Monday, May 30, 2011

Marcus Baby Photo Shoot

Not long after my Maternity Shoot, out pops Marcus Boy <3
When he was around 3 weeks old, he had his first photoshoot...also by two-pixels.

Hello world

I <3 Mum baby cute

My lil cheeky boy

Count my lil toes mummy!

Daddy, Mummy & Marcus makes 3

Hi there pretty girl *wink*
Baby model pose

My lil' baby is growing up so fast.
Seems like it was just yesterday we brought him home. our lives have changed.since Marcus boy arrived.
Wouldn't trade it for the world <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Maternity Shots

Back in January when Marcus Boy was still comfortably cradled inside me, I had my maternity shots taken by Two Pixels.
You can only go through your first pregnancy know, like losing one's virginity.
Must cherish the once in a lifetime experience.

So I decided to have pics of me taken while I look like a penguin for memories.
If I'm gonna look like a penguin, might as well be a beautiful one =P
And also I get show them to Marcus Boy when he's bigger...let him know what he did to Mummy's figure!

There were many shots taken...alas, I only look good in some pics.
In many pics, I think I look too BIG, smile not nice enough, hair too messy, looked too tired...etc.
Hence lots of pics of only the baby bump =P

I'm glad I have many beautiful pics as well =)
It just seems so surreal...that I was once that big with Marcus Boy growing inside me <3

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Stages

The easiest part in the whole wonderful experience of having Marcus the 'baby making' stage.
It's fun...and pleasurable ;P
I'm sure nobody minds going through this stage over and over again.

Then the 'pregnant' stage hits. It ain't so fun anymore.
Nausea and vomiting.
Followed by cravings, weight gain, tiredness, swelling feet and sweating all the time.
Not too mention unattractively waddling around like a penguin and needing to pee ever so often.

Just when I've had enough of being mistaken for an Asian penguin...
The 'birth stage' was a welcomed relieve.
That is...until the contractions started and let me tell never knew pain until you had a baby.
I can't even describe the level of pain we women have to bear in childbirth (the natural way and not Cesarean)
Yup...It was freaking scary.
Was it worth it? Of course!
But a little less pain would've made it a more pleasant experience!

Now we're at the 'bundle of joy' stage.
Marcus boy is the joy of my life...just seeing him smile makes my day.
But I could do with more sleep.
I am exhausted from lack of sleep and rest.
The cycle of taking care of Marcus during the night to working during the day is taking a toll on me.
Finding it really hard to focus at work when I miss my baby.
And finding it hard to spend quality time with my baby when I'm exhausted.
I do feel guilty for not being able to spend more time with him...what can this Mommy do?
There is only so many hours in a day...and they're never enough =(

I miss my baby.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Celebrating Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day weekend.
I'm still at awe that now I'm somebody's mommy.
I now have my precious Marcus Boy <3
Who at 2 months old...just lights up my life.

Unexpectedly, Eric managed to take the weekend off which is rare during such occasions.
So off we went to Mid Valley as I wanted to check out stuffs at the Baby and Mom Expo.

Lunch was at Pasta Zanmai as Mum wanted Japanese cuisine.
Though Pasta Zanmai is more fusion than Japanese, it is the nearest outlet to where we were.
Marcus Boy wanted his milk so we made a dash for the restaurant. 

Garlic fried rice with fried chicken

Hot pot pasta in soup with oysters

Some roll that came with Mum's came with a bowl of pasta with tempura.

Mini scallop pizza that came with my set. Erm..forgot to take pics of mum's & my main dish =)

Tiramisu...not too shabby...I've had better.

1st time Mommy and Marcus Boy <3

Me & Mum with Marcus...he's such a big boy now.

After we've had lunch and Marcus Boy his milk, we head to the baby fair.
It was crowded alright...barely any walking space let alone to push a stroller.
There were pretty good bargains at the fair...if you don't mind shopping in claustrophobic and noisy conditions.
We did managed to get some stuffs...many more I wanted to check out but we didn't have much time.

Loot from baby fair
What we bought at the fair...

2 pieces of clothing for Marcus
Me love the "My Dad Is Cooler Than Your Dad" onesies (RM15)
Hoodie stripe top (RM25)

Nuk teething rings...can't remember how much it cost exactly but they were cheaper than many other brands we saw at the fair. They were less than RM10 each.
I have total faith in this brand. Marcus uses their bottles for feeding as well.

Stuffs from Pureen...

84 pieces disposable breast pad - It was a good buy at RM30. The cheapest I found before was during Babyland sale for about RM34. A must have for breastfeeding moms. Saw many ladies grabbing this too!

Baby wet wipes - 2 x 100pcs for RM9.

Liquid cleanser for bottels & teats refill pack - 2 x 650ml at RM22. We are currently using this to wash Marcus's bottles and also my breast pump.Wanted to get the bottle (instead of refill) promotion as well but too heavy lar. Anyways, the refill packs will last us for many months. We've yet to finish the 1st bottle since Marcus's arrived.

Nappy Rash cream(50g) RM7 - Marcus doesn't really use nappy cream but then no harm having some around the house just in case.

Baby toothbrush & gum massager RM5 - Since baby starts teething from 4 months onwards...this will come in handy. For now...will try to massage his gums if he'll let me. Marcus tends to bite when we clean his mouth with cotton.

Rekito Mosquito Repellent RM 16 - Recently Marcus got bitten by a blood sucking mosquito on his face during the night. I've gotten lots of grieve from "people" because of this. think I want a mozzy to bite my baby? *sigh*
So now armed with a repellent...hopefully mozzies will stay the hell away from my sweet blooded baby =)
Just in case you're wondering...Don't spray a baby with the mosquito repellent lar.
Don't even let the chemical come in contact with baby's skin.
Just spray on things around him such as bedsheet, stroller or sarong.
The smell will keep mozzies at bay.

And please spray when baby is not around so it won't get into baby's eyes.
Use some common sense lar when it comes to things like this.

I enjoyed my Mother's Day out.
Hopefully Marcus boy did too.
Can't wait for the day when he can wish me a "Happy Mother's Day" =)
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