Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Cracker Challenge

Last night Eric and I was watching Paul and Kay Kay of Chick vs Dick do the cracker challenge.

And Eric wanna try it as well -_-

So we got 6 pieces of Mum's crackers for our own mini cracker challenge.

It was hilarious as Eric could barely manage 3 pieces in 60 seconds.

It was so funny watching him try to chew those harmless looking crackers.

Then he challenged me to finish ONE cracker O_O

And it took me about 90 seconds. With some help from Coke.

Gosh...these crackers suck up all my saliva and I can barely chew.

No way I could swallow the last bite.

Don't believe it? Try it =P

Monday, August 24, 2009

888 Gourmet Place Buffet @ Sands, Macau

Recently, Eric, Mum and I made our way to Sands Hotel to try out their buffet.
I thought it was a pretty good deal as they are having a buy 2 free 1 promo going on.
I called Sands up to make reservations and was told I need a coupon.
And the coupon can only be obtained at the Ferry Terminal.
No big deal actually, just that we have to make a detour to the Ferry Terminal first then to Sands.
Most casinos have free shuttle buses at the Ferry Terminal so it's really convenient.
And we ended up walking to the Ferry Terminal from our apartment.
It's not very far, about 10-15 mins walk depending on your walking speed.

Anyways, we managed to get the coupon and headed for dinner.
The restaurant is located in the casino itself so obviously no kids allowed.

View from our table. That's the dessert counter.

Cold cuts appetizers.

Salad bar which I tried a little and never went back for 2nd helpings.

Lots of choices to add flavours to your salad.

Cold seafood which I don't really fancy.Crabs, whelks, prawns and mussels.

They even have Alaskan King Crab legs. Really salty and cold if you eat those legs by itself. So my darling Chef came up with this great idea =) A bowl of seafood soup, a piece of butter and a few crab legs. Scrap out the crab meat and dump it into the hot soup along with the butter.

Yummilicious!!! Now the seafood soup is creamier and tastier with chunks of crab meat =)

Sushi rolls coated with chilli powder O_o

Tuna, octopus and salmon sashimi.

My little appetizer plate. Corn with bacon bits, a piece of ham, cold prawns, whelks and mushrooms. Everything is cold on this plate -_-

This is Eric's. Some salad, a bread stick, marinated salmon, beef, some curry chicken and I've got no idea what's that between the salad and curry.

As usual, Mum can't resist the crab.

Obviously this plate is no mine. I don't do salad. People had to actually queue up for the crab legs.

Noodles station.

And this bowl of noodles is tasteless. And it doesn't have all the ingredients I ordered.

The roast beef.

That's a piece if the roast beef which is pink and juicy. I like it =) The rice is kinda uncooked and the lamb curry is disappointing. Love the papadam though =P

Hot dishes are alright. Nothing special really. Prawns stir fry with beans, braised beef, lamb chop with potatoes which I had trouble chewing, tempura prawns, spaghetti with fish and a lonely piece of har-gao(prawn dumpling)

Eric had some prawn dumplings, steamed fish, broccoli, prawn tempura and roast beef.

Dessert and that bowl in the middle contains tiramisu. Which looks kinda yucky after a little while.

Love the colourful deco wall in the restaurant.

The fruits are fake though. What a bummer.

Ice cream station!

They only had 2 flavours. Cookies and cream and chocolate mint. Me love. Thank goodness it wasn't vanilla or some other funky flavour.

The blob on the left is tiramisu that taste pretty decent. The chocolate cake thingy on the hand almost made me puke.

Eric's dessert.

Some red bean soup...I think.

Mum's dessert. She mention only one is yummy and I can't remember which.

Well, this buffet is cheap.
For Macau standard lar.
But the food is nothing to shout about.
Maybe it caters more for hungry gamblers in the casino.
The only yummy thing that comes to mind is the seafood soup+king crab legs.

Doubt we will be hitting this buffet again in the future.
The hotels in Macau are bursting with buffets but some are really really pricey.
Like the one in Four Seasons which is said to be really good.
Money wise, Sands buffet is cheap. Food is so-so.
The spread is less than half of what Grand Lisboa buffet is offering.
But Grand Lisboa has this time limit thingy for their buffets so you gotta eat really fast!

If you're looking to stuff yourself silly in a buffet, give Sands a miss and head on over to The Grand Buffet in Grand Lisboa instead.
Trust me, it'll be well worth the money.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gillette : Making The Tree Look Taller

So, after emo-ing to Glenn, I feel much better.
Thanks Glennie for listening to me rant *hugs*

And I was just surfing aimlessly around the web and I found this How To video.
Which cheered me up even more!
Love the pun in the video =P

A trim in the bush to make the tree look taller!!!

