Monday, May 30, 2011

Marcus Baby Photo Shoot

Not long after my Maternity Shoot, out pops Marcus Boy <3
When he was around 3 weeks old, he had his first photoshoot...also by two-pixels.

Hello world

I <3 Mum baby cute

My lil cheeky boy

Count my lil toes mummy!

Daddy, Mummy & Marcus makes 3

Hi there pretty girl *wink*
Baby model pose

My lil' baby is growing up so fast.
Seems like it was just yesterday we brought him home. our lives have changed.since Marcus boy arrived.
Wouldn't trade it for the world <3


ladyviral said...

congratulations on being mummy!

Tracy said...


Tracy Poh said...

Hi Tracy!

You have such a wonderful blog here. I'm definitely gonna visit you more often now.

You may also hop onto my blog too. Nice meeting you :)

Tracy said...

Hi Tracy...

It's always nice meeting another Tracy...especially a blogging mummy like me!

Cheers =)

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