Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Mango Tree

This is our beloved mango tree that is very fertile at the moment.
It's been flowering like crazy!
Some of the mangoes are pretty decent in size already but the tree is still flowering.
I think we now have at least a hundred mangoes of various sizes hanging on the tree.

They are all Mum's little precious babies.
Due to some heavy rain and strong winds lately, lots of small baby mangoes ended up on the road.
Mum's pretty sad about it.
Told her it's okay...there's lots more on the tree =)

The problem is, we planted the tree outside our house.
You know the little patch of grass between 2 houses?
And out neighbours STEALS our mangoes...when they're ripe lar.
We have some horrible neighbours around here.
They are so cheapskate until they have to steal our mangoes.
It's bad enough that they used to throw bones(chicken+fish) into our porch...now they steal.

I HATE HATE HATE them....not as much as I hate some other people who I have to put up with now and then. But I still HATE them.

So much hate is radiating from me tonight.

This is my plan...if I'm leaving for Macau and the mangoes are still not ripe to be eaten by us or given away to Mum's friends(Aunties living in our area who are already eyeing the mangoes asking permission to pluck it if we're not here)

I'll POISON the mangoes!!!!

Evil right?
Mum tsk tsk me for such evil thoughts.
Saying I'm so selfish.
I'm doing that just so our idiot neighbour would learn their lesson.
Hopefully in the hospital *evil smile*
Don't take what's not yours.
Or DIE trying...hahaha *super evil smile*

If they ask nicely, Mum would've given them some.
She gave lots away 'cause we can't eat so many ourselves.
But noooooo...they want to be sneaky and steal the yummy mangoes.
The mangoes are damn sweet I tell you.

Now...I rather feed the mangoes to monkeys living down the road than give them any.
Just our luck to have shitty neighbours.
They have a BMW and Honda Accord in the house but want to steal mangoes.
What kind of people is that you tell me?

Talk about them...I can vomit blood.
Yeah...and they are only renting the house.
Imagine...drive BMW...but stay in a rented house.
I think there are 8 people and 2 dogs in that house.
Can't stand them.
Fucking annoying. And irritating.

Hmm...maybe I'll just pluck all the mangoes down before we leave...even if they're not ripe.
I'm not going to leave any of the mangoes for them to steal.
Then chop down the tree...hahaha...

Yup...I'm nuts.
I rather don't have any mangoes for me to eat then to let my stupid neightbours have any.
My selfishness knows no boundaries =D

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