There's more How To video's on the Gillette's website
But this one is my fav.
Will have to ask Eric if he wants to try making his tree look taller =P


I've been meaning to post up pics of food.
Write a happy post maybe.
Lots of thoughts in my mind.
And yet, words can't do it justice.
I don't deny my mind is complicated.
Sometimes, I wish I don't know stuffs.
Ignorant is bliss.
Really it is.
Maybe it's easier going through life if you don't care.
And don't think so much.

Nobody really understands what I think. Or feel.
I doubt Eric even knows how to deal with me sometimes.
I know I drive him crazy with all my emo talks.
At 4am.
The wave of emotions seems to grip me hard after dark.
I spent so many hours lying awake and just couldn't make sense of what I want.
Or how to move on.
What to look forward to.
What am I doing here? On Earth?
What is my fucking purpose?
I want an answer now.
Because I'm driving myself crazy.
I'm sure Eric thinks I'm nuts too.
Nobody knows the depth and darkness that consumes my mind endlessly.
I hate it when Eric tells me not to think so much.
I can't bloody help it.
I want to stop thinking...but I can't.
I wish someone will make all my problems and worries go away like a puff of smoke.
I want answers.
Which only the future can give me.
And I'm so not a patient person.

I don't understand a lot of things.
All I want is to be with Eric but so many things are not helping.
I don't get it, why me?
I know that life is not fucking easy, but it shouldn't drive me nuts.
What are my options?

Option 1 : I can stay with Eric, but not work.
Option 2 : Get work and stay with Eric.
Option 3 : Get work and not stay with Eric.
Option 4 : Strike the lottery and nobody has to fucking work.

What pisses me off is when a galfriend of mine commented..."Did you try hard enough to get a job? I mean really really try"?
What the fuck she thinks I'm doing?
Don't bloody comment on something you don't know about.
You're not in it so you don't know how it is.
Sit on your bloody high chair and fucking say I'm useless for not able to get a job in Macau.
Yeah, if you're so fucking fabulous why are you still hunting around for a guy that wants to be with you?
I'm mighty pissed.
Nothing is going fine.
No one can understand even if I spend years explaining it to them.
The way I see things is so different.
I read too much into what people say.
Because I know what they're implying.
I may act dumb sometimes and that is just to not fucking spit in their face.
So don't mess with me.
Because if I really wanted to, you won't win.

How is it when people makes stupid comments but thinks they're so fucking smart?
Geez...get a brain.
Things people say are getting to me.
Booksmart vs streetsmart. streetsmart.
We booksmart people would prob end up living under a bridge and eat leftover food from the dumpster.
Don't fucking send your kids to school next time.
Send them to the street.
That's where the "street" in streetsmart comes from.
If you even know how to read.
We booksmart people can just go hug a tree and our books.

I'm vibrating negativity.
I can't help it.
Don't tell me what I should or should not do.
I can make that decision myself.
Hate being controlled.
Hate being in a cage.
I'm being forced to do something which I don't want to do.
I didn't make that freaking choice.
And there's no other way.
I wish there was.
I'm waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel.
I don't know where it is.
Maybe God decided I don't deserve it.
Maybe I'm destined to go through life with potholes and thorns.
Am I the only one bitter?
The only times I can really be myself is when I'm with Eric.
Because he won't judge me even when I tell him my stupid thoughts.
He will still love me.
Even when I screw up.
He is my rock.
Which I'm clinging on for dear life.

My friends thinks I'm such a confident person.
I can be.
But they don't know about the time when my mind spiral into the dark abyss.
I rarely show that side of me.
Only one other person could come close to knowing me better than Eric does.
And this person is busy living a life. many friends do I actually have?
Unfortunately, the number is pathetic.
Out of those, how many knows me?
Out of those, how many will rescue me?

Don't think you know me.
Because no one will ever truly know the real me.
Maybe it's better this way.
An illusion paints a prettier picture of me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Passing of time

Today, we've officially been married for 3 years.
Registered our marriage in Putrajaya on 16th August 2006.
Wedding ceremony and dinner was on 23rd December 2006.
Yeah..this is kinda confusing to people unfamiliar with the Chinese way of getting married in Malaysia.

Though many couples do get registered on their actually wedding day, many don't.
Which makes things kinda complicated.
Like...which date is our wedding anniversary?
Eric and I chose 23rd Dec to celebrate each year.
Just because it's one of the best days of my life.
Isn't it tiring having so many anniversaries?

