore...the more I care, the crazier I get.
Why should my happiness be determined by someone else?
I'm trying so hard to change....not easy and it's a bloody struggle everyday.
Why can't people just accept us for who we are?
I hope I find what I'm looking for soon...if only to keep me sane.
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