Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Day Downtown

I gotta admit, eventhough I tell people I meet overseas that I'm from KL(Kuala Lumpur), the truth is, I barely go into the city center.

KL is actually pretty far, about 30km from Subang and the jam is horrendous during workdays.
It's wise to avoid going into the city center unless absolutely necessary.
'Cause even rain will make traffic come to a standstill.
For hours.

However,over the weekend Melaine wanted to make a trip to Pavillion and I happily tagged along =)
And the first thing that we did in Pavillion was to head for the Foodcourt.
Yup...that's the purpose of getting our butts down there.

Mum and Aunt Serene's fav Mee Jawa from the Pavillion Foodcourt. Honestly, it's yummy and the portion is big, for me anyways. We ordered 2 plates of the Mee Jawa to satisfy the Aunties cravings =P

After walking around shopping for a while, we stopped to have a little break. again =)

It's a little eatery called the Hong Kong Dessert Place.

It's located at the highest floor of the Pavillion in front of the Kampachi restaurant.

I love mango lo lo...which is a simple dessert made from ice shavings topped with mango puree, sago and big chunks of sweet mango. Whenever I'm in Hong Kong...this is one of my must-haves!
We also tried the mango lo lo with ice cream and pamelo. I like how the cherry is nesting in the ice cute!

The crispy bun is a big disappointment. We doubt it's freshly baked.

Pieces of butter on ice for the bun. Just don't order it.

After snacking, we walked around some more and I got myself a top from MNG which was on sale. It's crazy packed in there and I'm glad I was able to get into the fitting room after only waiting for about 10 minutes.
It's always a good bargain when MNG goes on sale...just too bad I couldn't find the top that I really really wanted but was too expensive(during non sale period)

Oh...Melaine and I even got ourselves some pretty nice hairbands from Tangs.
It was cheap and we look really cute wearing it too!
Mum and Aunt Serene was pretty tired after spending so many hours in Pavillion so we headed to dinner.

Since we were already in the Bukit Bintang area, Melaine suggested we eat at
Overseas Restaurant in Imbi.
It's one of the oldest restaurant in KL which serves yummy Chinese cuisine.

The only reason we are not there more often is the distance from our home.
When we got to the restaurant, it was packed.
It's wise to make reservations if you plan to eat there, the Imbi branch that is.
It's been said that the Imbi branch serves the best food.

All in all, we spend about 2 1/2 hours in the was so slow because the placed is packed for Father's Day.
At least they did warn us it'll be long...
The wait was worth it though =)
Our first dish was tofu with some sort of vege. The tofu was soft and tasty...the sauce yummy as well. Can't comment on the vege but I was told that it's good =P

See how soft and smooth the tofu is?

Four season which has scallops stir fry with lotus roots and celery, mince meat ball, fried prawns wrapped in bacon topped with mayo sause(this is super yummilicious) and finally, a deep fried birdnest thing which is filled with char siew meat(I think)

Yan Yu(Silver fish) fried rice with crunchy anchovies. I gotta of the best fried rice I ever had. Very fragrant and tasty. The rice is not too wet or too dry. I had to mentally stop myself from having another helping of this yummy fried rice after my 2nd bowl. How nice if I can eat as much as I want and not get fat =(

Steamed cod fish with soy sauce that is perfect. The fish is cooked just right and the flesh comes of in nice flakes. Cod is my all time fav fish =)

I was full from stuffing myself with all the yummy food and this Sea Coconut with Longan dessert was just the right thing to end the wonderful meal with.

In our family, it's always about food.
A day out in the city center for shopping ended up as a day spent on eating =P


Baby said...

what is the bowl of blue balls?

you should eat vegetable. they are good for you.

Tracy said...

I was so taken by the blue balls and can't stop playing with it =)
It's just the deco on table...not to be eaten but I was so tempted to take it home!

Gina said...

Gosh Tracy, those blue balls are for the plant. :P If you want, I have some clear ones (slightly smaller, but very cute) which you can play with. You want? Lol!

Tracy said...

Lol..Gina, I know those little blue balls are for the tiny leaf =P If you have extra cute balls to spare...I definitely want them ;P

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