Thank goodness Eric and I doesn't have the "Day We Met" anniversary.
Actually, I've got no idea what day it was anyways.
Just that it was in highschool =P

Erm...we also don't have "Our First Date" anniversary.
Again...I don't think we actually went on a proper date.
It was more like a group thing.
Kinda weird when I think about it now.

Next would be "Going Steady" anniversary.
This one we have!!!
It was such a memorable day.
Thinking about it is making me smile.
I don't think anyone really know this story.
It was all happening while we were surrounded by our friends.
Not sure whether they were oblivious to our flying sparks or were just acting cool and let us be.
Okay..I gotta stop smiling at the computer screen now *blush*
The funny thing is..he never actually asked me to be his girlfriend.
It just sorta happen.In Redang.

Nobody actually celebrates "Day He Proposed" anniversary right?
So let's skip it.
As our wedding just happen as well.
No fancy romantic proposal to speak of.

Then we get to the "Officially Married" anniversary which is the day we registered our union with the Malaysian government.
We had such a small entourage on that day.
I remembered there were only 5 of us.
Eric, Me, Mum, one of my aunts and Eric's 2nd Sis.
When I got there, the other bride and groom had like 30 people in their entourage dressed to kill.
The bride even had a veil and hand bouquet.
It was like their whole family turned up for the registration.
The whole process of registering in a cold government building is so unromantic.
It was quick and painless though =)

Thankfully and luckily we have the "Wedding Day" anniversary.

So..a standard couple would have like 5 different anniversaries to celebrate their relationship?
Depends whether you celebrate the Day He Proposed and Officially Married day.
This is on top of celebrating Valentine's Day, Birthdays and Christmas.

So lets see, that's 5 + 4(because there's 2 birthday to celebrate!) which makes 9 occasions in a year.
Imagine if all of those days falls on different months in a year.
Damn busy right?

And when the baby comes?
Maybe then all those anniversaries won't mean much anymore =P
So, let's celebrate while we can.

Still can't believe it.
Officially 3 years.
Time flies. Very fast.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Goodbye Doc =(

Made a visit to Doc again today.
She said I look much better.
Well...I feel much better.
Thanks to a cocktail of meds I'm taking =)

Anyways, was prescribed another week's worth of drugs.
And another followup after a week.
But Doc ain't going to be there.
Today's her last Day with this hospital =(
How sad.
She's leaving for Hong Kong.
Sigh...given a choice, I would have preferred Hong Kong as well.

Since my lady Doc is leaving, I'll be getting a new Doc.
I've met him before when I got admitted into the hospital in April.
Definitely not a stranger.
Speaks English as well.
But I gotta say, the Macau Docs English is kinda funny.

Anyways, after the hospital visit, we decided to walk home and tapau McD for dinner.
I still have a few more Coke glasses to collect.
Guess what?
All bloody out of stock!!!
How can that be?
Now I gotta hunt for it in other McDs in Macau -_-
Okay..I better get started on that...there are a few McDs that I know of nearby.
Worst case scenario would be to head for Venetian's McD.
That is super hardcore already la.
Will see how it goes...geez...drama just to get free glasses.

Oh...and on our walk home, saw an ambulance picking up a patient in the middle of the street at peak hour.
A motorcyclist got knocked down and by the time we reached the scene, the patient was already being attended to be the medical officers.
But everything seemed to have come to a standstill.
Pedestrian stopped and watch.
Motorist stopped and watch.
Even dogs stopped and watch. And drool.
Well...needless to say, there was a bad traffic jam.

Thank goodness we were using vehicle No.11 so we went on our merry way.
Then another drama enfold near our apartment.
A motorcyclist got down from his bike and hit the driver's side window of a car really hard.
And started shouting obscenities.
I've got no idea what happened but it looks like we were going to have a good show.
The car driver shouted back.
The biker shouted back.
People start honking.
Another traffic jam cause it's a one lane street.
Well...after a little while, the biker got on his bike and went away.
The car drove away.
Oh well...what a pity.

Was out for a few hours and lots of drama.
Ahh...that's my life in Macau.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey Doc

Haven't been feeling that good for the past few days.
And finally today, dragged my butt to the hospital to see Doc.
I have a very nice and pretty lady Doc in Macau.
Thank goodness she speaks English too!

Why the hospital and not a normal clinic you might ask?
Well...I've got no idea where to look for a clinic actually.
And it's better just to go to the hospital.
Near our apartment some more.

