Monday, June 15, 2009

Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Another weekend gone.
Start to a brand new week.
Another day closer to our reunion.
I miss Eric so much.
It makes me sad that he won't be celebrating my birthday with me on Wednesday =(
It's so ironic isn't it?
I have someone I want to celebrate it with but I can't.
Thinking about it is making me spiral into self pity.
At least Eric did promise he'll make it up to me when he comes home.
Wonder what's my present going to be? ;P

Anyways, over the weekend, Mum, Aunt Serene, Melaine and I were in Pyramid to try out Pasta Zanmai.
It's my 1st time at this restaurant and I'll definitely come back for more =)

The menu has many pretty pictures of the dishes so picking out what to eat is easy. Tends to make you order more than you can eat as well =P

Blown up pics of food on the walls calling out to hungry tummies...and mirrors makes the restaurant looks bigger than it actually is.

From our table, we got to see the chefs in action. Show kitchens are still the rage.

Yummy potato salad. This is really nice...I would've eaten more if Mum and Aunt Serene didn't get to it first!

Our orange and peach juice which came in a tall jug =D

Pasta with squid and prawns in lemon juice(Mentaiko to Ebi Ika Butter no Lemon-fumi). Obviously it's a little sourish because of the lemon, the pasta is cooked al dente but Mum & Aunt Serene was complaining that it's too hard. Thank goodness we weren't eating with Eric around. He'll probably choke or something =P

Edamame beans sprinkled with salts which are pretty good. It's the first time I'm trying these beans. No idea why I shun them in all my previous visits to Japanese restaurants =S

Melaine's seaweed. I tried only one little piece. Taste kinda fishy.

Salmon tortilla roll. Taste pretty good. But don't let it sit too long as the pita bread tends to soak up juices and gets soggy.

Prawn tortilla roll. Same bread, same advice.

Scallop and mushrooms pizza. This is yummilicious! I'm a big fan of scallops and definitely a fan of mushrooms =)

Seafood pizza with lots of cheese. Super yummy as well. They are not stingy with the cheese which is a good thing. And spot the little mushrooms!

The pizzas are thin crust and that's the way I like them.

Chocolate banana parfait with cornflakes. Highly recommended by Melaine =)

Pasta Zanmai was better than what I was expecting.
The ambiance was nice and the food presentation is simple with a touch of fusion.
I think Eric would like eating here.
And that's saying a lot.
My darling is pretty picky with his food when we eat out.

I wish time would pass faster.
I can't wait to hug my darling...
And do many naughty things with him ;P


ladyviral said...

Ooooh looks good! I always thought of trying it... yet I am never a fan of food fusion. Maybe I should go try it first. Thank you for sharing this!

Tracy said...

You're welcome! =D

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