Monday, July 27, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris - Completed

I did it!!!
Finished the puzzle this afternoon.
OMG...the final piece was such drama.

I kept the hardest part for last.
Which is all the black clothing the humans are wearing.
I swear they all look the same...the black I mean O_o
Was so happy when I got to the last piece, which was black, obviously.
Slide it into the empty spot, and it won't fit! Arrggghhhh...
I was speechless.

Damn obvious there are some black pieces sitting where it shouldn't.
And it's so bloody hard to spot's all black okay -_-
Took me a long time to spot the little buggers and finally...FINALLY...the last piece of the puzzle found it's home.

Behold...the completed 3000 pieces Theatre, Paris.

Right view...

Left view...see all the black?

It probably doesn't look all that great in pics.
But trust me, it's awesome when you really see and touch it.
Something like the Mona Lisa I supposed.
You just gotta see it to be awed.
By my skills as well =P
Now...the puzzle is waiting to be transported to it's new home.
Uncle Hong will have to figure out how to get it there =P
I shall now return to stitch Blossoms.
Or maybe not.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Come here Horsey!

I know we live in a weird neighbourhood where people steal mangoes and stuffs.
But can you imagine my surprise one morning when I was driving out of the driveway and almost hit a horse? In front of my house.

That was more than a year ago.
It was one big horsey alright.
Mum told me, now there are three horses!!!
All living in the neighbourhood.

Horsey having snack...wonder where are it's playmates.

Yup, only in Putra Heights you can be living with monkeys and horses as neighbours.
Have been told(by Mum lar...who else?) that the horses stink real bad.

I really wonder if it's even legal to be keeping horses in a residential area.
It's just plain weird seeing horses in the playground munching grass.
But apparently, the owner are providing horsey services to disabled kids.
For a fee of course!
Nothing is free in this world.

Maybe I'll go say "Hee Haw" to horsey one of these days =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris - Update 3

Eric is back in Macau, and I'm still stuck in KL.
I miss him terribly.
And I had to sleep alone after 2 weeks of having him around.
I actually miss his snoring...weird but true.
Since I now have lots of time on my hands (I know...I've been MIA for two weeks and haven't been meeting up with my sorry!), I've been working on the puzzle as much as I can.
I want to get it done before I leave.

Not really in the mood to blog about the last 2 weeks spent with Eric.
It'll only make me sad remembering how much I love being with him.

The puzzle is coming along nicely. I think a few more days is needed and I can hand this baby back to Uncle Hong.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris - Update 2

Have been super busy with Eric back.
But I did manage to work on the jigsaw a little...with Eric finding a few pieces =P

Not bad eh?

Will blog more when I have the time and not out eating so much.
Piled on 2kg in just 1 freaking week!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back and busy

Eric is back and we've had such a busy day today.
I wonder why I'm still not asleep yet while Eric is happily snoring away next to me.

Was at Gabriel's house till late just now for his bachelor night dinner thingy.
The funny thing is, the bride's house is just next door!
So they had both parties together...can save money also =P

Since almost the whole gang were there tonight, as usual, lots of talking and laughing.
Someone even commented that I've put on weight =(
I was also asked some questions that I thought would never be asked's kinda funny.
Sometimes I wonder what people say behind our backs about the whole affair.
I agree that for those who knows us from back in school will find it kinda weird...but that's just how life is.
Things happens and we move on.
People can remain friends after a breakup can't they?
Anyways, all those are water under a bridge.
Though I wonder why some just can't let it go...I wish that relationship has mend, but I doubt it ever will.

All of us were friends from school, so obviously we are all approaching the age of marriage.
Eric and I were the first to get married almost 3 years back.
Followed by a few who got registered but haven't had the wedding dinner.
One has a baby already and another have a baby on the way. time flies.

And tonight, I've heard a few wedding plans in the pipeline.
Guys talking about diamond rings and proposals are just so cute.
It's like...they can't believe they did it.
I'm so happy for them...I love weddings.
Maybe because it brings back memories of my own wedding years ago.

I didn't have a big diamond on my ring.
I didn't have a romantic tear inducing proposal.
I didn't have the biggest fancy wedding dinner.