Macau hospital has this system.
You have to register yourself first at the counter.
Tell them which Doc you wanna see and they'll give you a number.
Everyone who wants to see any Doc have to go through this step.

Then you proceed to the correct floor your Doc is located.
At that particular floor, you have to register yourself again with the nurse.
Then you wait...
And wait...
Until your number is called.

After a consultation with Doc, had to go all the way down to the cashier to pay and collect my meds.
To pay...have to wait till my name is flashed on the board.
After that...have to wait for my name to flash for meds collection.
Most of the time, mine is the only English name on the boards =P

I think the system in the hospital is pretty cool.
At least you don't have to spend so much time queuing up.
Can have a sit and then only approach the counter when you're called.
Just that you have to wait a lot in the hospital.

I've spent too much time already in the hospital this year.
Unfortunately, I've to go back in a few days for a follow up.
Hopefully no more hospital visits after that *fingers crossed*

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Aching all over

When I arrived in Macau, Eric was having a bad care of sore throat.
Bought herbal tea and strepsils for him.
And mum even made "guai lin guo" to help with the heatiness.
Not to mention I made him take vitamins daily to boost his immune system and to recover faster.
I didn't think much about it and continued sharing food and drinks with him.
Including some wet kisses ;P

Then....this morning I woke up aching all over.
My body felt so heavy and every move is a chore.
Throat feeling kinda rough and painful.
Head kinda heavy.
I think I caught the bug from Eric =(
I'm feeling really sick now.
Though it's not a full blown sore throat with flu yet, I'm dreading the next few days.

Mum has been bombarding me with barley water the whole day.
Not feeling better at all.
Will drink more water to hopefully avoid getting worst.
Ohhhh...I so need some loving now.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

McDonald's Coca-Cola Contour Glass

Went to MGM today to watch Eric's cooking class.
He was cooking curry and it smells so good.
Wish I could join in the class for fun but it was too expensive at MOP700/person.
He can teach me at home for free =P
Or he can just cook it for me to eat!

Since Mum and I have no idea what to eat for dinner, we ended up in McD's next to MGM.
And luckily we did =)
McD is having a promo where you buy a large value meal and they give you a Coke glass for free.
And I love free stuffs...yeah I aunty!

There are SIX colours and I want them all. Actually I wanted the pink glass but it was out of stock =( Only got to choose between Purple and Green.

So I took Purple. Purple is kinda nice actually =)

The glass is not very big, just about 10inches in height.

I hope I'm able to collect all six colours.
Have to visit other McD's in the area to check out the colours available.

Got a feeling we'll be having lots of meals in McD's for some time =)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Back in Macau

Have been back in Macau for a few days.
I'm happy to be with my darling again..I've missed him so so much.
Can't say the same about our flight from KL though.

Firstly, our flight got resheduled and then we got such drama even before boarding.

At the check-in counter, this lady for China just simply cut queue in front of us when there are like 10 people queuing behind us.
I told her off...really rudely.
I was already not in a good mood that morning and this lady was pissing me off real good.

And then, as usual, Air Aisia has this hand carry rule of 7kgs but Mum insist on taking mangoes(from our own mango tree) for Eric so obviously it was way overweight.
Had to reshuffle our bags to get through the hand carry guy.
Another idiot to piss me off.

Then our plane got delayed a little.
And it was damn drama to get onto the plane.
There was this old couple with their retarded grandson.
The grandma walks with a stick but she had an attitude problem.
A big one.
She shouts and screams. All the time.
The grandson is a retarded idiot.
We were first at the hotseat line meaning we get to board the plane before those non-hotseat passengers.
The old couple and grandson nonchalantly just walk up and stood right in front of us.
I was like WTF?
Okaylah..I let it go 'cause they were so old...anyways we already have a seat number. grandma walks real slow, 'cause she has a walking stick.
Me and Mum walked our normal speed also faster than her already right?
Some more got stairs.
Obviously we got onto the plane before the 3 baboons.
As we were seating at row number 1, we had to stop and put our luggage in the overhead compartment.
The baboon grandson then pushed Mum roughly and told her rudely "You are taking my SPOT!!!"
Hello? Everyone has a designated seat...and who the hell wants his spot?
This bloody kid has no manners at all.
Same goes for the grandmother.
I pity the grandfather. He looks like he wants to jump off the plane.
I wanted to jump off the plane!
Wanted to slap the retard really really really hard.

