Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Maternity Shots

Back in January when Marcus Boy was still comfortably cradled inside me, I had my maternity shots taken by Two Pixels.
You can only go through your first pregnancy know, like losing one's virginity.
Must cherish the once in a lifetime experience.

So I decided to have pics of me taken while I look like a penguin for memories.
If I'm gonna look like a penguin, might as well be a beautiful one =P
And also I get show them to Marcus Boy when he's bigger...let him know what he did to Mummy's figure!

There were many shots taken...alas, I only look good in some pics.
In many pics, I think I look too BIG, smile not nice enough, hair too messy, looked too tired...etc.
Hence lots of pics of only the baby bump =P

I'm glad I have many beautiful pics as well =)
It just seems so surreal...that I was once that big with Marcus Boy growing inside me <3


Baby said...

you look bigger when you in the dress

Tracy said...

I know!

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