Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Cloth Diaper Stash

Recently, I've gone a little overboard with my online shopping spree....hehehe
Eric doesn't know the extend of it yet so sshhhhhhhhh...
The temptation was too great I tell you...so I ended up with some adorable cloth diapers for Marcus boy =P

My new Grovias <3 Mod Flower & Owl AI2 (all-in-2) and Nature AIO (all-in-one)

Happy Heiny Cow and Blueberry Minky Green Camo...love love love the minky fabric!

New and ready to be prep...they've gone through their first wash today...
Got myself a Planet Wise wet/dry bag in Art Deco print as well. Read super good reviews about them...crossing fingers that it lives up to the hype.
My current Ice (Blue) & Mandarin (Orange) Grovias joining new Grovia comrades for a photo shoot. I love the hook & loop (velcro) but decided to go with snaps for the new diapers just to try it out.

I was contemplating whether to get the Owl or Planes pattern as both got popular votes from Mummies & babies everywhere. Went with the Owl and they are oh-so-so cute =)

Cloth Diapers stash I have at the moment. 2 Bamboolite pocket, 5 Grovias, 1 Happy Heiny & 1 Blueberry Minky.

Since I'm really new to cloth diapering, it's advisable to try out different brands of CD (cloth diaper) to find the one that works best for my baby.
Babies are all unique so some brands will fit better than others.
I started out with Grovia (I just love the colours) and Bamboolite (was on promotion and made of bamboo which has antibacterial properties...made in M'sia)

Saw Happy Heiny(HH) & Blueberry(BB) on sale and decided to try it too...I really really wanted a CD made from minky (fluffy fabric). Saw the super cute camouflage print and I'm sold!!! =P

HH, BB and Grovia AIO are being prep at the moment...would have to go through a few more washes to get the absorbency up and then I'll try it on Marcus boy.
Even without putting it on Marcus...I already know I'm going to love my Grovia AIO.

I can't wait....to get my hands on more cloth diapers =P
Itti Bitti...I have my eyes on your fluff!

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