I ended up seating next to a Macanese, and that was another drama.
So this guy was chatty.
I layan lar...'cause it's kinda rude not to right?
But he's not capable of shutting up, even for a minute.
At one point, I got up to use the washroom.
I came back to my seat and we were chatting again.
We were talking about Malaysia and gals and then he said in Cantonese
"Tow sin ngo tai tow nei keok hou chou"
(Just now I saw your legs are big)
"Pak kuo tit cabin crew ge tow em wui chou wor"
(But the cabin crew's legs are not big at all)

I was thinking...Wtf is wrong with this guy?
Saying my legs are big and expect me to layan him somemore after that?
Well...I got mighty pissed and promptly fake a yawn and close my eyes.
He then went off to chat with the skinny legs cabin crew.
WTF is wrong with guys nowadays?

Half way through our flight, we were told that it's currently signal 3 in Macau as Typhoon Goni was nearby and there would be turbulence.
Boy...there were turbulence alright.
Lots of it.
The plane was shaking violently and kinda did the roller coaster move a couple of times.
Glad to say we arrived in Macau safely.

Then that night, Goni came.
Typhoon Goni was strong but it wasn't as bad as Hagupit.
The winds were strong and it rained alot.
We were out searching for food but all the shops were closing early as they were expecting Goni.
People in the market were pushing and rushing to buy whatever they could get their hands on.
Looks as if a war was coming instead of a typhoon -_-
We ended up tapauing roast pork and duck and cooking our own porridge for dinner.
People here goes a little nutty when a typhoon is around the corner.

So, our first day back in Macau and it was full of drama.
Oh...and Eric had a bad case of sore throat.
And last night, I visited Cubic for the first time.
Hangout with Eric's friends and then we headed for supper and finally went to sleep at 4.30am.

Yup..I'm feeling kinda dead now.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Weirdo

Since I'll be leaving in a few days for Macau, we gals decided to meet up for dinner today in Sunway Pyramid.

I was there early as usual to do some window shopping and just wander around the mall.
As I was on an escalator, I felt the person behind me was standing too close for comfort but then what could I do? Jump off the escalator 15 feet from the ground?
Thought that he wanted to snatch my handbag 'cause I've heard of things like that happening in malls so I held my handbag tighter to me and got ready to scream, just in case lar.
Then I heard him say "Can I be your friend?"
I totally ignored him and act as if I didn't hear him.
I hate creepy guys like that.
Don't know why I always attract weirdoes.
What the hell makes him thinks I'm out looking to make friends with strangers on an escalator???
I'm not that fucking desperate.

Anyways, I got off that escalator and started walking real quick to try to get away.
But they(weirdo + weird friend) kept following me.
I went down another escalator and they still stalked me.
God...I was starting to panic and quickly headed for Guardian since I know there will be lots of people in the store.
Hopefully someone will come to my rescue if I needed it.
And they also have a guard at the entrance.
Not sure if the guard is any good but better than nothing lar at this point.
And also I thought maybe they'll have a CCTV in the store so if anything happens, they'll be able to identify the weirdoes. I was in Guardian and weirdoes followed me in.
I tried to ignore them and walk around to avoid them.
Then suddenly weirdo came up to me.
I was really panicking at this point as he looked kinda scary and crazy.
He was big and black with red eyes.
And I felt threatened.

He then told me "I asked to be your friend earlier but you ignored me"
He stalked me all the way here to ask me that?
Told him I can't be his friend.
My husband won't like it.
He said he knows I'm married but still wants to be my friend.
Told him no again.
He then ask whether he can see me again? psycho weirdo!!!
Told him no and I walked away.
I lingered around the store to make sure they went away.
But then I spotted them loitering at the entrance of the shop.
I really considered calling the Police for help but then my handphone had zero reception.
Just my luck.
Luckily, weirdoes left after a while and I quickly left and messaged Eric.
After that, all the time I was in Pyramid, I kept looking around to make sure weirdoes didn't decide to continue stalking me again.
It was so stressful =(

Eric called to make sure I was okay.
After telling him the whole story..he then said to me in a stern tone
"Why didn't you shout at him? Somemore talk to him so nicely.You might give him the wrong idea." that point, I felt really stupid.
Yeah...why didn't I shout at weirdo instead of talking to him nicely?
Maybe I was too scared to react properly?
I don't know.
He was scaring me and I was still being kinda nice.
That got me a nice scolding from Eric -_-

What do you think?
Should I have made a scene and scare weirdo away?
Tell him to leave me alone?
Call the police?
Don't ever walk around malls alone again?

I really hope I don't bump into anymore weirdoes.
I've got too many encounter already to last me a lifetime.
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