Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pizza Uno @ Taipan USJ

On my birthday, I decided to have dinner in Pizza Uno in Taipan.
Mum and I were there first and then Aunt Serene and Melaine joined us to celebrate me turning one year older.

This is my 1st time in their new outlet which is now located near KFC.
(previously it was near near McD)

I've got to say, I really like the new place.
Nice ambiance and best of all, there is space!
No more having your neighbour eavesdropping on your conversations.

We were there early so it's still very quiet.

A rack with wine bottles.

See what I mean about space? There are more seating upstairs. I love how the place opens up and you can see all the way up to the 2nd floor.

Garden salad with Thousand Island dressing. Obviously not for me.

Fried mushrooms =D

Though deep fried, the mushrooms are still juicy and so yummy.

Half oven baked chicken with sauce. The chicken is nicely baked and the meat pretty tasty. I like that the chicken came drenched in lots of sauce =) But I felt that the green beans and carrots made the dish looks kinda cheap. Presentation wise, it'll look much better if served with broccoli instead.

Spaghetti carbonara. Yummilicious to the max. I love love love the bacon bits and the creamy sauce. It's such a sinful dish ;P

Aglio olio spaghetti that is very tasty as well. I've got to say though, the best aglio olio I've ever eaten came from our own kitchen at home...cooked by my personal Chef =P Eric makes a wicked aglio olio with all my fav seafood!

Romeo special pizza. The pizza is thin crust but it's not crispy...I wonder why? Well...I chose Romeo 'cause it has meat, mushrooms and cheese =P It even has Mum's fav little cherry tomatoes scattered all around. I didn't like the olives though.

Tiramisu cake without a candle =(
Pizza Uno has always been a place to have nice Italian food in Taipan.
The only reason I avoided it previously is because of the lack of space.
The old venue was too small and stuffy.

The new restaurant is a big improvement in terms of cleanliness and comfort.
The price is a little on the high side so it'll be a place for people to come for a treat rather than a nightly affair.
Our bill for the meal came up to about RM150 including drinks and taxes.

I'll definitely be coming back again soon...if not to eat then probably to have a drink and surf the web with their free Wifi connection =P

Pizza Uno
No 55, Jalan USJ 10/1A
Taipan Triangle,
Subang Jaya.
Tel : 03-56350205

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