But what I had was a wonderful man who wanted me to be his wife.
And that memory is the one that lives on in my heart.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris - Update 1

After working on it for a couple of days, this is how much I got done.
I've got the border and this is going to be a big piece when it's finished.
I just hope Uncle Hong have an idea how much it'll cost to be framed =P

Long way more to go I could put the last piece into the puzzle.
And I won't be making much progress over the next few weeks as my darling is coming home tonight *jumps around excitedly*

Since I'll be pretty busy attending a wedding, beach holiday, makan jaunts and spending lots of time with Eric, blog will be updated whenever possible.

Now...time to clean bedroom before Eric touchdown =P

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle : Theatre, Paris

After such a long time...I finally got my hands on a jigsaw puzzle.
I love jigsaws but Mum banned me from buying anymore years ago until I can afford to buy a bigger house to hang them all up!
That was a bummer.

Over the years, I had been asking around if anyone needs help with their jigsaws.
But then I felt kinda silly doing that as people buy those puzzles because they wanted to spend time together solving it themselves.
It's really a great bonding activity for a couple...even family.
Provided no one loses a piece...which might just lead to a pretty ugly scene.
But me...I prefer to work on my jigsaws alone, all by myself.
I hate it when people try to help and mess up my system.
Yup...I have my own system of fixing it all up =)

So how did i get my hands on a 3000pcs puzzle to work my magic on?
Well...we were hanging out in Uncle Hong's house and the topic wandered to the jigsaw puzzle hanging in the living room.
He then revealed they have a new 3000pcs puzzle that is still in the box 'cause nobody have the time to fix it up.
My of my...I was bursting with excitement.
Finally....after so long...I can have my fingers playing with those small little pieces of cardboard.
I offered my services before Uncle Hong and Aunt Shireen had any time to
And quickly got the puzzle home so they can't change their mind =P

My current obsession...the 3000pcs jigsaw puzzle titled Theatre, Paris. It'll be so so beautiful when it's completed.

3000pcs is kinda daunting. I'm so itching to play with the little pieces of puzzle =)

I've already started on the puzzle.
I can't help it...I'm totally obsessed.
How I wish I don't need to sleep and could spend all my time on it.
I always have this crazy addiction to jigsaws...I can go without food just so I can find the next piece of the puzzle.
I'll update with pics once I have a small portion's not going to be easy with 3000pcs.
I don't have much time as baby is coming home in a couple of days.
Let's see how long it'll take me to get this done.
I finished a 2000pcs Snoopy jigsaw in 1 week years this will be a new record for me =D

Obviously, Mum is a kinda annoyed as my Blossoms cross stitch will be put on hold for a while till the puzzle is done.
The puzzle would be a nice break from all that stitching.
But I got a feeling I'm going to start knitting again soon...winter's coming =P

What can I say?
For such an impatient person, I'm addicted to things that requires tonnes of patience.
Talk about contradictions!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Charm Beading

Today was such a tiring day.
Was out almost the whole day and I'm drooping like a dead flower now.

But it was such a fun day out.
Mostly 'cause I made my own charm bracelet =)
I'm really into crafts so beading is just my cup of tea.
I haven't done any beading before so I was really looking forward to it.
Our sifu is Wendy who has heaps of beads and charms in her little workshop!

Tools needed for our little project. Pliers, beading board and of course beads and charms.

Nice isn't it? I managed to complete both my charm bracelets in about 1 1/2 hours =)

The little red heart is a Swarovski crystal which I really like.
But the blue bracelet goes really well with my outfit today =P

Unfortunately, everyone in the class made the same bracelets using beads of the same colour!
Regina, Me and Yann Mei showing of our bracelets.

We ended up walking around The Curve wearing the same bracelet =P
And people thought it was like a Friendship
Wendy did warn us that we might bump into more gals spotting the same charm bracelets as she had many students from the Damansara area!

I really like beading as you can get really creative with the design.
And I'm a very creative person...I know I don't look like one...but I am =D

Anyways, I don't think I'll be diving head on into this new hobby in the near future.
Stocking up on materials (beads, chains, charms) is tedious and it's very immobile.
Not possible to bring the materials between Macau and KL.
If we settle down somewhere in the future, beading is definitely one craft I'll like to explore more about.
It makes really nice gifts for friends and family.

On a side note, I'm happy that the week is coming to an end.
Next week...I'll have my darling in my arms.
I've been waiting for so long.
Finally...the wait is almost over.
Time seems to go by slower evertime you wishes it would move faster doesn't it?
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